Luxury Prayer Mat

Islamic Prayer Mats

My Salah Mat is a luxury prayer mat create to teach kids on how to do the traditional Muslim prayer, by a fun and entertaining way. The soft interactive prayer mat is touch sensor and also has pre-record inspirational words which are to be spoken by the child, including prayer times, what to do during salah, say du’a, reciting surahs, reciting AllahuSullam and so forth.

It will teach kids about the different times of prayer, how to sit in prayer, how to stand in prayer, the right posture and body position, the right way of walking while praying, as well as the various physical movements and postures to be follow while in prayer. This will also teach them the different luxury prayer mat use in prayers. It will also teach them the different meanings of the prayer rugs and verses of the Quran.

The best way to pray is by sitting in one place, facing the qiblah (prayer chair) and reciting the Quran or holy books according to your choice. But when this is not possible, or at times impossible, an alternative solution to praying is by using an Arabic prayer mat which looks and feels like the real thing. The only difference is that it is make from an authentic Arabic fabric with very smooth and comfortable Velcro fastening. Also, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and wall outlet, as well as a USB cable for an easy to use power supply.Luxury Prayer Mat


The prayer mat gives another opportunity for Muslim families, especially women and girls to pray together in one place, without having to worry about their clothes getting wet. This is also a great opportunity for practicing your religion in front of other people who are also practicing it. A unique idea indeed. Nowadays there are so many variations of prayer rugs available in the market that you can choose one that fits your personality, style and religion.

An important thing to keep in mind about a prayer mat is that it should be able to absorb the moisture from your hands before they touch the surface of the mat. This is an essential factor in keeping your prayer mat clean and hygienic. Another thing to look for is that the prayer mat should have a tight weave so that the prayer mat does not slide down when you are wearing it, making it very easy to pray.

Luxury Prayer Mat

Luxury prayer mat can come in a variety of colors and patterns and most of them are print with Arabic letters and symbols. The most popular are the ones with the face of the holy prophet Muhammad. People usually buy them for their homes as a reminder to pray and to be in touch with their faith. They are also commonly used in Islamic schools to teach children the religion when no one is present to teach them. The good news is that Islamic prayer rugs are becoming more affordable nowadays and it doesn’t cost you much to find quality ones at reasonable prices.

Luxury Prayer Mat

If you are looking for a prayer rug for your home, it would be best to search the internet to find the right one for your purposes. There are several online stores that cater to requests of people from all niches. The most popular is definitely Salehoo which has thousands of pre-owned mementos for any kind of niche. You may also go to websites such as eBay or Amazon to check out the available prayer rugs at discounted prices. There are also some physical stores that sell prayer rugs but they usually have limited choices because most regular rug stores only stock these products in their respective niche.

A pre-owned rug such as a luxury prayer mat will last for a very long time, especially if it is well maintained. It should have minimal wrinkles and signs of wear and tear, as that would not add value to your money. Another good thing about an authentic Islamic prayer mat is that it comes with a guarantee that will give the worshipper a peace of mind knowing that they are getting their money’s worth. Most of these products also come with manuals for people who want to know how to make Islamic prostration routines even without the assistance of anyone.

Wearing a prayer mat has been consider by Muslims since a long time ago. They have believed that wearing this accessory will allow them to easily perform all functions related to Urdu and Muslim rituals. Wearing an authentic Arabic product will help a worshiper to get closer to Allah and at the same time, allowing him to feel like he is closer to his gods. People from all over the world will most likely agree that it’s a good investment since authentic products are definitely more durable than its imitations.


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