Outlook not connecting to Gmail account

Outlook is a service that is meant to work together with Gmail; they both are client emails that work better when they are synced together. Most of the users make use of Outlook as email client software by using which they can open the emails of the Gmail within the application. But there have been noticed repeated problems with Outlook errors with the Gmail like Outlook not connecting to Gmail account or that it is asking for a password again and again for the login process.

We will look at the problem of Outlook cannot connect to Gmail keeps asking for a password when the users are trying to connect to Gmail and this error occurs even after when the users have already entered the password number of times because of which the users cannot establish an IMAP which means Internet managing access protocol to connect to the Gmail to access the emails within the software of the Outlook.

Ways to fix the problem of error of asking password for Gmail account repeatedly –

1. Turning On the option of allowing less secure apps option

  • The problem of repeatedly asking for the password might be a result of the enabled 2 step verification of your account.
  • So the users need to turn off the 2 step verification for which they have to open the Google Account page in a browser.
  • After which the users should click on the option of Security which will be on the top of the page on the left side.
  • After turning off the 2 step verification option there the users have to look for the option of less secure app access and then turn it on to fix the problem of Outlook cannot connect to a server.

2. Enabling the IMAP and then setting a new app password

  • In the first step, the users have to check if the IMAP which means Internet managing access protocol is enabled by opening the Gmail app in the browser you are using.
  • Now in the second step, the users have to press the tab of Settings and then opt for settings from the menu to move ahead.
  • You will see a tab saying Forwarding and POP/ IMAP tab; you need to select that tab to proceed further to the next step.
  • Now you will need to go for the option of enabling the IMAP option and then press on the button of Save changes to save the changes you just made.
  • You will now be required to generate an app password which you can do by pressing on the option saying Google account avatar at the right corner of the Gmail.
  • Further, go for the Google Account option as well as on the Apps password followed by the option of the MAIL.
  • Click on the generate button after you have clicked on the Windows computer option.
  • A 16 digit proper password will appear on your screen with a yellow box make sure to note down the password or you can also copy it by using the shortcut which is Ctrl + C keys.
  • Once the above procedures are done click on the Done option and you also have to keep in mind that now you need to use the 16 digit password to connect Outlook to Gmail.
  • Now the users have to open the Outlook app and then select the File option followed by the Add account option to move ahead.
  • The procedure to be followed now is to enter the Gmail address of your account and then click on the option of Let me set up my account manually and then proceed by clicking on the option of the Connect button.
  • Go for the IMAP option when it comes to select the type of account and then hit on the Next button and then after entering the 16 digit app password finally hit on the Connect button to finish the procedure.

Now we will be looking for the steps about what to do if Outlook cannot connect to the Gmail account so that the issues you are facing are the problem of ‘MS outlook cannot find the server’ or the problem of Outlook not being able to connect with the Gmail.

Procedure to fix the problem mentioned above –

  1. Firstly you have to launch the Outlook app and then click on the option of File which is on the left side of the top corner of the option and then further hit the tab of the Add account.
  2. As soon as you will click on the option of the Add Account a new window will open on which you need to type in your Gmail address which will look like this [email protected].
  3. Once you have entered the full email address the Outlook will automatically find the server settings that are necessary to fix the issue of “unable to connect Outlook to Gmail’ and then wait for the information to be displayed on the screen.
  4. Outlook will open a new small window on which there will be Google Account sign in and then you need to type in your email address of the account as well as the password of the account whose email address has been entered.
  5. After entering the above details the users will need to enter the 2-factor authentication password also which you have to find from the authenticator app from Google, Microsoft, or from whatever app you wish to use to generate the password of the 2-factor authentication to proceed to the further steps.
  6. There is another option available for the users if they do not have the 2-factor authentication password; the users can also enter one of your one-time used passwords instead of the password of your primary account.
  7. Now you just need Outlook to allow access to your account and then your Gmail account will be ready to work with Outlook and your problems that we mentioned above have been fixed and no problems will trouble you now.
  8. Also if you need the solutions of the problems again later on you can any time look up to these solutions.

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