Popular Activities To Explore In Atlanta
Popular Activities To Explore In Atlanta

Popular Activities To Explore In Atlanta

The world knows Atlanta as no less than a Phoenix. The reason behind this is the 1864 “March To Sea.” Yes, General William Sherman burnt most of the city during the American Civil War. Atalanta has regrown from the ashes. Today, it has everything the other parts of the world have. From metro area to international airport to film business to top-notch shopping centers, and whatnot. Therefore, we have brought you some of the most popular activities to explore in Atlanta. If you plan a trip to this anytime soon, or even sometimes later in your life, this guide will surely help you. 

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List of Great Activities To Do In Atlanta

Here is the list for our readers planning to visit Atlanta for their next or coming vacation.

Zoo Atlanta: Say hello to the pandas

This place proves to be a great place for a family weekend or trip, for that matter. It is home to around 1500 species of the world, all variant in their shapes, sizes, colors, and lines of daily business. Visitors get to take snaps and selfies, witness their activities all day long. 

Some of the highest attractive hosts of the zoo are the great apes and a pair of giant but cute pandas. Moreover, the U.S. has three zoos having giant pandas, and Zoo Atlanta is one of them. Also, there is a reptile hosting around 70 species or more.

Oakland Cemetery: Meet the resting souls

Initially, the park just had six acres of land in its value. But with time, it grew, and today it is a public park in about 48-acres. When you look into some of the Atalanta’s oldest parks, Oakland Cemetery comes on the list. 

The park is the home to some of the most popular figures in the world. Yes, you can find Margaret Mitchell, the author’s; Bobby Jones, the golfer’s;  Maynard Jackson, the first African-American mayor of Atlanta’s souls resting in peace underneath the land of Oakland Cemetery. The best part of the place is that you visit the site free of cost.

Atlanta History Center: Dive Into Atlanta’s History

It covers around 33 acres of land. Whenever you discuss the best museums in Atlanta, Atlanta History Center takes the first seat. Found in 1926, a group striving hard to save and preserve the history of the city gave recognition to the place. Tourists visit here to see the exclusive and amazing collection of war art and artifacts. Along with every other impressive collection, it also has the Cyclorama: The Big Picture. We would suggest you visit the place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., from Tuesday to Sunday. And if you are interested in visiting the historic houses only, you can delay your entrance for two hours because they don’t open before 11 a.m.

Visitors get to dive deep into the history of Atlanta if they visit this place. However, the government has put some charges as the entrance fees of museums. But tourists believe it’s not more than the worth of the site. The reason why they believe is that they get to see plenty of things here.

Piedmont Park: Visit the heaven on the Earth

Whether it’s a lazy or active day, you can spend your afternoon in Piedmont Park. Tourists are thankful for its size and the number of activities it presents to its visitors. If you want to relax, you can lie under the sun on the lush green lands. Once stretched enough, you can for different activities such as swimming, tennis.

Apart from all these activities, the park is known for hosting some well-known events. These might include Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Atlanta Pride & Music Midtown,  Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival. These events gather a lot of visitors. There is a huge rush to the place. 

The Escape Game: Challange the Time

Do you like thrill and adventure in your life? If yes, and you have never experienced anything of that, sorry, here is the place. Visitors to this place come here to challenge time and themselves as well.

Team up with your friends, or family choose a theme, and play this game of escape room. The themes available are Prison Break, Mysterious Market, Heist, Playground, and Gold Rush. you need to be super quick and active while solving the puzzles. Its a great fun and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is one of the most popular activities to explore in Atlanta.

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Fox Theatre: Enjoy the events and shows

When you talk about its architecture, it is a blend of two famous buildings. We say this because it is inspired by the design of the Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt, and Alhambra, Spain. This is a performance venue. But it does not limit its introduction only to a performance value. Rather, it’s a place where you get to see the icons of architectural details and design.

When you are in town, you must check to find out what performances are lined up. Tickets and prices to every show vary. 

Therefore, this was all about some of the popular activities to explore in Atlanta. However, the list does not stop here because you can’t imagine Atlanta as a city that has numerous things and fun activities to offer to its visitors. 

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