Sales CRM (customer relationship management) software is a multi faceted platform that is used widely by businesses in order to store all sales related information in one place. Sales CRM streamlines the entire sales process by monitoring the sales pipeline and sales funnel, thereby boosting sales in an impeccable manner. As per statistics, Sales CRM software boosts the sales by 29%, productivity by 34% and forecast accuracy by 42%.


Must have sales CRM features for your business

A perfect sales CRM helps you manage the sales processes and helps selling faster than never before. There exists a list of essential CRM features which helps in delivering the sales goals promptly. Listed below are some of the must have sales CRM features.


1. Multiple Pipelines

Managing the leads and prospects in the pipeline gives you a clear understanding on how you are progressing the leads from one stage to another. You can categorize the leads by using different colors and tags which is helpful for filtering the information further. A business can have more than just one pipeline when they have multiple products or services to offer, when they have different sales processes, or have multiple post sale processes.

Each business can have individual pipelines for each of those sales functions and examine them closely to see their beneficial outcomes on your business growth.

2. Lead tracking

The businesses can track the lead source which will provide an overview on how that lead found out your company/brand. Based on this information, you can organize the campaigns and curate personalized content. Further you can segregate the pipeline based on lead sources and have a check on how the leads are moving along the pipeline. 


3. Shared calendar

Opt for a CRM software that offers a shared calendar. A calendar can manage the tasks, activities, events, reminders, follow ups and much more. You and your team will not miss out on any of these activities and will stay on track. 

4. Sales dashboard

Sales dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire sales performance. Based on the insights gathered from the sales dashboard, you can effectively plan your sales strategy. CRM collects data and information and displays such measurable data in the dashboards. These measurable data or metrics are referred to as key performance metrics. Based on the KPIs, you will be able to track and monitor the sales performance and help you analyze how close you are in achieving your sales target.

5. Sales forecasting

You have to be aware of the sales that are currently occurring, which will help you forecast the future sales and the future revenue for your business. Based on the data from the sales CRM, you will be able to forecast the future outcomes. You can set actionable benchmarks for the next quarter or next annual which will also let you estimate the revenue. 

6. Contact list

Communicating with the leads is vital for the sales team which helps them to nurture and re-engage in a prompt manner. In order to organize the multiple conversations and keep track of it, you need to maintain a contact list. The contact list lets you identify whom you have to reach , when to reach.

7. Opportunity reports

The sales team has to prioritize the opportunities in order to focus their efforts on those opportunities. An opportunity tracks all the information of the potential sale as it moves through the pipeline. The opportunity reports contain the necessary information such as expected revenue, the pipeline stage, the win-loss analysis and anticipated deal closure date. These reports let you concentrate on the opportunities that will yield maximum results for the company’s profitability.

8. Estimate reports

The sales team needs access to the estimated reports, as they have the temptation to check what is going on after sending a quote. To convert a quote into a likely sale, you need to proactively follow up. You can label the estimates as active or inactive, which will assist you further follow ups.


9. Activity list

Most of the sales rep has multiple tasks and routine activities to perform each and every day. Having all your tasks in one place will enhance your workflow and make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these tasks. You can also include notes associated with each activity and schedule the tasks as per your preferences. By having access over the activity list, you will know what to do and when to do without slipping through the cracks.

10. Email Integration

Sales teams require emails to be sent everyday to their leads. All those emails can be automated without requiring the efforts of a sales rep. CRM includes add ons such as Gmail or outlook which will be highly useful for the sales team. All you need to do is simply open an email and the add-on which will display the details of the sender containing the CRM information, the activities and quick book transactions. CRM with email integration makes your day more efficient by letting you focus your attention on closing the deals.

11.Mobile CRM

A mobile CRM allows you to have access over the CRM software from a smartphone or a tablet from anywhere anytime outside the office. The mobile CRM provides you with all functionalities and dashboards you need to run your sales activity. Most of the sales reps’ job requires them to work on the field, and mobile CRM is a boon for the sales team to manage their sales effectively. Sales people will never lose track with the use of mobile CRM.

 12.Sales automation

Sales automation is a must have sales CRM feature that optimizes and automates the sales processes and basic tasks such as data entry, scheduling of demo, follow up calls/mails and much more. Some advanced plans provide automation for lead scoring, sales forecasting, deal creation. Etc Sales team irrespective of the size of the organization will benefit from the sales automation in their CRM. CRM helps automate the mundane tasks and makes it easier for the sales team to concentrate their efforts on closing the deal much faster.

13.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered as an advanced CRM feature that is based on machine learning which helps to manage tasks and provide insights from the data. CRM software with AI streamlines the entire sales process without any hassle. AI offers sales forecasts that will let the sales team to plan and devise their strategies based on the insights.


Customization is a must have CRM feature that lets you customize the fields, entities and layouts as per the needs and requirements. You can also create customizable reports, dashboards and different functionalities which helps you to scale your business. Sales teams usually benefit from customizing the fields and entities, which lets them streamline and optimize their sales processes.

15.Live chat

CRM should have Live chat widgets and Al powered chatbots which are highly useful for the sales and service teams. The sales team can utilize such chatbots to interact with the online visitors, answer their queries and manage the conversations. This chat functionality helps the sales team to actively engage with the clients and customers.



The features in sales CRM helps the sales team to leverage the insights and boost the performance of the sales activities. Sales CRM software simplifies the work flow of the sales team and lets them focus on the important details and tasks which are of high priority. The sales team can make selling easier with the help of these features.


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