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Outpatient renal clinic (ORC) is an integral part of the nephrology service in most hospitals. However, with the growing internet penetration and digitalization of healthcare, outpatient renal care is slowly being provided through telemedicine. This stands true in the case of patients affected by chronic renal diseases like nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, hypertensive nephropathy, nephrolithiasis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure of unknown etiology, cancer and kidney diseases, heart failure, obstructive nephropathy.

The most important clinical manifestation of renal disorders is Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). ORC mainly involves –

  • Management of CKD
  • Medical and nursing services
  • Counselling
  • Financials

It was observed that Telehealth videoconferencing (TVC) is highly likely to improve access in rural areas. Changes in blood pressure and creatinine, hospitalization, and travel distance were the predominantly monitored aspects of the research. Patient satisfaction was high for both groups at all time points. The traveling time can be saved as you can consult through the online platform itself. Therefore when you are in outstation then this app will give you the cchance to connect with  your doctors regularly.

Another vital thing to consider is the mental health of patients affected by chronic renal disorders. Many patients experience feelings of vulnerability and insecurity as the disease progresses. Telemedicine can help patients participate in their wellness procedures, confirm encounters, gain trust in healthcare staff and comprehend their lifestyle through proper knowledge. Although telemedicine is a relatively new modality of healthcare delivery in renal patients with proven positive results, information is scarce, and there is no reassuring data for the efficacy and outcomes in cases of severe disease progression. Studies are underway to establish its usefulness, especially in cases of unplanned dialysis, late referral, and modality of dialysis initiation.

SeekMed is a global telemedicine services provider that offers easy access to award-winning super specialists. Patients can virtually consult the best Kidney doctor in India to explore affordable treatment options, experience quality care, get healthcare coverage and understand their condition better with exhaustive medical knowledge. Improve your health with the best Kidney doctor in India only on SeekMed.

Easy to get the appointment

 The appointment to meet the best Kidney doctor in India is a simple process; you need to apply for the appointment. The kidney doctors are ready to provide online consultations at any time. This is a simpler procedure for patients to recover from kidney problems at the right time. The doctors have a good experience, served many people, and had successful surgeries. They easily do kidney transplantation or other treatments with the help of advanced equipment and devices. The appointment will be simple, and also you can pay the fees online itself.

Better to look for the experienced and best doctors from the top hospital

 This hospital platform provides high-quality services for searching doctors for kidney problems. You will get the top surgeons who are good enough for the service. This is a more comfortable way for patients to use the app or website to get an appointment. The doctors you are going to look at here will have good experience, skills and fame. You will find that doctors are ready to provide the proper prescription easily through the online platform. It is always important to look for the best doctors; they will charge only a small amount when you are using this seemed platform.

This telemedicine platform will be convenient for taking treatment when the patients cannot travel long distances. The platform is easier to chat and do video conferencing with expert surgeons at the right time. The surgeons will be ready to give the proper analysis when you upload the XRays, ECG and other related documents online. This is a safe and secure one for consulting with the doctors; they will also be ready to provide the e-prescription in the end.

And Thus online, you can consult and get the medicine without visiting them directly. The doctors for various kidney-related diseases who are very knowledgeable will be available at an affordable rate. The consultation will be easy as the timing for the appointment will be present. So when the best Kidney doctor in India is available online, you can simply clear your doubts and show them the recent condition of your health. They will give a clear checkup through this telemedicine platform.

How to register?

 This Seek med is the online telemedicine platform where you need limited credentials to be uploaded for creating your account. This is enough, and the group of expert doctors will analyse whether your credentials are correct and then allow you to create a new account. The time taken for the account creation will be less than one week. So once our account is created, you can have an online consultation with the doctors. The best Kidney doctor in India who are in the top rankings from various organizations like Apollo, Fortis, AIIMS, etc., can be available for consultation. So this provides the vast platform for searching for your preferred kidney doctors and having video conferencing consultations with them.

How simple is it to get the medicine?

 The medicine for the prescription will be available easily when you show the e-prescription that is present. This seekmed also provides an online facility for medicine delivery, and also you will find a vast library for finding your medicine. It is more convenient to get the medicines at your home without spending much on the delivery charges. The online platform for getting the medicine will save time and money and give patients complete satisfaction. The medicine library with the various type of required medicines is present. The online medicine purchasing option through online payment will be easy and simple. The amount of medicine that you need will be at your destination easily.

Important benefits from this seekmed

The patients will have the option to look for information about medical treatment, lab services, health packages and online medicine delivery. These kinds of benefits will bring convenience and hassle-free situations for knowing about the problems that are occurring in your body. Kidney failure, transplantation or other related problems and the queries will be easily asked by the doctors when you get the online appointment. This platform is the good one to be used for clearing your doubts even when you are abroad. The platform will be secure and also will give uninterrupted video calling services.

. And Thus instead of searching for the best doctors and waiting for a long time in the queue to have a consultation, this app is more beneficial. This creates an easy consultation chance with the best Kidney doctor in India. The patients can be anywhere globally, but they can have a good virtual chat through the video conferencing option. The main thing is that you should have an uninterrupted internet service which will be easy to connect with the top doctors in the field. The problems of health issues and other things will be solved when you use this live platform for better treatment.

Why is this the must use app for people?

The kidney problems will need to be solved at regular intervals, which will avoid some other problems in the health. Kidney stones, STDs, fertility, transplantation, dialysis and others are possible here. The application is more supportive of the various operating systems of the mobile or pc. It is more convenient and time-consuming for the patients to get the consultation and clear their doubts regarding the present problems. The application will be secure, and also have the opportunity to search the top doctors in the kidney. The virtual option for sending the laboratory results will be possible using this famous app. This is a more comfortable one for the doctors to look for the problems and give good treatment accordingly.


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