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Diabetes is one of the leading metabolism disorder and lifestyle diseases. It affects both males and females irrespective of their socio-economic status and nationality. Of three types of diabetes, type 2 is the most common.There are many home remedies for diabetes with which you can get rid of your diabetes issue naturally.

Diabetes happen when insulin production declines or body is not able to use the insulin it produces. Insulin converts the sugar from the food into energy by passing the sugar into cells. When insulin fails to work, the sugar gets accumulated in the bloodstream. The accumulation of the blood glucose in the bloodstream is diabetes. In type 2 diabetic, the insulin production is either insufficient or the person has developed insulin resistance. The role of diet and an active lifestyle is recommended even by doctors who prescribe Glucobay Acarbose 100 mg with suggestions for a lifestyle change.

Diabetes a worldwide lifestyle problem

It has been estimated that close to 40% of the population is suffering from diabetes in the world.  This has to do with lifestyle changes in addition to stress and junk food popularity.  In many countries especially in western world, doctors have categorically mentioned that junk foods like burgers, soft drinks, processed food, packed juices and sedentary lifestyle is responsible for type 2 diabetes. The condition is no better in several other emerging economies of the world.

Type 2 diabetes can be managed by a change in diet and leading an active Life by sticking to some physical exercises.  Both type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are controlled by diet and physical exercise. Type 1 Diabetes needs insulin injection. Diet change has little impact on Type 1 Diabetes, but home remedies in the form of some herbs or food items can help type 2 diabetes patients to control the blood sugar level effortlessly.  In fact, a man or woman with low blood sugar levels can easily reverse type 2 diabetes with home remedies.

Effective Home Remedies for Diabetes 

  • Fenugreek seedshome remedies for diabetes
    Some of the popular home remedies are use of fenugreek seeds. These are the common seeds available in every kitchen. Fenugreek seeds lower blood glucose level. The seeds stimulate the release of insulin from pancreas which naturally control the blood glucose levels in the bloodstream.

The best way is to soak 2 teaspoonful of seed in water overnight.  Drink the water with seeds in the morning on an empty stomach.  Continue to do this for a few days to see change in blood glucose level.

  • Bitter gourdhome remedies for diabetes

A bitter gourd vegetable is filled with insulin polypeptide P.  It has been used to reduce blood glucose levels as a home remedies for diabetes for centuries. Bitter gourd is used as a vegetable.  It is also consumed in fry or deep fry form.

  • Cinnamonhome remedies for diabetes

Cinnamon is another herb which is easily available in the kitchen. It has proven its worth fighting diabetes. Cinnamon also stimulates the release of insulin from pancreas. It prevents increase in glucose by releasing the insulin naturally.

There are various ways of using cinnamon.  It can be boiled in water and or it can be grounded and mixed with warm water and consumed everyday on an empty stomach.


  • Vitamin CVitamin c

Vitamin C fruits also known as citric fruits help in controlling diabetes. These fruits are rich antioxidant fruits. Antioxidants improve the health of blood vessels preventing damage from oxidation. Healthy diet with Vitamin C fruits as main part is a natural remedy for type 2 diabetes.

  • Alove Veraaloevera for diabetes

Alove Vera is part of home garden of many people. It is also a home remedy recommended by experts to lower the blood glucose level and also anti-inflammatory. It is bitter in taste so it can be used with water or buttermilk to reduce its bitterness.

  • Indian gooseberryhome remedies for diabetes

Indian gooseberry is recommended by some experts as it is one of the highest sources of vitamin C. It helps in management of diabetes issue by controlling the blood sugar level.  Indian gooseberry manages pancreatitis and even has chromium that controls carbohydrate levels. This action makes body more responsive to the insulin produces by pancreas .the fruit is available in various forms. Consumed it raw or boil it to reduce its bitter taste.

  • Drumsticks or Moringahome remedies for diabetes

Moringa is used as part of soup or vegetable in some cultures. It also has medical benefits controlling blood sugar levels and helping in management of type 2 diabetes and a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It can also be added in a glass of water by cutting the stick in small parts. Drink the water throughout the day to gain its benefits.

  • Apple cider vinegarapple cider vinegar

The ascetic acid in apple cider vinegar has many benefits. Some nutritionists believe that by taking two tablespoons of it before sleep reduce sugar levels in the morning. A couple of tablespoons of the product with meals can reduce glycaemic index of carbohydrate rich diet. The glycaemic load signifies the impact on sugar level of a meal or fruit. The lower glycaemic load is always better for a diabetes patients.

  • Barleyhome remedies for diabetes

Barley is high fibre, high protein grain which is always made a part of the diet for a type 2 diabetic. Eating fibre reduces blood sugar and improves insulin concentrations. Fibre slows down the absorption of sugar from the food and also give a feeling of fullness. Fibre digests slowly which reduce the need for a snacks before meal or overeating chances.

Walking or any form of physical activity

Doctors confirm that walking at least 30 minutes daily reduces the blood glucose levels considerably. No treatment for type 2 diabetes or any diabetes is complete without inclusion of some form of physical activity. Before starting any physical activity, consult a doctor to adjust diet or medication. The physical activity should be comfortable and such that a diabetic can stick with the schedule almost daily for the best benefits.

Detect the presence of diabetes to get benefits from home remedies for diabetes

Home remedies for diabetes work well when the blood glucose levels are lower and within the manageable level. It has been seen that a diabetic in early stages can reverse the diabetes with home remedies. Sometimes a diabetic is not aware of the presence of diabetes for years. The detection comes when the damage has already been done to the other vital part of the body.

A person above the age of 40 should go for regular blood glucose level testing to detect the presence of prediabetes. It is a conditions, when the blood glucose level is high, but not that high which comes under the category of diabetes. Only awareness of sign of early diabetes will help a person to change the lifestyle on the detection of those early signs of diabetes. These are excess thirst, healing taking time, gum diseases, erectile dysfunction in males, black patches on skin, and some infection around male organ.

During home remedies keep regular blood glucose monitoring to check the progress of your home remedies. Without keeping an eye on the blood glucose levels you cannot achieve the goal of cure of diabetes. If necessary take the help of a doctor for medication. Doctor prescribe Trajenta 5mg when diet change or medicines prescribe early fail to bring down the blood glucose levels.

  • Conclusion

Home remedies for diabetes are nothing just change in diet and using the herbs and product that are part of our diet or food preparation. But this time, a diabetic also needs to keep a lot of other foods out of the diet plan to achieve the goal of diabetes free life.

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