Reviewing the Best EMR Software for Small Practice

With an EMR software, you may save a lot of time and effort, and you won’t need to employ a long list of helpers and part-time workers to help you manage tasks that the EMR can accomplish. So, although EMR software is a significant investment, it can save your medical practice money in the long term. 

The best EMR Software for small practice provides an exceptional experience for physicians and patients by streamlining clinical, organizational, and financial activities.  Furthermore, by improving your present workflow, minimizing patient wait times, and boosting your financial health, an effective EMR software can help you enhance your revenue cycle and care quality. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for reliable medical software to help you optimize your small practice’s processes. However, if cost is a concern, have a look at our list of the best EMR software for small practices on the market. All of the systems in our list have various advanced tools and provide excellent value for money.

Best EMR for Small Medical Practice 

Our top picks for the best EMR for small practice include the following. 

Kareo EMR Software 

Our first pick is the Kareo EMR, which is popular among users, particularly those with small or solo settings. The Kareo EMR Software is well-known for its cost-effective features. Additionally, the cloud-based EMR Software contains several simple tools that might help you increase productivity for your small practice. 

A real-time, central dashboard, a patient portal, pre-built templates, and an e-prescription feature are among the software’s many features. However, All of these factors contribute to better patient care and the growth of your practice. The Kareo EMR costs $110 per month per provider. 

athenahealth EMR Software 

athenahealth’s cloud-based EMR platform combines Practice Management Software, a Patient Portal, and a Medical Billing system, making it one of the best EMR for small medical practice. Furthermore, the athenahealth EMR has a range of tools that might help you streamline your daily activities. As a result, employing athenahealth EMR software can help you increase your clinical productivity. 

athenahealth takes care of various administrative and organizational duties that would otherwise prevent you from providing high-quality treatment to your patients. In addition, athenahealth supports healthcare facilities in delivering accurate information with minimal distractions through various technologies and capabilities. 

The athenahealth pricing varies based on the number of features you select. A monthly subscription to the athenahealth EMR software costs $140 per provider. A free trial version of athenahealth EMR software is also available. 

DrChrono EMR Software 

DrChrono is another affordable and cost-effective option for the best EMR for small practice. Depending on your practice size and finances, you can purchase either the EMR software alone or the whole suite, including the Practice Management System and Patient portal, among several other features. 

Moreover, you can also use the calendar tool in the DrChrono Practice Management Software to schedule appointments. You may also see all of your daily tasks and other features on a unified dashboard. DrChrono EMR and Practice Management software are versatile and practical for clinical, organizational, and financial activities. 

DrChrono EMR offers a monthly subscription for $199 per provider. Furthermore, there are no additional fees for setup or training. 

PrognoCIS EMR Software 

PrognoCIS EMR Software is a healthcare software firm that serves both small and large healthcare organizations. It offers an integrated EMR, a practice management system, revenue cycle management tools, and patient portal capabilities for medical practitioners. Therefore, The software also includes powerful medical billing software to boost your financial performance. 

The application is hosted in the cloud. The fundamental advantage of cloud software is that you can access it anytime and from any location. Other dynamic and sophisticated PrognoCIS solutions include Telemedicine, Medical Credentialing, e-faxing, and texting, all of which are compatible across all devices. 

The monthly cost of PrognoCIS EMR starts at $250 per user. Unfortunately, there is no free version and free trial available for PrognoCIS. 

CareCloud EMR Software 

CareCloud EMR is a clinical, administrative, and financial program that works with a Practice Management System and a Medical Billing system. However, Small offices can use CareCloud EMR to streamline their clinical operations and maintain a digital workflow. 

CareCloud EMR includes pre-built specialty-specific templates, clinical decision support, a dashboard with complete patient information, and a patient portal to help with workflow. 

CareCloud EMR charges $279 per provider, and all customers have access to a single-price plan. 

ChartLogic EMR Software 

ChartLogic medical software provides EMR solutions that eliminate paper and enhance medical workflows. The dashboard feature allows you to move through your everyday duties quickly. Furthermore, ChartLogic EMR has a simple learning process that will enable you to easily explore its many features, saving you time understanding how to use it and transitioning between functions. ChartLogic is a web-based or on-premise solution for independent medical practitioners and small and medium-sized businesses.

ChartLogic EMR Software includes custom note models, voice dictation, electronic prescriptions, laboratories, and many more features. Overall, ChartLogic is a web-based or on-premise solution for independent medical practitioners and small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, ChartLogic has a single pricing plan for each provider, starting at $350 each. 

Practice Fusion EMR Software 

Practice Fusion is another web-based platform that offers the best EMR for small medical practices. You can utilize charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, lab, imaging integration, and other essential technologies that interface with the software to boost your practice effectiveness. 

In Practice Fusion, you can also customize editable templates to fit your practice’s workflow., Physical Therapy, Cardiology, Dermatology, and various other disciplines benefit from Practice Fusion EMR software. 

The Practice Fusion EMR costs $149 monthly for each provider. This price includes setup, training, and customer assistance for any EMR performance issues. Therefore, Are you contemplating which software to choose for your small practice? Don’t worry, as this article will help you decide the best fit for your practice!

Concluding Thought 

Our comparison of the best EMR software for small practices will assist you in making your ultimate choice. You may also read several EMR reviews online to help you make a better option for your medical practice. Best of luck! 


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