Parking Mode: A Unique Safety Feature in GPS Tracking Software
Parking Mode: A Unique Safety Feature in GPS Tracking Software

Most GPS Tracking Software offer basic features such as live tracking, status updates, and route mapping. However, exceptional fleet management software offer extra value in terms of monetary benefit and security against risks. They come with features such as an SOS button, parking mode, immobilization, and battery disconnection alert to safeguard your vehicles. 

Are you often worried about your vehicle getting towed or stolen? Don’t worry! With parking mode, you can rest assured about never confronting a missing vehicle situation in your life! 

What is Parking Mode? 

Parking mode is a unique safety feature that safeguards your vehicle while it is parked.

It allows you to either create a daily parking schedule or manually command when you want to avail its safety. 

The primary purpose of the parking mode feature is to alert you when your vehicle is moving even when you are not in it. 

Whether you have scheduled or manually turned on the parking mode feature, it will allow your GPS tracking software to send an alarm to your device when triggered. Its triggers include:

  • Moving Vehicle: In case your vehicle moves from the spot you parked it at, possibly due to towing or pushing
  • Ignition ON: In case someone turns on your vehicle’s ignition, possibly for theft 

Benefits of Parking Mode

Parking Mode is an exceptionally important feature that several GPS tracking software tend to neglect. Here are some of its spectacular benefits:

  • Theft Protection: Your vehicle is practically theft-proof since an alarm will go off if someone turns on the ignition when you are not in your vehicle. The high-emergency alarm will allow you to take prompt action and save your vehicle through live tracking. 
  • Parking Violation Alarm: If you have parked your vehicle somewhere you shouldn’t have, you do not have to worry about confronting a missing vehicle. If your vehicle gets towed, you will receive a prompt alarm. 
  1. Scheduled Parking: If you know a routine time you want your vehicles to be protected against theft and movement, you can simply schedule the feature to turn on. Say no to loss due to forgetfulness! 

Use Cases of Parking Mode

In the above section, we have explained the benefits the feature has to offer. However, let us also discuss some practical scenarios when the parking mode feature will come in handy:

  • Park Anywhere: No more do you have to worry about not having a designated parking space. As long as the parking mode is on, you can fearlessly park your vehicle outside the gated security. 
  • Ease of Mind: Leave the worries of being away from your vehicle for a few hours or even days. In case of fishy activity, you will be notified! 
  • Locate a Missing Car: Suppose your vehicle and consignment were getting stolen or towed; through the alarm, you can quickly start live tracking to eliminate the uncertainty out of vehicle recovery and know where exactly you can find it. 

Parking mode sounds like a spectacular feature, right? Check out TrackoBit to avail it along with several such practical vehicle security and tracking features!

Importance of SOS Button in Commercial Vehicles

SOS button is much more than just any other feature in a vehicle tracking system. Probably, the least used facility in a GPS Tracking system for vehicles, but it’s the most crucial one. It’s an emergency alarm that alerts the manager and other stakeholders to take immediate actions. 

Fleet management solutions offer multiple alerts and alarms for vehicle/fleet safety. Most fleet managers focus on getting as many safety features as possible for their fleet, but this one feature is very essential for driver safety.  

How the SOS Button Works

When the driver gets stuck in an emergency, and there is no way out, he can hit the SOS Button somewhere closer to the steering wheel. 

The panic button is always strategically placed in a vehicle as it must be easily reachable for a tall as well as a short person from a driver’s seat. 

As soon as the driver presses the button, an alert/alarm is triggered. The manager and other stakeholders who are mentioned in the emergency contact list receive an alert text via SMS, email and push notifications. The text consists of vehicle details such as the time when the button is hit and the location where the incident happens. The data received via GPS Tracking software is reliable and accurate. 

The fleet owners/managers prepare the plan of action as per the details they receive. 

Benefits of Panic Button

A panic button is a must-have feature in your fleet management software. It does not only ensure vehicle and driver’s safety but also asset security too. 

Benefits of Panic Button

Having a panic button is a must-have feature in your fleet management software. It does not only ensure vehicle and driver’s safety but also asset security too. 

  • Ensures Driver’s Safety
  • More than asset and vehicle, it ensures driver’s well being. The concerned authorities are informed the very moment the driver presses the button
  • Alerts Many People at Once
  • Firstly, looking for a phone, then dialing a number and waiting for people to respond to your call in case of an emergency is a long route. SOS button informs multiple people at once about the unforeseen mishappening. It increases the probability of an immediate response. 

Now, the government has made it compulsory for all commercial vehicles to install SOS buttons be it trucks, cabs or passenger buses. It’s a great move in the right direction.

Automation has simplified operations for logistics, transportation and many other sectors. Vehicle Management Software is not only optimizing fleet management but also boosting ROIs for fleet owners. Automatic alerts are playing a significant role in making swelling profits. Here is the list of most commonly available automatic alerts that you get in any GPS Tracking Software.

  • Idle

Vehicle Idling is the leading cause of fuel wastage throughout the world. An automatic alert is sent to the manager when the vehicle is in an idle state for a long time.  

  •  Overspeed

Drivers tend to Overspeed a lot when they are running late for a delivery. Every time a driver exceeds the set limit, an alert is sent to the manager with the vehicle details and time of the breach. 

  • Ignition Off/On

A manager can not keep tabs on all the vehicles of the fleet. When the driver started the trip, when the trip ended, how many breaks were taken in between – now you don’t have to go after drivers to get such answers. You get automatic alerts every time the ignition is turned on or off.

  • Geofence In/Out

When a vehicle enters or exits the assigned geofence, an automatic alert is sent to the fleet manager. Now, managers do not call drivers to check the status of the delivery with them. 

  • AC Change

AC change alerts are essential to keep a check on negligence. Unnecessary or overuse of AC can negatively impact the fleet’s efficiency. Get notified every time the AC is turned off or on. 

  • Battery Disconnect

Battery theft is an alarming issue at ground level. Get notified every time the battery gets disconnected due to any reason. 

  • Panic

One of the most essential and must have alerts. An alarm goes off when the driver hits the SOS / Panic button. It is provided in every vehicle for emergencies. 

  • Parking Alert

The parking alarm goes off while the parking mode is on and the vehicle is moved/towed from its current location. 

These automatic alerts come in handy to optimize out and out fleet management. These are the basic ones that are imperative for fleet management. Other than these you get customised alerts as well. TrackoBit has customised more than 50 alerts for its clients. You get a separate report for every alert that you may download and refer to later. 


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