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Twitter has certainly transformed the marketing scenario for the business, it has helped them to reach out to new audiences and enhance brand awareness. Being on the platform provides such advantages so you can imagine the impact it creates if one can use it beyond the platform’s boundaries.

And to use the platform to extend and extract maximum benefits greatly, businesses are opting to embed Twitter feed on the website. So, if you are still looking for a simpler way to add Twitter feeds to the website, then this blog is especially for you.

In this blog, we will be discussing the two most elementary ways to integrate Twitter into your website and showcase Twitter posts to your visitors. 

Easiest Techniques to Embed Twitter Feed On Website

There are various ways to embed Twitter feed on the website. But for your convenience and to save your time we have listed the two simplest ways to complete this task. So even if you are from a non-technical background or do not have any coding experience or knowledge, you can still adopt these techniques with ease.

1. Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you to collect social feeds from various social media platforms. It then allows you to curate and customize the feeds, before displaying them on the website. You can easily find these tools on the internet, and operate them with ease. They provide a committed Twitter widget for your website that you can embed on your website and showcase Twitter feed from your desired source. For example, you can choose to display a Twitter hashtag feed to collect the feeds using a particular hashtag and showcase them on your website. Here you can choose to show tweets from the hashtags related to your industry. It helps to make your website engaging and informative.

Social media aggregators make the embedding process simple. All you have to do is collect the feeds using the tool, generate the embedding code for the widget and paste the code on the backend of your website. So this is it, simply copying and pasting can make your website visually appealing by adding a Twitter widget.

Alongside easing the embedding process it provides various other features that add great value to these tools. For example, you can customize the widget as per your requirement. For example, you can choose different font sizes and font styles for your widget to match it as per your style. Moreover, you have ample templates and layouts for showcasing your Twitter widget. Select the one that matches the style of your website. It makes your website more organized and brings out a professional look on the website.

While having a website, many complain about the monotony of the website’s look and content. Hence, to avoid that, tools automatically update the content. There is no need to manually refresh the feed to get new content for your website. As soon as someone uploads the content on your selected source, the tool showcases the same simultaneously. Thus, it helps to hold visitors to your website. And as we know, the more visitors stay on the website, the chances of getting sales increase.

Tagembed, Smashballoon, and Elfisght are currently the best social media aggregators in the market. They provide great service, offer various features, and have budget-friendly prices. So if you are opting to embed Twitter feeds using social media aggregators, these 3 tools stand tall the best from the lot.

2. Using WordPress Plugin

If you are using a WordPress website, then you have the facility to use WordPress plugins. The plugins add functionality and beauty to the website. You can find various plugins on the WordPress plugins store.

And to embed Twitter feed on the WordPress website, all you have to do is – install the plugin, collect the feeds using the plugins, and with the help of shortcode add them to your WordPress website.

Just like social media aggregators, Twitter feed plugins provide various other features that add great value to the plugin. These features include customization which allows you to personalize the widget; moderation that enables you to show/hide posts as per your choice and more.

Tagembed Widget, Custom Twitter Feed, Easy Twitter Feed are the best Twitter feed plugins on WordPress. You can easily find them on the WordPress plugin store and operate them with ease.

Why Should You Embed Twitter Feed on Website?

Now you know the simplest ways to add a Twitter widget on the website, so. Now it’s time to know why one should adopt this strategy. After all, every strategy should have more than one advantage so a market can consider it.

Out of various advantages of this strategy, one of its major advantages is that it adds engagement and charm to the website. In this digital world, it is important to have an alluring website, as it helps to attract users and assists in creating a good impression. It is important to create a good impression on the visitors, as good impressions can help us gather more sales and reach our business goals.

Besides making the website more pleasing, it also provides a sneak into your Twitter presence to your visitors and provides them the option to follow you there. So it eventually helps in strengthening the social media presence. And we all know the power of social media. People often determine the quality of a brand based on their social media following. And for that, you need to promote your social media handles, and what can be a better and simpler technique than this?

Summing It Up

No doubt, Twitter is one of the prominent social media platforms. With a huge user base, it provides great help to businesses to reach their target audience and offers a great stage to promote their products and brand. Furthermore, by opting to embed Twitter feed on the website, you can easily extract more benefits from the platform. So go ahead, try these methods, and adapt to the one that best fulfills your necessities.


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