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One of the most prominent School Furniture Manufacturers, Maskeen Overseas provides top-quality Montessori Equipment for encouraging self-directed learning in students.

Now, for most of you who are reading this article, Montessori might seem like a new word for you and there might be questions arising in your mind that-What is Montessori?

Montessori education is not that common in India and it is mostly a concept of education in western countries and developed nations.

The Montessori form of education deviates from the usual spoon-feeding system of learning in India and this method of education is based on –

  • Self-directed activity
  • Hand-on learning
  • Collaborative play

This type of learning is aimed at empowering the students to settle on inventive decisions in the learning procedure.

The objective of imparting self-directed learning is a conscious effort to recognize the value of independence in learning as well from an early age.

Being the favorite Classroom Furniture Manufacturers, Maskeen Overseas has created a positive disruption in the educational trends of Indian playschools by including the innovative and effective Montessori Equipment.

This method is mostly designed to sharpen the minds and intellect of the kids using playful and exploratory methods of learning instead of the traditional cramming and rote learning through textbooks.

Imparting Learning Through Self-Corrected Products

This method helps broaden the horizons of the students by activating the regions of their brains that involve logical thinking and reasoning ability.

There are various games and equipment used in this form of education and the students attain the exposure to a practical form of learning that is encouraged mostly in the west.

Not only does this form of education promote the use of technical acumen, but it also helps in improving the imagination of the children, along with developing creative acumen.

The most popular game in the Montessori education is the puzzle game as this game helps the students in finding the missing pieces of the puzzle which ultimately helps them in developing the ability to solve their problems by putting the missing pieces together.

Boosting Imagination and Reasoning Skill

Various Montessori equipment used in this type of education such as movable alphabets, pink towers, sound cylinders, puzzle maps, classification cards, checkerboards, etc.

This helps the children in gaining exposure to unlocking the various aspects of the mind and helps the children in inculcating a dimensional sense, sound recognizing ability, and various other methods that help in learning advanced mathematics.

The Montessori form of education includes a lot of games and at Maskeen, we provide state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable prices.

This equipment just hooks the attention of the kids and helps them in attaining access to a whole new world of practical knowledge in a fun learning way and thus, in turn enhances the cognitive ability of the children.

So, avail of the Montessori equipment from Maskeen and thus revel in the benefits of a much-more object-oriented and practical approach to studies.

This type of equipment and this education system helps you in building self-confidence in your child as whenever he will play the Montesorri games, that will help in improving the mental, physical, and emotional health of the child.


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