Popular Feature of Magento 2 Social Login Extension

The Magento 2 social login extension helps in quick sign-in to the Magento store. There is no need to process the complexity of registration steps. You can say goodbye to the complex registration process. You can also ignore the unnecessary mandatory fields.

The extension is an easy and powerful tool for integrating into the Magento user account. You can incorporate it to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and other social media channels. In addition, you can sign up through social media. It is the best way to amplify customer satisfaction.

Not all shoppers light signing in to the commerce account. There is a dearth of such features in the typical Magento 2 account. That’s where Magento 2 social login comes into the picture and helps you score high.

You can facilitate your customers with hassle-free signup. There is no lengthy form or multiple steps here. It is a powerful tool to integrate into the Magento online store. It provides Customers with one-click registrations.

Customers can log in using different social media platforms. The social media platforms readily available include Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. Magento 2 social media extension stockpiles offer the best practices of social networks.

It makes signup and login easy. Customers don’t need to remember the login details. It is because social media accounts are already present. They just need to hit the login button. It will help them access the order details in no time.

Business value

The Magento 2 social media integration offers optimum business value. Online merchants can make visitors fall in love with the shopping experience. It provides convenience to customers. They can get rid of managing the login details separately. The extension will help the business to enhance the number of customer registrations. They can also improve the return visits to the online store.

The top features of Magento to social login extension are as follows

You can add social login or sign-up login option. You can choose from different social media platforms support. It includes Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc. You can add social login options in the pop-up.

There is a compelling and responsive design that makes things busy. It is compatible with all the leading browsers. It includes Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla apple safari, and others. For privacy purposes, you can unlink the account. Registration is quick. It reduces cart abandonment, and there is no need to remember the password.

Tips for installing Magento 2 social login extension

The extensions are easy to install. You can read the user guide and by the extension. You need to follow some steps like backing up the web directory and store the database. Enable all the cache from the admin before starting the extension. Next, you must upload the app folder to the store folder. After uploading, visit the root of the Magento installation. Then run the command.

Reasons to choose Magento for social login extension

The Magento two social login extension is quick to install and set up. It is easy to enable or disable. The features make the extension easy to use. A flat design button allows users to use the extension seamlessly. Users can enable or disable the social login popup model.

The customers can unlink the account whenever they want. It means that they can maintain their personal details as per their wish. The installation guide makes it easy for people to install the Magento social login extension. Users can also import the files.

These are the top features of the Magento social login extension that allows it to stand out in the crowd. You can check out the services offered by the professionals at Pixlogix who are capable of providing the highest quality of services at affordable prices.

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