penis enlargement surgery in Dubai

 One of the major problems that men encounter nowadays is an undersized or low grade width of the penises for stop it not just deems their moral but also disregards their pleasure in bed. A lot of the men often come under complex and this in turn develops a psychological problems in them. serious issue and a prompt treatment should be taken at the right time.  A penis enlargement surgery in Dubai can help ovaercome this problem and restore the sexual health Wellness and life.

What are the causes of undersized penis? 


 Some men have an undersized penis because their genetics have the code of it. It is not under the domain of the person himself but rather this size is naturally present. 

Grwth factors deficiency

 A lot of the growth factors often have an impact on the size of the previous. The secondary sexual characteristics that appear in a Penis are most commonly involved in the growth and reproduction . any deficiency in such growth factors can lead to problems in the size, width and growth of the penis. 


Any infection or severe trauma to the themes can also result in the size anguish. In such cases I’ve dropped treatment is important and so penis enlargement surgery in Dubai can be the right treatment strategy.

What are the treatment options for penis enlargement? 

penile enlargement are based on the surgical as well as the non surgical options

Non surgical 

Gels and oils 

 a lot of the gels and oils often consist of herbs and some remedy and factors that are responsible in the growth and girth enhancement. They are available over the counter And should be used on regular basis for maximum results.


And some doctors also prescribe medications and some therapeutic aids that may help in the growth and with enhancement. stop note that these are not available over the counter and only prescribed note will be acceptable system. At times they do have side effects and so their use should be only done after prompt medical advice. 

Dermal fillers

 Dermal fillers are the best nonsurgical method for the penis enlargement. The treatment includes insertion of an injection infused with hyaluronic acid.  the hyaluronic acid is the  responsible for  increasing the volume of the penises. this eventually helps in the girth enhancement, width and increase in the size. 

Surgical Penis enlargement surgery 

Penis Enlargement surgery in Dubai is one of the most Successful running treatments for the benign enlargement. The treatment is performed by an intimate surgery specialist and one of the best clinics to undergo enlargement surgery is the dynamic clinic.  The method involves extraction of a fat graph and re insertion into the shaft of the penis.

The reason why penis enlargement surgery is considered as the best  a permanent treatment and has a very enormous lifespan. Note that it is important to seek a sound surgeon for this kind of surgery. it is one of the most sensitive surgeries and errors are not entertained at all.

Who might need to have a penis enlargement surgery in Dubai? 

.You are not happy or satisfied with shape and texture of their penis

  • Men who feel inability in intercourse through penetration 
  • Then who feel there length and get of penis is not adequate enough to feel masculine
  • Inability to urinate while standing 
  • When who feel sexual activity as a burden and do not receive any pleasure from it
  • Men whose partners complain of unsatisfying deed in bed

Some important considerations before a penis enlargement procedure

  • The patient who is undergoing the procedure should be healthy for getting the administration of anaesthesia
  • A thorough psychological examination is important to rule out any mental illness
  •  the patient should be educated about the procedure and the risks as well 
  • the candidate is advised to quit smoking or any other intoxicant using, three weeks prior to the surgery
  •  the major aspect is to know whether candidate is circumcised or not 
  • The patient is asked about medications or any allergic reaction if they have 
  • Older candidates  are told to stop taking blood thinners prior to the surgery 
  • In case of diabetic patients they are supposed to show lab tests and reports of HB1AC which confirms controlled diabetes 
  • the presence of previous pelvic surgery’s cars are also acknowledged. 

Below mentioned is the treatment procedure of penis surgery and how it works. 

How is a penis enlargement surgery done ? 

  • At first the surgeon will analyze the genital organ and ask about the detailed history in case of any Trauma
  • The patient is then scheduled for the surgery
  •  The surgery will include extraction of a fat graft from any part of the body
  •  Penises are incised and the fat graft is then placed into the incised area.
  •  The incised area is then stitched with fine threads. 
  • The patient is then sent home with some post operative instructions to follow


  •  Better girth and width enhancement
  •  uh the candidate feels a lot more confident and masculine
  •  improves the sexual health Wellness and the lifestyle
  •  creates a better bond with the partner
  • Patience normally present with a better will being than before


  •  Initially some mild to moderate pain will be perceived by the candidate
  •  The candidate will be limited to any sexual activity in the first few days after the surgery
  •  The treatment results may take longer to be noticed for some candidates as there might be some swelling in the first few days. 

What are the potential risks after a penis enlargement surgery? 

They remind me multiple risk associated with the surgery but a few of them are listed below:

  • Adverse reactions from local or general anaesthesia 
  • absence of sensations in the penis
  •  any surgical intervention is always exposed to risk of infections
  •  Unsatisfactory results in case of extremely high expectations
  • In case of an in experienced a surgeon a   a bent shape of the penis can be observed
  • Erectile dysfunction in some men 
  • Presence of scars due to the surgery that do not fade even after years of the surgery

The cost 

 The cost of penis enlargement surgery in Dubai lies anywhere between 1000 to 2000 AED. It is better to seek an appointment with the surgeon first so that the cost can be decided mutually. 

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Is it Worth the Risk?

Penis enlargement surgery is an option that should come to mind for every man who has been unsatisfied with the size of his penis at least once. Thoughts should raise the question, “Is it worth the risk?”

This article describes his three most common types of penis enlargement surgery and the associated risks. Also, other safer penis enlargement methods have been suggested. It’s up to you to decide if penis enlargement surgery is worth the risk.

cut the ribbon

The penis is attached to the pubic bone via suspension straps. A popular penis enlargement procedure cuts some of these ligaments, leaving part of the shaft of the penis that was inside the body to hang outside the body. After surgery, the patient must wear weights to prevent the severed ankle ligaments from contracting in order to achieve permanent penis enlargement.

How effective is this type of surgery? According to statistics from reliable sources, only 35% of men who underwent this procedure were satisfied with the results. Only a few men reported a slight increase in flaccid length, and very few reported an increase in erect length. To make matters worse, this type of surgery leaves side effects. Since the retaining ligaments are responsible for supporting the penis in erection, cutting these ligaments will allow the erect penis to face the floor after surgery. Also, because the skin of the penis does not lengthen on the penis itself, some of the pubic skin around the penis is pulled over the shaft of the penis. The result is a hairy area on the penis near the base that affects the look, to say the least.

Risks associated with penis enlargement surgery

Many of the risks associated with penis enlargement surgery have already been discussed above.These are just the risks to be expected with successful surgery. There is always the potential risk of botched surgery, which can lead to permanent impotence or worse.Because of the high risk of penile surgery, surgeons at public hospitals are usually unsatisfied with the size of their penis, simply because I do not agree to have this type of surgery done at. So if you really want to have this type of surgery, you should use the services of a cosmetic surgeon. However, keep in mind that these cosmetic penis enlargement surgeries performed by cosmetic surgeons are neither standardized nor controlled by any public medical institution. This makes the surgical outcome very unpredictable.

Where can I find the best penis enlargement surgery in Dubai?

If you are residing in Dubai then you are lucky enough to visit the Dynamic Clinic for penis enlargement surgery in Dubai.  They have a separate department of intimate surgery where all such problems are treated. 

There is one thing which makes the clinic different from all is the privacy settings and confidentiality maintenance by the experts and surgeons. Each and every detail you share with them is preserved and you will not be judged for any of your problems faced. 

The bottom line 

Your sexual pleasure in life is more important then anything in a relationship. Go for a penis enlargement surgery in Dubai  and give yourself relief from all the intimacy related problems.  


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