peanut the worlds ugliest dog

While there are plenty of ugly dogs worldwide, it’s hard to argue with Peanut’s claim to fame. This mutt has drawn much criticism on social media for being Peanut, the world’s ugliest dog, and people are protesting his appearance! Is this dog that bad looking, or is everyone having an outrage moment? Read on to find out!

Who is Peanut, and why are people protesting her?

Peanut is the world’s ugliest dog. She was born with a severe developmental disorder that left her looking like a cross between a coatless Chihuahua and an oversize Maltese. The dog has been described as being “terrible to look at,” “so ugly it hurts,” and “the world’s ugliest dog.” And yet, despite her appearance, hundreds of people have come out in defense of Peanut and staged protests worldwide to demand she is given a chance.

Peanut was first brought to global attention when couple Shawna and TJ adopted her in Oregon in 2013. The dog had been turned over to them by local animal shelters, who could not care for her because of her appearance. Initially, the family loved Peanut but soon discovered that people would not stop staring at or laughing at her. Shawna and TJ began posting photos of their home-bound pet on social media, hoping that her appearance might make people feel more compassionate toward her.

Initially, the response was mixed, with some praising Peanut for bringing attention to euthanizing animals that don’t fit conventional beauty standards. In contrast, others labeled her as “disgusting” and “ugly beyond words.” But, over time, the hate speech stopped and was instead replaced by sympathetic messages from around the world urging Shawna and TJ to keep Peanut safe and fight for

Background on Peanut

Peanuts are the world’s ugliest dogs. They have long, droopy bodies; floppy ears; bulbous head with a small nose that is constantly wrinkled up in disgust. And people love them anyway!

People have been breeding peanuts for over 7000 years, but they were originally from South America. Scientists are still determining why they look the way they do, but they speculate that it has something to do with how their genes are mutated.

Peanut breeders in countries like China and Indonesia fight fiercely for their market share, as ugly dogs are coveted by pet owners worldwide. There is an annual international competition to crown the “ugliest peanut.”

The Crufts Dog Show banned peanuts from being entered into competitions back in 2009 due to public outcry, but this hasn’t stopped people from loving these funny-looking creatures. Some peanut breeders have started producing “pretty” peanut breeds, so that pet owners who can’t stomach their plain ol’ ugly dogs don’t have to give them up.

Why are people protesting her?

Despite being peanut the worlds ugliest dog has garnered a large following among animal enthusiasts and pet owners worldwide. Many people are upset that there is a petition to have her euthanized because of her appearance. Peanut’s owner, Karen Smith, attributes her pup’s unique features to a random freak genetic mutation. Despite this reasoning, many people are protesting her along with petitions to have Peanut put down. Whether or not Peanut should be euthanized depends on what you think is worse: having an ugly dog or supporting animal cruelty. Regardless of your stance on the matter, it’s clear that Karen Smith has some devoted fans who appreciate all that Peanut does for them.


As if peanut dogs weren’t enough of a controversial topic, now people are protesting because one particular breed of dog is allegedly considered to be ugly. The beauty contest that chose this breed as the winner was met with outrage on social media, with many calling the choice “disrespectful,” “mean-spirited,” and even “unacceptable.” opinionated? Yes. Acceptable? Probably not.



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