The new Ra1n residential development by Object One in the heart of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) opens the gates to a world of comfort and unrivaled amenities. Living in Dubai is not just about living, it is a way of life.

Rising 25 stories high, Ra1n is the epitome of modernity and style. Its architectural design, which combines sleek lines and glass cladding, creates a unique visual experience. It is a place where natural hues and space merge to create the perfect ambience for living.

The complex offers a variety of housing options, from elegant one and two bedroom apartments to luxury villas. Every detail of the layout has been carefully considered for maximum comfort and functionality.

Ra1n exceeds expectations not only with the quality of the accommodations but also with the services provided. Lounge area, 24-hour concierge service, clubhouse, play areas for children, outdoor gym and swimming pools are all designed to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for its residents.

The location of the complex deserves special attention. Located in JVC, Ra1n is in close proximity to educational institutions, medical clinics, cafes and restaurants, and various entertainment facilities. This makes it an ideal place to live where everything you need is within walking distance.


The benefits of Rain by Object One Real Estate Development at Jumeirah Village Circle go beyond the conventional idea of comfortable living. Every detail has been designed to meet the most discerning tastes and needs of the residents.

1. Spacious balconies: Each apartment in Ra1n is equipped with spacious balconies, offering scenic views of the city and allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee or evening relaxation in the fresh air.

2. Adult and children’s pools: Residents can enjoy in the modern adult and children’s pools, offering coolness and relaxation on hot days.

3. State-of-the-art fitness center: A fitness center and gym equipped with treadmills and other sports equipment will keep you fit and healthy.

4. Shopping and Leisure Facilities: Ra1n features boutiques and stores, as well as cafes and restaurants, making shopping and meeting friends even more enjoyable and convenient.

5. Children’s Playground: The complex has safe and exciting children’s playgrounds where the little ones can have fun.

6. Pet Friendly: Rain welcomes pets, offering a comfortable stay for both owners and their furry friends.

7. Green spaces and barbecue area: Green spaces and barbecue areas are ideal places for outdoor relaxation and socializing.

8. Co-working and business atmosphere: Modern co-working areas provide ideal conditions for work and business meetings.

9. Amenities and security: Air conditioning, concierge service, elevators, security and video surveillance systems providing comfort and peace of mind for residents.

10. Spa and Relaxation: Sauna, steam room and spa area offer ideal conditions for relaxation and recovery after a busy day.

11. Sports Grounds: The availability of sports grounds allows you to be active outdoors.

12. Parking lots: Parking lots are provided for the convenience of the residents to ensure safety and accessibility of vehicles.

In every detail of the Ra1n complex, one can feel the commitment to maximize comfort and quality of life.

For those looking for investment opportunities in Dubai real estate, Ra1n is an attractive choice due to its location and high level of comfort. Living here is not only about convenience and prestige, but also about the certainty of a profitable investment.

In conclusion, Ra1n is not just a property in Dubai, it is a symbol of modern living in one of the most desirable areas of the city. By choosing Ra1n, you are choosing style, convenience and quality that will greet you every day.


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