nimbus chrome extension

The Nimbus Chrome Extension is a useful tool for screen recording and screenshots. This extension allows users to capture the visible image on their screen, edit captured media, and download or upload files. The user can use the extension to capture a screenshot directly from the browser or use a delay feature to take a screenshot later. You can Add the Nimbus chrome extension from Chrome Web Extensions Store.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

The Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video recorder Chrome extension offers a variety of useful features to capture and share your videos. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to capture screen videos and screenshots. Nimbus also offers advanced video editing tools that let you crop, trim, or convert your videos into different file formats. It also has the ability to upload videos directly to your Google Drive account.

Another great feature of Nimbus is its ability to capture screenshots from any program, including video. This allows you to annotate and share screenshots with other people. You can also edit screenshots with stickers or other elements. You can also save screenshots as PDFs or upload them to Google Drive, Google Classroom, or Dropbox. The Chrome extension also works with Firefox and Safari.

Captures visible images on the screen

The Nimbus Chrome Extension allows you to capture the visible image on your screen and edit it. It also allows you to save your screenshot to local storage or delete it. In addition, you can also capture scrolling fragments by choosing the ‘Capture scrollable fragment’ option in the overlay menu. Then, you can either hover over the element or click on it. Alternatively, you can use the screenshot feature to capture a fragment with a specific time delay.

The Nimbus screen capture tool comes with a user-friendly interface that enables you to customize captured screenshots. The application includes many editing features such as text annotations, cropping, and highlighting. It also supports exporting captured screen video to various formats.

Lets you record videos

The Nimbus Chrome Extension lets you record videos for your webcam or screen. It also lets you add a watermark to your video and customize its menu. Like the other screen-capturing Chrome extensions, Nimbus also lets you record videos with external audio. To get started, install the extension and sign up for one of three services.

Nimbus is easy to use, with a simple, intuitive interface. It lets you take screenshots and record videos with ease. It also allows you to edit your screenshots or videos with tools like zooming, text, arrow tools, and more. Once you’ve created a video, you can upload it to various video channels.

Integrates with Chrome browser

Nimbus is an extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to capture screenshots and screencasts. It lets you capture your entire screen or a specific portion of it, and edit it afterward. You can even share screenshots with others and upload them to Google Drive. You can also record video or audio from the browser and edit it later, too.

Nimbus for Chrome integrates with the Chrome browser, so you can easily record your desktop or Chrome tabs. It also comes with customizable hotkeys. Moreover, the extension is compatible with Slack and Google Drive, which is handy for sharing your videos. Nimbus also offers a premium tier, where you can unlock advanced editing tools for your videos. You can edit, crop, and convert your videos. It also lets you upload your recordings to cloud storage services such as Dropbox.


Nimbus is one of the best Chrome extensions for screencasting and screenshotting. It allows you to record a video of a full web page using your webcam and adjust the frame rate and resolution. It’s available in three premium plans. The Pro version costs $5 per month and the Business plan costs $7 per month. Both offer five members, while the Enterprise version supports up to 55 members.

Nimbus is a comprehensive screen recording extension for Chrome that allows users to capture webcam and desktop video. It is easy to record video content and includes options for cropping screenshots and enhancing them with text, stickers, blur tools, and other features. It also offers unlimited recording and editing.


Nimbus is a screen recording extension for Google Chrome that lets you capture screenshots and record videos. It supports scrolling when taking screenshots and offers an easy video-editing tool. You can trim, crop, and add a watermark to your recordings. The extension also offers video-to-GIF conversion.

It also has other useful features, including text annotation. You can capture any part of the screen, as well as add annotations. You can also capture videos, either from the screen or from a webcam. The videos and images captured can be uploaded to other online services. You don’t have to sign up for an account to use the service. All you need to do is install the Nimbus Chrome extension.

Nimbus Notes

The Nimbus Notes Chrome Extension offers a simple yet effective way to organize web page content. Its simple interface allows you to add text and images, while various access methods allow you to save and share notes with others. Nimbus Notes also sync notes across multiple devices and web browsers. Users can organize notes by category, add links, and highlight text.

Nimbus Notes is a cross-platform information repository that allows you to create notes, edit screenshots, save web pages, and share documents. It has a web interface and native apps for iOS and Android. It has many uses including product development, education, HR & recruitment, and remote team management.

You can also record audio and video from speakers. The extension works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Firefox. You do not need to have an account to use Nimbus Notes.

Nimbus Notes ‘Delayed Screen’ feature

Nimbus Notes lets you share workspaces and work in groups. You can invite up to XNUMX members, and you can specify their permissions. You can choose to share admin privileges and allow everyone to create notes and folders, or give them read-only access. After you invite a user, that user will see a link to your shared workspace in their Nimbus Note. The invitee will only be able to use it if they have the same permissions as you.

You can also use the left-side sidebar to access your workspaces. You can add workspaces to the left-sidebar, and then switch between workspaces. The free version offers two workspaces, and you can give each workspace a name. Workspaces can have multiple tabs and can be edited from the management screen.

Nimbus Notes is a great alternative to Evernote, and the Nimbus Note team listens to user feedback and is constantly updating the app. It’s fast and stable, and its team has worked hard to make it as seamless as possible. You can even customize the hotkeys to suit your personal needs.

Nimbus Screen Recorder ‘Record Video’ feature

The ‘Record video’ feature of the Nimbus Chrome Extension allows users to record their screen and edit captured media. Users can customize the recording quality and video/audio bitrate, as well as select a specific region on the screen. In addition, Nimbus allows users to pause, stop, and edit their recordings.

The Nimbus Chrome Extension’s ‘Record video’ feature allows you to record a video or screenshot of any webpage. You can capture the desktop, multiple tabs, or an entire page. You can even annotate and explain the recording as you go. The ‘Record video’ feature also allows you to save as many recordings as you want.

You can edit the captured video by adding annotations, creating a customized watermark, or embed text messages. The video will be saved to your system drive. Afterwards, you can access it on your mobile. Alternatively, you can download the video file to a location of your choice.


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