best quality dad hats

Dad hats are soft, six-paneled, unstructured hats that do not keep their domed shape when not on your head. Quality dad hats also have a pre-curved brim on the front. These dad caps are resilient and used on many occasions and have simple embroidered designs or logos on their front.

Dad hats lack the embellishments that many other hats may have, so many people are drawn to them. They are famous for the days when caps were decidedly too large for children’s heads and only proposed for adult wear. Though the best quality dad hats originally became trendy in the early 1900s, they are still popular nowadays.

Moreover, these hats have become a favorite marketing accessory for fashion and non-fashion brands. The embroidery logos on their front would surely market these companies. In addition, non-fashion companies often have high-quality dad hats as a giveaway, which are the best for promotion.

How Do Dad Hats Differ From Snapback Hats?

An inexpert can easily mistake dad hats for a snapback hat. Though they look similar from a distance, they still have striking differences. However, it may be safe to say that snapback hats are deliberate for youngsters. Their primary difference from the dad hat is that they have a plastic strip with small holes at the back for adjustment to get the perfect fitting. 

On the other hand, black caps with a snapback are what rappers mostly rock. Below are fundamental differences between a dad hat and a snapback hat.

  • Closure: Dad hats use a metal closure similar to a clip, while a snapback hat uses a plastic closure.
  • Design: Dad hats have a loose-fitting 5 to 6 panel, but snapback hat features a flat brim 6 to 7 panel.
  • Brim: The best quality dad hats have a curved brim that looks like a crescent. On the other hand, the snapback hat has a flat and wide brim.
  • Panel Angle: Dad hats have a front panel made of soft material curved at an obtuse angle to the brim. Snapback hats have a rigid front panel that is almost perpendicular to their brim.
  • The sticker is optional with the Dad hat, but the case is different with snapback hats, including a sticker. This difference is a tricky feature to rely on in differentiating both hats.


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