Do you mind, Teresa, do you mind if I show that right now? Go ahead, beautiful. So I’ll do that. Okay, so we’re going to show you right now. I want to show you ebay listing template right now how to import your listings from eBay. The very first thing you want to do is just navigate to your listings on eBay. Once you are here, the whole window thing gets confusing.

Mobile Responsive Ebay Listing Templates

it’s doing it prep. No no no, it’s doing it, you know, mac. Okay, it’s doing fine, open it’s doing like a preview. See, when it’s crossed out and now I can go and share the entire window. Sorry about that, okay audience, bear with me. Okay, share the screen, share the window, and we’re good to go. Right here we’re going to see.

So we’re going to see how to import it to eBay from eBay, okay unsold listings. You can do categories, you can do anything you need and then you just click import. It’s incredible. You can randomly select the same concept that you did with active listings.

Ebay Listing Template Generator

Now you’re going to randomly select okay, whatever listing you want to, let’s say, import to list perfectly. Right, this is a more advanced version of eBay session, so we recommend.

You have the business or pro plan and this is how we’re showing right now, how list perfectly is importing those listings effectively to the LP catalog. Yeah, so one of the things that I like to point out that’s a huge perk for someone like me is that I don’t want to import my last 20 items that I listed.

Professional Ebay Listing Template

 So that I can then cross-post them out to all the different platforms that I want to sell. And you can’t do that unless you can access your ebay store the way that it’s based on store category. so that’s a huge perk. The benefit of LISP for list-perfect users is that you have the ability to go and hand pick your listings from your eBay store.

And you can sort them in your eBay store and use eBay’s eBay’s got some great sorting and filtering features, so you can use those features to our advantage, and that’s what I love. I mean, I’ll sort my, I’ll start my entire store by the highest price Ebay Template design and then I’ll see which ones are appropriate for Tradesy and I’ll do it that way and there’s just the possibilities are endless and I want to point out that this was a feature request that we implemented.


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