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Several tyre safety guides warn the motorcar owner about the different risks that arise when obtaining second-hand tyre variants. Today’s article will focus on the major differences among part worn tyres plus new motorcar tyres.

What exactly are part-worn motorcar tyres?

Part-worn motorcar tyres are Cheap Tyres Reading that have already been utilised on another automobile and then sold to another car owner. These motorcar tyres can also have been maybe been used on different vehicles. The history of a part-worn motorcar tyre is not decided and the buyer has to think about the condition. Driving with part-worn motorcar tyres is not illegal, but there are set principal conditions that need to be fulfilled to legally sell part-worn variants. Nevertheless, many part worn motorcar tyres are sold unlawfully and if compared with new tyres, they will not be passed via important tests and inspections.

What is the distinction between a new motorcar tyre plus a part-worn motorcar tyre?

On average, a new motorcar tyre comes with about 9 mm of tread when mounted on your car. The tyre will become illegal to use when the tread of the tyre reaches about 1.6mm. However, every tyre expert will strongly suggest that tyres need to be changed when the tread arrives at 3mm. Driving with bald tyres is illegal plus can lead to disastrous circumstances.

There are tons of low-quality and part-worn tyres sold in the UK. Therefore it is important to head to a well-known facility. The time limit the part-worn tyres can last will be based on your driving habits along with the road condition. Nevertheless, it is suggested that an average life expectancy of a tyre will be around 20,000 miles. In a 2021 case study, a common UK driver uses the car for about 7,400 miles every year. This indicates that the tyres of an average driver can last up to three years. But, standard tyre checks, as well as tyre maintenance, are essential to make certain that the owner obtains the max life out from the tyres.

Will expensive/premium tyres help save more money in the long run?

The time how long a new tyre can last is not absolute. The driving practices, road and weather conditions and other inner and external will decide how long can they last. New tyres can be expensive, especially premium-quality tyres, however, we recommend UK drivers obtain part worn tyres. As the on-road consequences can be catastrophic in case of a sudden failure. There are a ton of tyres in the market available for high-end to low range budgets that will perform way better than part-worn tyres.

Is obtaining new tyres or part-worn ones more affordable in the long run?

The answer is Yes. Even if the car owners obtain part worn tyres, that are of a high-end brand, they can still save big money if they acquire a new set of tyres that is budget-friendly. Part worn motorcar tyres will not survive as long as brand new tyres plus will not guarantee safety at all times. Therefore, it is vital to note that motorcar insurance companies will also not pay if a car is using a second-hand tyre.

The best Brands you can check

There is an extensive variety of premium along with low-budget automobile tyre brands plus models you can view. Having the best motorcar tyre brands is essential to obtaining the best driving performance, comfort plus handling in tough weather. Some of the best brands are:


Always remember, if the car owner is on a budget, then why not think of obtaining a budget or mid-range motorcar tyre? Motorcar owners can also look at the premium-quality tyre brands more commonly used in the UK. You can book the tyres online using the vehicle registration number and the current tyre size. We always advise you to contact a reputed and dependable new as well as part-worn tyre provider. Also, make certain that are utilizing the most advanced tool and tech plus skilled staff to carefully mount the new tyres. In the end, obtaining a part-worn or new tyres depends on the car owner’s preference and the roads on which he drives. But, we will always urge that you should obtain new tyres for the car.

Want the best motorcar tyres for the vehicle? Connect with a well-known plus trusted tyre centre to find out more about tyres.


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