PHP Tools Used by Top Web Development Companies in India

Those who don’t know much about web development technologies recognize PHP as the sole platform for building websites. Well, it is an evident fact about the most prominent open-source scripting language since it has been in the digital domain for a very long time. Besides this, it is also known around the world as the fastest and most used server-side programming language.

The current market of digital technology provides a plethora of new & profound programming options for website and web app development. You would think that the availability of inventive alternatives such as Python and Ruby will make PHP obsolete. But it’s not true. Despite the evolution of website building methodologies, PHP prevails its existence amongst the leading web development companies in India and overseas. Many developers prefer it for its detailed documentation, extremely accessible scripts, and a series of customizable web frameworks.

That’s not all you get while using PHP programming language for building a website. Certain PHP development tools can alleviate the programming for web developers. When merged together, all these top PHP tools formulate an integrated development environment. This seamless IDE allows PHP developers to build innovative and user-friendly online portals more efficiently than ever.

In this post, we will list out some of the most prolific PHP tools. Top web development companies prefer these tools to create feature-rich website projects for growing enterprises in India and overseas. Let’s start the countdown:

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Top PHP Development Tools

PHP Storm

Lightweight structure, steadfast performance, and smooth configuration are some exclusive qualities that make PHP Storm a significant choice as a PHP development tool. Interestingly, it is an all-inclusive IDE that resonates with numerous PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, Laravel, Zend, and CakePHP. But the best web development companies in India prefer this tool because of its compatibility with Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and other crucial content management systems.

In addition to these amazing features, PHP Storm offers live editing assistance for JavaScript, CSS, and other vital front-end technologies. It simplifies code refactoring, debugging, and other issues that disrupt a website’s functionality. The best part is that the PHP Storm tool allows web developers to resonate with database, remote deployment, command-line tools, and version control tools.

Sublime Text

Experienced PHP developers use Sublime Text as the most powerful text editor. It helps in the development and integration of complex mobile applications. While it may not have a proper IDE layout, the use of certain plugins and addons can make it way more coherent and accessible.

It is a cross-platform source code editor that assists multiple programming and markup languages. Aside from everything, this text editor is immensely customizable and comes with a custom UI toolkit that lets developers experiment with symbols and lines using key shortcuts.

Zend Studio

Expert web developers go for Zen Studio because they get to leverage the optimal speed feature of this amazing tool. Aside from substantial speed, it streamlines code writing and debugging without consuming extra time or effort from the development phase.

Being compatible with PHP 7, it helps in debugging scripts through X-ray, Xdebug, and other effective add-ons. It is also known for providing multiple deployment options including cloud servers.

NuSphere PhpED

This methodical IDE tool is used by some of the leading web app development companies. It comes in handy as an advanced PHP developer, PHP debugger, profiler, and database insight. This tool itself comes with a lot of utilities that make the entire process of website development more progressive.

Developers combine this tool with PHP Express to accelerate application building and render support for PHP 7.1. NuSphere PhpED is also capable of refactoring the code that lets developers concord with Laravel, Yii, and other PHP web development frameworks.

PHP Debugbar

PHP programming language is preferred across the globe for quick debugging which eventually became possible due to some selective tools like PHP Debugbar. It is one of the most effective debugger alternatives that run with all kinds of projects and showcase data from a range of web applications.

It also identifies consistent bug issues in HTML and JavaScript and inspects the network for potential errors. Other than this, the open-source tool allows data profiling to enable easy integration.


Eclipse holds a significant place in this explanatory list of the best PHP development tools that professionals prefer to use in web projects. Not only does it provide plugins for various development processes, but it also streamlines obscure PHP code modules. Apart from this, developers can scale and adjust this IDE as per the changing requirements of the project. It is a cross-platform PHP development tool that professionals deem perfect for big-scale website projects.

Cloud 9

Just like the PHP programming language, most of its tools also come with an open-source layout. It keeps the passage of scalability free for development professionals. Cloud 9 is one such PHP development tool that provides a customized environment for C, C++, Python, and some other programming scripts.

This doesn’t require much preparation in terms of initial setup. Web developers can commence their projects using workspace and utilize powerful features like instant preview and testing. Now comes the best feature of the tool! You don’t need to stick to your chair for finishing a web project as it lets you execute the serverless application from remote locations.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is one of those open-source PHP tools that development teams use to integrate client-side and server-side web technologies. Python, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, and PHP are some technologies that are compatible with the remarkable efficiency of this tool. It complements the functioning of debuggers to fasten the app development process and obtain the development in a single environment.

Conclusion – These are some of the most used PHP development tools used by website and app building agencies for vital web projects. However, there is so much more to web development services than these tools that only web developers can understand and perform to finish a professional business website. So, it’s always better to leave it on the pros and wait for the spell-binding result.


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