overview of double chin thread lift treatment


Look Youthful and Attractive with a Sleek Jaw!

We all have spent our childhood and adulthood wondering that we have grown up from a tiny child to responsible adults, but the celebrities we used to admire are still the same, with no signs of changing. Why haven’t they become older with the saggy face, droopy brows and excess fat under the chin like our parents and grandparents? We haven’t seen them with double chins in their youth. Double chin thread lift treatment is disliked by all; only a few of us are lucky enough to naturally have contoured jaws. Treatments for Double chin removal in Dubai are here to transform our facial appearance from older to younger with a contoured jaw.

Medical professionals use many non-surgical and surgical methods for removing a double chin. Still, in non-surgical preference, Thread lift treatment in Dubai is considered the best in invasiveness, safety and effective results.

Let’s slip into what thread lift has in store for us!

What is Double Chin Thread Lift?

Double Chin thread lift is a jaw rejuvenation technique based on inserting the P.D.O. threads in the double chin to transform it into a sculpted and contoured jawline. These threads are made of dissolvable suture material inserted in the chin through thin needles. The muscles are then pulled and tightened to create a lifting and more youthful effect. 

Inserting these P.D.O. threads in the chin enhances collagen growth, resulting in a more youthful, rejuvenated skin with a volumizing effect. It also fades out the ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines, removes sagginess and with a smoother skin appearance.

Why opt for Double Chin Thread Lift treatment in Dubai instead of Other Treatments?

Opting for a Nose thread lift over surgery or injectables has several advantages. Compared to the surgery, it involves no cuts and incisions, so the risks and complications are significantly reduced. There is no longer downtime and recovery than surgery, and it has more efficacy and longer-term results than injectable dermal fillers. 

Double chin thread lift treatment in Dubai is less costly than surgical rejuvenation. You don’t have to wait longer for the results to show up, but they will be immediately noticeable. 

Who is the ideal candidate for Nose Thread Lift in Dubai?

  • The ideal candidate will be the one noticing early ageing signs and wanting to fix them without undergoing knife and surgery. 
  • The ideal age for the patient must be between 35 to 55 years old.
  • A person opting for thread lift treatment in Dubai must have thicker skin and good skin elasticity.
  • A person should not be allergic to biodegradable materials and also not with sensitive skin.  
  • The candidate’s skin must not be acne-prone, injured or broken.

Is Thread Lift For Double Chin Removal Safe?

A big thanks to the advancement in modern technology for bringing us such a safe and minimal invasive to non-invasive treatment with no huge risks and complications of being invasive like surgery. 

Is Thread Lift For Double Chin Removal Convenient?

Thread lift treatment in Dubai is called a weekend or lunchtime facelift. You can figure out the convenience that it takes only 45 minutes to complete without local or general anesthesia. And you are free to go anywhere you want without limiting the social activities. 

The Procedure of Nose Thread Lift 

The procedure will easily get done in your doctor’s clinic on an outpatient basis, and you can go home the same day. 

The healthcare professional will ask you to lay down in a comfortable place where your procedure will be performed in less than an hour. 

The medical professional will apply the numbing cream on your double chin to numb the area.

Then the double chin area will be marked where the P.D.O. threads will be inserted.

After marking the chin area, the threads will be inserted into the double chin by syringes and placed in the chin. After that, these threads will be removed, completing the procedure.

Expectations After Double Chin Thread Lift

As it is not a surgery, the recovery after nose thread lift is minimal. And you’ll feel swelling and bruising, which is normal. Daily activities can be resumed right away as per you like. 

The results will be instantly visible, and you’ll see the full effects within days or weeks after the treatment when the swelling will completely subside.  

The patient is strictly advised to avoid vigorously rubbing and massaging the under chin area in the initial weeks. Strenuous activities must also be avoided in the initial weeks so the threads won’t be disturbed.

Are there any Side Effects of Nose Thread Lift?

Thread lift has no major side effects and complications, so you must be worry-free about major risks and complications. The swelling, bruising, and tightness are expected post-treatment, but there will be no scars like surgery.

How Long Does the Thread Lift Last?

The customer should have realistic expectations from the treatment as the results of the nose thread lift are not permanent and will last from one to three years. 

The Bottom Line! 

Ageing cannot be stopped, and to cater for the ageing problem, surgeries are available. But if you are uncomfortable with invasive surgeries, that does not mean you can’t be youthful again. Thread lift treatment in Dubai is made to provide you with a rejuvenated, enhanced, and sculpted facial look. 


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