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Today, Ray Mirra Jr. will be talking about his new book, “Ray and Me”, which is the latest in a long line of professional wrestling biographies written by Ray Mirra Jr. His father, Ray Mirra, was a well known professional wrestler in the NWA (now WCW) and WWE.​​ This new book has something that no other book about professional wrestling has. It has the perspective of someone who did not achieve stardom as a wrestler; instead, it is looking at the world from a fan’s perspective. That might sound like nothing, but you have to believe me when I say that this works out very well in favor of this book.

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Ray and Me’ is a story of how the sport of professional wrestling changed throughout the course of years. The sport continues to make changes from time to time and adds new twists, which makes it even more interesting and dynamic for both fans and athletes like Ray Mirra Jr. Here’s an unheard story about one of the youngest wrestler in the sport, who might be quite different from his father, but still, stands tall with his team members as one from each generation.

Ray Mirra Jr. is one up and coming young professional wrestler who is looking to break into some precious moments in his career. He has nine years of experience that he built upon and made it possible for him to reach this stage of his life. To say that he loves what he does each time he steps on the stage would be an understatement as well. He has trained under some incredibly successful people who have given him the knowledge that someone needed to get him ready for his toughest moments. And these moments are waiting for him, he knows that only too well, and has been working hard with his team of associates to ensure that he will bring out the best in everyone all the time.

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Ray and Me

Ray and Me is an explosive and intimate biography unlike any other in the world of sports / entertainment. It reveals the growing pains and challenges, but most of all about a man who knows the cost and sacrifice it takes to be a professional wrestler. Ray Mirra Jr. is the son of professional wrestler Ray Mirra just like his father, but he has a totally different personality from his father. He was born on October 10, 1987 in California. His parents got divorced when he was one year old, and both of them were busy for their careers. So they did not have much time to spend with him. They made up for this by purchasing lots of toys and other fun things. For him to play with in order to keep him entertained while they were away.

From being a young child, Ray Mirra Jr preferred to sit on his father’s shoulders to watch him perform. He also used to help out his father by setting up the ring with him in professional wrestling events. As he grew older, he began to practice various forms of martial arts and wrestling. He is considered an independent wrestler, and it is this individual freedom that has led Ray Jr. To believe that the wrestling business is not the same as it used to be.

As the son of a professional wrestler and namesake of his father, Ray Sr. Who helped establish the National Wrestling Alliance in 1948, Ray Jr. had a bit to live up to. He’s managed to achieve that goal and then some, as he is well on his way. To becoming one of the most prolific wrestlers with an eye on the World Heavyweight championship.


Commentator & Champion

My father was a former world heavyweight champion and he is now a commentator for WWE programming. Before I could fully grasp the concept of wrestling, I had to wrestle. It is in my blood, it runs deep through my veins. I saw it as an opportunity to make my own magic one day, like he did. By the time I hit middle school, I knew what wrestling was, and at that point, I was all in! My father has been training me ever since high school. And it’s really been a growing experience for both of us. When I was younger I used to stare at the television screen at my father. And wonder how anyone could be so brave. He seemed so big and strong, and in control. I would dream of being like him some day.

When Ray Mirra Jr. was a little boy, his father went off to wrestle for almost two decades. Every week, he would watch wrestling on TV, and he became very passionate about the sport. He always wanted to follow in his father’s path and become a star. There was a time when fighting in the WWE meant that your career in the squared circle was over. However, that has changed as wrestling is now bigger than ever before and a lot more prominent on TV screens. There are now more opportunities for people to make money from the industry, like managing and executive producing. Thanks to the help of technology, it is also possible for professional wrestlers to perform their moves perfectly.


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