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Working clothes with rainproof properties are a special group of products thanks to which we can work in the rain. The workwear offered to us in this category is designed to cope with rain even if it is heavy while we have to stay at the station and do our job. In other words, rainproof workwear must not let us down, no matter what the rainy situation we find ourselves in.

How does this type of clothing work and why does it provide effective protection against rain? More on that later!

Rainproof workwear – what we pay attention to

The main and most important aspect when buying rainwear is, of course, the material from which our clothing is made. As of today, we already know good materials that work great in this aspect. What’s more, manufacturers use their own mixtures of materials, treating them appropriately.

Regardless of our choice if we focus on workwear, we can always count on the use of high-quality products.

In addition to waterproofing and the use of the best material, when choosing workwear, we take care of ours security. Remember to choose only clothes that have yellow or orange elements.
Thanks to them we are much more visible during more difficult weather outside. An element worth considering are also 3M reflective tapes, which are great in practice, showing our position well in difficult weather conditions.

In summer, it is worth focusing on interesting solutions

Since rainproof & Hi vis hoodie workwear has to meet many conditions, often one of them is having removable elements.

These are mainly sleeves hoods and other parts thanks to which we can put our components in the sun after heavy rain so that they can dry quickly. Remember however that when it comes to quick drying our rainproof workwear will not disappoint us either.

Water drains off our clothes very quickly

While its remnants evaporate very quickly in the sun. As a result, even after a heavy rainfall, we are able to return to our work and do it outdoors without any problem.
When choosing, it is also worth considering numerous pockets which will be additionally fastened with Velcro or a zipper.

Is it another, very important element, especially when we have expensive own devices or proprietary devices in our work. Thanks to the fastened pockets, we can quickly secure our mobile phone, wallet or other documents that we have with us.

The more pockets the better, because we never know how useful additional hiding places can be when we are surprised by heavy rain during our work. It is also worth adding that
the best protection against rain is a double zipper or Velcro fastener.

Rainproof workwear will prove itself in many conditions and situations. Apart from the simplest ones, i.e. in rainy conditions, additionally it will be perfect in poorly lit places or at a construction site, when servicing roads and highways, as well as among all people involved in the supervision inspection.

What conditions should the rainwear meet?

As already mentioned, it should be made of 100% polyester (PES), additionally coated with polyurethane (PU). In addition, it should provide warmth from the inside thanks to the use of 100% polyester. These elements should also be in the sleeves to provide us with the appropriate quality during work.

Rainproof workwear should also be made of a soft fabric that is pleasant and light to the touch. Thanks to this, it will be perfect for many hours of work in difficult conditions.
Optionally, our jacket should have elements made of bright colors, such as yellow, green or

External Element

It is also worth looking at such OHS standards as the external element EN-343: (3.1) resistance to rain, EN-471: (3.2) high-visibility warning clothing intended for professional use, internal EN-471: (2, 2).

It is worth adding that in many professions the above markings for rainproof workwear are even necessary for covering, therefore, if we are looking for workwear for our employees, it is worth ensuring that the above markings are on the products we buy.

The issue of health and safety in the case of rainproof workwear does because it is also very important for both employees and employers who buy such clothing!


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