So,MTV Roadies is one of the most popular reality shows for young people. shows. This season , the producers have made significant changes to the format. As was reveal previously, Rannvijay Singha has been replace by Sonu Sood, and the gang leaders – Neha Dhupia Prince Narula and Nikhil Chinapa have not been include in Roadies 18. The show was record on South Africa and the makers have release a new promo with Sonu Sood and the contestants in recent days which suggest that this season will feature a mix with new and old contestants.

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The show is set to premiere on April 8th We have the official list of contestants that will be part of Sonu Sood’s show, an adventure-base reality series. Check it out!

Ashish Bhatia Ashish Bhatia who was a participant of Roadies Real Heroes in 2019. 

Aarushi Dutta and Baseer Ali Aarushi Dutta was feature on the show in season 11 in Season 11 as well as Roadies Real Heroes. And Baseer Ali, who was feature as a contestant in Rising and winner of Splitsvilla 10, will be part of Sonu Sood’s show.

Kevin Almasifar Kevin Almasifar will be feature in Sonu Sood’s show, a reality adventure. Kevin was feature on  Revolution and Splitsvilla 13 and has a large following of fans.

Sapna, Sohil & Yukti Splitsvilla 13’s Sapna Malik, who been part of Roadies Revolution and Sohil Singh Jhutti and Yukti Arora from Roadies Real Heros will be seen in Roadies 18.

Gaurav and Kavya Gaurav Alugh, and Kavya Khurana of Roadies the X4 show will additionally be a part of Sonu Sood’s reality series.

More Importantly, Moose Jattana A social activist and a well-known profile in the world of Instagram. Moose AKA Muskan Jattana AKA Moosewali appear on Bigg Boss OTT as well. She is now preparing for MTV’s show.

Certainly, Jaswanth, Soundous & Nandu Jaswanth Bopanna, digital artistwho’s a fitness and dance trainer who hails from Bangalore, Soundous Moufakir, who is an analyst in finance from Mumbai and is a lover of travel as well as Nandini G, also known as Nandu will be feature during Roadies Season 18.

The MTV show Roadies Season 18 has been being talk about.

Since, it was first announce. From the format of the show, to the list of contestants Sonu Sood’s show of adventure has been feature in the media. The viewers know, Roadies 18 has been filming on location in South Africa.

Recently, the producers release a their latest promo and the next adventure will be fill with unexpect twists and twists. The new season will feature a the old and new contestants. We can guess that it will be the new Roadies against former Roadies.

Make patterns that the world can follow. Write a new story.” The contestants are prepare for their actions. The host further states that “No teacher can teach you the lessons you learn on the road. New Roadies, Ex-Roadies… all together. The journey is long, and now we won’t stop.” The captions within the advertisement read, “A new road is calling,” “On a journey with some new faces and some old ones,” “Friendships will be on test” and “Adrenaline will rise.”

So, The viewers will see the contestants taking on each other in thrilling activities such as mountain trekking canoeing, scuba diving, canoeing as well as bungee-jumping or ziplining, snowboarding Sandboarding, and much more. Sonu will be the host. Sonu will be guiding and guiding contestants on the tough, gritty and fun adventure that will be the focus of this show.

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