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What is Golang? 

Golang is a general-purpose programming language, first and foremost. Thus, practically anything might be accomplished using golang. It is simpler to explain what you cannot do with golang because it is a general-purpose programming language. Where Golang is good at is as follows:

  • Development of the OS kernel and firmware

In C, there is a so-called freestanding environment that has no expectations and is essentially unstructured. Usually written in C using the standalone environment, 

firmware and OS kernels.

  • Desktop UI creation

Although possible, golang’s libraries for doing so are still in their early stages. C++/Qt and Java with JavaFX continue to be the industry leaders.

  • Web frontend 

Website front-end Golang can be translated into JavaScript and Web Assembly, but that capability isn’t yet considered robust.

  • development of mobile apps

It can be done, but since this technology is still relatively new, the leaders in this space continue to be Java/Kotlin for Android, Objective-C/Swift for iOS, and JavaScript with ReactNative for portable programming.

  • XML

At publishers and elsewhere, XML is the subject of much activity. Golang’s XML libraries are rudimentary and only support very outdated XML standards. 

  • SOAP

It is possible to communicate with a legacy SOAP system, although it is less pleasant and comfortable than it would be in java. 

Why to hire Golang developers? 

The growth of this sophisticated programming language is particularly significant, with approximately 9% of professional designers using it in 2019. Delivered only in 2009, it had already surpassed certain other development improvements in ubiquity. Developed by Google engineers, it hasn’t been well received by the industry as a whole, and at the moment, major companies like Apple and Uber are hiring Golang programmers as well. Are you also going to innovate your products using Golang’s capabilities? If yes, you should read our hiring advice for Go developers!

What makes Golang developers worth hiring?

  • The hard-to-beat execution results that tasks created achieve mean that they load rapidly for your clients.
  • You can reach your goals faster and communicate the outcome more clearly.
  • Golang excels at back-end development, programming in the microservices model, and information design.
  • Both Golang web development and Golang application development benefit greatly from the language’s incredible performance.
  • Golang supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, making reaching more clients.
  • For enterprises with smaller budgets, the language is a remarkable choice.
  • For businesses looking to grow quickly, it works out exceptionally well. 

Things to keep in mind while going to hire Golang developers: 

  • Depth of previous work

First, firms evaluate golang developers based on their years of experience, their level of experience, and the complexity of the projects they have worked on. This is based on the information people provided after completing a straightforward but useful profile form on our website.

They must provide background information about their expertise, the greatest projects they have worked on, and their resumes. This stage is only passed by people who exhibit depth in their experience and have prior experience working on end-to-end projects.

Effective motivation and communication

During a phone interview, you should grill them with pointed questions regarding the items they have created. Profession firms evaluate their capacity to respond fully and persuasively.

This enables them to assess their verbal interaction and gauge the level of self-assurance they exhibit. It is also known why they choose to work as freelancers, have previously worked remotely, and what problems they have overcome.

Powerful technical skills

The following phase entails doing one or more face-to-face interviews where you should probe the developer’s expertise in creating intricate software applications. Professional firms assess the developer’s proficiency in particular technologies through technology-specific dialogues.

For instance, if a candidate is proficient in golang, ensure that the internal Golang specialist attends their interview and assesses their comprehension of the technology from the ground up.

keen coding and problem-solving skills

You should evaluate a developer’s technical experience using domain-specific challenges and their general problem-solving skills using live algorithm-centric coding assessments. You can simulate a real-life, high-pressure situation by carrying out these rigorous tests, which allows you to judge how the Golang developer would fare under comparable conditions.

Excellent background check ratings

You can learn important details about the Golang developer from former client referrals that would otherwise go unnoticed. You can also confirm the developer’s track record of success in real-world scenarios. Their dependability, punctuality, communication, and response are a few qualities to inquire about from their former companies. You can hire Golang developers using this practice if you run a business.

Amazing work quality 

All the golang developers must consistently deliver high-quality work on all of our projects and uphold flexible standards while working for you. It is necessary to carry out this ongoing examination while taking into account a number of variables. These include the standard of the code produced, the documentation procedures used, and their capacity to modify their work to meet the project’s demands, among other things.

It is crucial to record the results of each step in the hiring process and evaluate how well it is going for you. This will enable you to improve your hiring process through continual iteration and refinement. This trick can be very useful for you if you hire Golang developers

Hire developers from the best place

You should hire developers for your startup from the best places to get the best developers. To do this, you can connect with the online developer’s community or hire a specialist from the best IT outsourcing company. To solve a genuine issue, consult experts. Giving the candidate a problem to solve will tell you he is fit for the position or not. 

Asking them to work on a real-world issue will allow you to assess whether they are approaching the problem appropriately or not and determine whether they are the right match for your startup. Use this trick while going to hire Golang developers and find out the best employee for your business.

Move Beyond the requirements.

A person’s qualifications are crucial for understanding what they have accomplished. Still, you can’t estimate someone’s skills based on them because people with low test scores are occasionally incredibly talented when using technology in real-world situations. Asking them questions about the projects can help you find engineers who meet your startup’s needs.

Different Test Rounds

Multiple hiring processes, such as group discussions, personal interviews, technical rounds, etc., can be used to select the best candidate for a business. You can list the talented technicians for the startup with the aid of this. You can hire Golang developers using such best practices if you run a business.


Golang is one of the most interesting and difficult programming languages used by professional workers. If you hire Golang developers, this article could be very helpful for you.


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