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First of all: A Speedmaster fan writes here. This sporty chronograph is an integral part of both my collection and this Fake Rolex Watch blog. Among other things: The classic Moonwatch (bought in 2007), two times (!) the Vintage Speedmaster Mark II, a Mark 4.5 (my first Speedy), a Triple Date (aka Day-Date/MK40) and the limited Ultraman SpeedyTuesday 2 ( 2018). That should be enough to count as part of the Speedmaster community, right? So how do I get unfaithful to the Omega Speedmaster and suggest alternatives here?

Well, the answer is in this article. The topic of “moon prices” at Omega not only enrages me a little, but also makes me think again and again. Especially when it comes to the future price development of the Speedmaster. And that might not be quite as fun for Moonwatch fans – at least for average earners.

The short version of the article: Omega has reissued the “legendary” caliber 321. This movement was installed in the Speedmaster that took part in the first moon landing in 1969. And it is precisely this movement that is coming back as a new edition in some Speedmaster models. The price of the first steel model, in this case in the so-called Pre-Moon or Ed White style (see above), is just 13,100 euros. – For comparison: When this article first appeared (2020), the “normal” Moonwatch cost 4,600 euros (caliber 1861) – it’s now 6,600 euros (caliber 3861, see below).

If you are not familiar with the Moonwatch calibers – roughly the historical course:

Caliber 321 (1946-1968 – during the moon landing)
Caliber 861 (from 1968 optimized movement, link mechanism, less maintenance-prone)
Caliber 1861 (from 1996, optimized 861, rhodium plated)
Caliber 3861 (from 2021 in the “new” Moonwatch, optimized 1861)
As you can see, Omega is taking three (evolutionary) steps back with the new edition of the 321 – and is charging a lot of money for the revived nostalgia. – Yep, you can think about that.

And what’s the problem now?

Well, there is none yet. If you have money to spare, you can spend 13,100 euros on this (pre-)Moonwatch in plain steel – or buy another “special” Moonwatch model in the four-digit range. And thus stands out from the 4,600-euro 6,600-euro Moonwatch owners (price update 2022). However, only financially, not in terms of watch know-how. Because I don’t think a new caliber 321 will change that. Real connoisseurs use a vintage Speedmaster with caliber 321 anyway (ebay partner link). They sometimes pay less – and have very likely made the better investment.

However. Now let’s get to the point why – sooner or later – a look at some Moonwatch alternatives could be worthwhile.

Will the Moonwatch become even more “original” – and even more expensive?

My personal steep thesis is: At Omega, people find that the currently available steel Moonwatch is too cheap. Especially in comparison to the eternal competitor Rolex and their bestseller Daytona. The steel version also costs well over 10,000 (list price) – including the automatic movement, ceramic bezel and a considerable potential for appreciation. If you get them at all – after years of waiting. But that’s another topic.

And that’s where the Speedmaster is supposed to be headed with new calibers like the 321 & Co. What’s more, with the above-mentioned model, Omega goes one step further. At 13,100 euros, it is not only more expensive than a steel Rolex Daytona, it also offers less. For example, a manual winding – instead of automatic. (Supposedly close to the original. At the same time, however, with ceramic bezel, sapphire glass and transparent back. Everything is neither consistent nor original (pre-)moonwatch. Rather inconsistent, overpriced and with extremely uncertain value retention/value increase.)

In the worst case, the journey could therefore lead to Omega sooner or later completely sorting out its “cheap” Moonwatch and equipping it with the “legendary”, “original” and reasonably price-boosting caliber 321 in the future. According to the motto: “What belongs together grows together – and now please pay prices for it like at the Daytona”.

As I said, just my very personal steep thesis. Check for yourself how conclusive and probable it seems to you. Everything else will show anyway in the coming months and years.

If I’m wrong, so much the better. Then the Moonwatch will stay in the middle four-digit range for a few more years. If not, the “normal” Moonwatch will soon be heading straight for five-digit spheres. We will see 🙂

Normal earners & price sensitivity

Always interesting: Trade magazines and quite a few watch bloggers seem to think the entire development is OK and normal. They somehow show little price sensitivity for the normal earning reader. However, some of these publications are also quite “thick” with Omega. I’m not, and that’s why I want to make a little provision for the said “worst case”.

So which watches would I recommend if the Moonwatch is no longer an option for average earners due to Omega’s ambitious pricing policy?

Here are six tips from a die-hard Speedmaster fan.

And so that you can compare better, here is the most important information about the Moonwatch:

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – the alternatives
#1 Alternative: The cheap one – Bulova Lunar Pilot – “unofficial” moon watch from 500 euros

We start with a bargain – in a way. The best thing about the Bulova Lunar Pilot: This watch is also a real moon watch – including its own and interesting history. It is the re-edition of a watch that astronaut Dave Scott took with him on his moon mission as a private watch. Legend has it that his official Speedmaster, issued to him by NASA, broke down. The glass is said to have cracked. So he switched to the Bulova he had brought with him. With that, another Moonwatch was born – albeit not an official one. Incidentally, the original watch fetched over 1.6 million dollars at auction a few years ago.

As for the watch itself: The new edition is quite large at 45 mm and has a high-precision quartz movement with a frequency of 262 kHz. And. If you only wear mechanical watches on your arm – don’t worry, mechanical fake rolex alternatives are still to come 🙂

The most important information at a glance – Bulova Lunar Pilot

On amazon and ebay (partner links) you can usually get these watches under RRP. So you can save a lot here. Especially if you buy it used on ebay (partner link).

You can find more about the Bulova Lunar Pilot in this ZEIGR article.

#2 Alternative: The fraternal twin – Bell & Ross BR V2-94 BLACK STEEL

Admittedly, this Bell & Ross differs from the Moonwatch in a few features – it is not an identical twin. But there is a certain resemblance. In any case, we have a sporty chronograph here that I liked right away. Why do you think, huh? 😉

The main differences to the Moonwatch: automatic movement, screw-down crown and pushers, a Bi-Compax dial, numerals at “12” and “6” o’clock and water resistance up to 100 meters (vs. Moonwatch 50 meters). At 41 mm, it is also slightly smaller than the classic Moonwatch (42 mm).

I first saw this watch live at Baselworld 2017:

And later again in another variant – with “vintage lume”, a different bezel and red “100 M” lettering:

The most important information at a glance – Bell & Ross BR V2-94 BLACK STEEL

The price:
Well, at an official price of 4,400 euros (metal bracelet), this Bell & Ross chronograph is not that much cheaper than a moonwatch. Some would rather go for the classic. But: You can currently get this watch from the online retailer and ZEIGR cooperation partner Horando for 3,670 euros with a metal strap (sponsored link). Now we’re talking, aren’t we? 🙂

I cannot tell you whether these prices will also apply in the future. If not, just ask Horando and refer to this article. Maybe there’s something. (Cooperation/advertising – see also Trusted Shops rating)


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