After a while, you may realize that your house does not have everything you need or want. If you’re unhappy with your current home, you have two choices: renovate it or buy a new home that meets all of your requirements. It all boils down to three major questions:

  • Is this the correct location?
  • Is this house going to make my life easier?
  • Is there enough room for our entire family as it grows?

If you intend to stay in your home for at least five years, invest what you can afford in the look and upgrades you desire. Take a different approach if you intend to sell. Concentrate on getting the best possible return on your investment. While remodelling doesn’t just think about the paints but also look into waterproofing solutions for your terrace or basements. Find below a breakdown of the most popular areas to upgrade- and what’s really worth the effort.

The Kitchen

In this setting, people want to unwind. People congregate here, and you want to feel good in this setting. A typical kitchen remodel will outperform a high-end renovation. The materials you select have a significant impact on how quickly and for how much your home sells. It is known that the first to go out of date are cabinets and faucets. New countertops are included with new cabinets. Ceramic and porcelain tile are preferred for backsplashes over glass, stone, and quartz. If you’re thinking about replacing the flooring, go with hardwood. It is far more common than tile or engineered wood.

The Bathroom

Large bathroom projects, such as countertops and cabinets, as well as labour-intensive upgrades, such as tilework, are more common in high-end projects. Small showers and jetted tubs are a thing of the past. Luxury and streamlined designs, such as a larger shower, additional body sprayers, and customized tile on the floor with inlays for specialized details, are now popular. You want the shower like experience at home!

A House Addition

Are you thinking about adding a new master suite? You must be strategic in your expansions. As cost plays a crucial role in the expansion, you might want to revisit your book to account for a clear picture. Your addition shouldn’t come at the cost of your neighbour’s affliction. Always seek permission from your neighbours and have the required permissions in place from the authorities too. Once the above is in place you can move ahead and plan on making the right additions.


The Remodelled Basement

One way to reduce your home’s footprint is to convert unused space into liveable space, but don’t expect a high return when it comes time to sell. What adds to the basement influences how valuable the investment is if you plan to sell. If you’re converting the basement into a recreation room, it might not be that different from another room you already have. Perhaps there is more value in adding a home office or bedroom.

Adding a bathroom may appear to be a good idea—after all, isn’t the number of bedrooms and baths the first thing people look for when they see a house listing? — However, if new plumbing require, the remodelling cost will rise, lowering your overall ROI.

The Living Area

Common renovations include upgrading or expanding the living room, as well as knocking down interior walls to create an open floor plan. These initiatives create the open spaces that popular in newly built homes. Home entertaining increases the demand for open space. If you have a nice house but isolated areas, it is not very marketable.

Home painters in Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities spread throughout the country offer remodeling suggestions too. You can connect with them to get an approximate cost. Try to think of future resale value when thinking of remodelling your space; this will help in the decision-making process.



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