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Air Canada Flights is the most popular airline in Canada and the carrier with the best overall ratings on Skytrax, an independent aviation review site. And with some of the finest flight services offered by any airline in the world, it’s easy to see why customers keep flying Air Canada Flights year after year (if you haven’t flown Air Canada, now might be the time to book your next flight!). Here are some of the Air Canada First-Class in-flight amenities and services you can enjoy on your next Canada Airlines.

Have an aisle seat to get around faster

An aisle seat offers more legroom than a window seat because it allows you to get out of your seat without having to climb over someone. There’s also an added bonus: You can access whatever you need in your carry-on bag without disturbing fellow passengers. And if you end up seated next to someone who won’t stop talking, you can easily shuffle away (after saying excuse me of course). For shorter flights, choose an aisle seat on one side of the Air Canada Plane; on longer Canada Air Flights with layovers, pick seats opposite each other so you don’t have to climb over anyone after takeoff or landing.

Feel fresh with air purifier

Air Canada Planes are often filled with germs that you want to avoid. To keep your immune system strong, be sure to pack an air purifier for in-flight use. It’s an easy way to enjoy an Air Canada First Class experience without ever leaving home. With excellent air purification technology built into its tiny form factor, it works automatically when plugged into any USB port or wall outlet.

Recline your Air Canada Business Class Seats

One of my favorite things about Air Canada Business Class International is that I get to sleep! Okay, so I’m not sleeping at 30,000 feet in Air Canada Premium Economy. It’s never really comfortable enough for me to doze off completely on a flight. But in business or first class? You can lay back as far as you want and you’ll stay seated thanks to those handy seatbelts.

Have a rest with eye masks and blankets

Eye masks and blankets are perfect for any long flight because they help you drift off to sleep when it’s a bit too bright or if you’re not able to get comfortable. Once you have a blanket or eye mask that works well for you, it can become your thing that makes flying more comfortable. After all, nothing is worse than getting on a flight with your eye mask tucked away in your luggage; don’t be caught unprepared!

Stretch out with leg rests

If you’re a front-seat passenger, it’s also likely that your feet won’t be able to touch floor. That said, in some cases your seat cushion may be long enough for you to place your feet flat on it. For example, if there is about 1 inch of free space between your seat back and headrest—and assuming there are no other controls or levers obstructing foot movement—you should be able to stretch out with leg rests. As long as both legs can rest comfortably on either side of you aisle armrest, a footrest will work just fine.

Keep hands warm with gloves

It can be hard to keep your hands warm on a long flight. Some Canada Airlines will provide these upon request at no charge. They’re especially handy when the air conditioning is running. On your next flight with Air Canada, request a pair of gloves (and maybe an eye mask) before takeoff and get cozy throughout your journey with quality in-flight accessories from Air Canada Flights.

Relax with socks

Although many travelers may not know it, all Air Canada First Class passengers receive complimentary copies of Vogue , GQ , Marie Claire , Harper’s Bazaar , Men’s Journal , Elle Canada and Cosmopolitan during their flights. The more you travel, though, the less likely you are to remember that these fun reads are available to help you pass time in style (and to keep your eyes off strangers’ laptops). If you frequently fly Air Canada First Class or are just heading up in business or premier economy for your next flight, it’s a good idea to get your own copy. You can take advantage of special offers from magazines like People magazine for as little as 99 cents per issue!

Look good with barf bags that are stylish

The first time I flew Air Canada Business Class was at age 23. It’s fair to say I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down in that wide seat with a fluffy pillow tucked under my armrest. But you know what? After less than five minutes of finding my groove—that is, letting go of my usual disorganization—I felt like an absolute genius. Why? As it turns out, life can be much easier when you actually have room for your things! No more digging through purse after purse (and suitcase after suitcase) on search for that must-have lipstick or converter plug. It’s worth it to me if it means fewer wrinkles in all three suitcases!

Work better with outlets

Before you buy your next gadget, think about what type of outlets you’ll have access to. If you’re going to be in an office with North American outlets then it might make sense to get a cheap adapter that just lets you plug in without having to think about voltage. But if you’re traveling abroad or staying in an Airbnb place where your wall outlets will most likely be different than what you have at home, then look for converters that can do more than just let you plug something into a wall outlet. They should also convert power on both sides—you don’t want any unexpected sparks or blown fuses. (We like these affordable options.)

Stay focused while traveling by using noise air canada flight cancellation headphones

The in-flight magazine is essential for when you have a particularly long flight ahead of you. Aside from what you already know about staying comfortable during your flight (have an aisle seat if possible), subscription to a travel magazine can also help provide added entertainment while in flight. Time passes easier when it’s spent learning something new and with an interesting read. We recommend that first class passengers subscribe to either of our collections below Canadian Geographic or Delta Sky Magazine. Both will keep you up to date on current events, local happenings, and noteworthy places to visit in your travels. Or try one of these other popular titles: National Geographic Traveler , Condé Nast Traveler , Outside Magazine , Islands . You can also get great deals on back issues or used copies at sites like Amazon or AbeBooks . You might even find them at second hand bookstores near airports where prices are often much lower than airport bookstores!

Pass the time easier with a travel magazine subscription in the air!

If you aren’t ready to work during your Air Canada Flights but would like to keep busy for a few hours, why not bring a magazine with you that can help pass time? Visit a bookstore or newsstand before your trip and look for travel magazines. If possible, pick one up before flying so you have something to read when you get on board. A publication with helpful tips or suggestions of things to do at your destination can also be very useful if it’s been awhile since you last visited an area. Don’t forget to pack some earbuds as well—this way you can easily enjoy your reading material even if other passengers around you are chattering away!


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