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The importance of email marketing yes, you heard it right, email marketing is a fact that can be stated in couple of phrases. It’s ’email marketing is the top priority in the world of digital marketing but it can never beat the strategy of Buying Instagram followers Greece. It’s not just a claim, but a fact. A variety of studies were conducted by experts and the results show that:


  • Email marketing can bring in an ROI of up to 380 percent.
  • It guides all leads to it’s sales funnel.

This means you will receive the equivalent of $38 for each dollar you spend. The reason for this is that emails can encourage existing customers to take more time to engage with your company.


It can boost the efficacy of email marketing dramatically when you integrate Instagram with it. In fact, research has observed that the majority of marketers agree that they gain more attention in the world of online marketing by integrating marketing via email along with Instagram.


This effort will yield huge returns and is even higher than Pay-Per-Click or content marketing ads. This helps them reach their goals in social media marketing easier, like creating trust and awareness among the followers.

The majority of successful marketing and brands like Grimiest are able to see the whole picture of marketing via email, which is complemented by Instagram. This is due to the fact that it assists the following:


  • To deliver an amazing customer experience
  • To create a seamless connection to them
  • to integrate new initiatives
  • In order to promote and run various campaigns.

It eliminates the challenges and limitations of marketing via digital channels, and thus eliminates the stress for the team in charge of marketing.


  • Influencers’ role
  • Methods to collaborate with influencers
  • Effective email templates
  • The perfect email
  • Sending a following-up email
  • Influencers’ role

In the case of merging email marketing with Instagram the significance of influencers is not to be undervalued. In fact, it is important to collaborate with them in order to achieve greater results in email marketing. This is due to:


They’ll give you and your business with an the chance to be to know your customers via their voices, the ones they trust the most.

They also boost the efficacy of your email campaigns as well as newsletters by providing quality content, which may also include professional photos.

They can assist you to respond to trends in the market quicker and with greater ease without having to seek the assistance of your own photographer team.

They can help you localize your content in the markets that are not seasonal with their expert and effective advocacy.

Simply put, influencers can help make your email marketing campaigns more effective due to their extraordinary capacity to inspire their people who read them.


Engaging with influencers can assist you in achieving:


  • Higher open rates
  • Increased revenues from EDMs and
  • More clicks.

So, if you’re looking to boost your email sales you should partner with one or two of influencers instead of limiting the marketing effort to photographs from stock or even in-house.


Methods to collaborate with influencers

It is important to follow specific steps to collaborate with influencers in order to receive more engagement from your Instagram followers and improve your marketing emails.


In order to do this you must identify the different types of influencers you can work with. There are generally three kinds of influencers that are distinct from the others in terms of followers. They are:


Micro-influencers that have under 10,000 fans

  • Power middle influencers who have an average follower count of 10,000 to 250,000, and
  • Macro influencers are like celebrities who have greater than 250,000 subscribers.
  • If you have found the perfect kind of influencer to be working with, take these guidelines to ensure the collaboration more efficient.


Include reviews from customers and customer reviews into your campaign as people love crowd sourced opinions and making their purchasing decisions based on them often.

If you’re working with micro-influencers, look for one that is close to your target audience, making the most effective use of their authentic and greater engagement.

Let influencers tell their stories and express opinions with their own words, to give your brand a personalization and boost credibility and loyalty to your business.

Finally, you should emphasize your partnerships with influencers by being more innovative and making the most of it. Buy Instagram likes Greece in order to get more exposure in our influencer road.

Useful email templates

There are some efficient and useful email templates that can be used to boost the reach of your emails and obtain an improved response from your intended group of recipients. When you utilize these templates for outreach email you can send out large-scale emails to all potential leads who are included in the outreach program. Be sure to clarify the main reason for your outreach. This could include:

Make sure your messages are succinct clear, compelling pertinent to your brand’s needs to help them be more effective.

The methods to follow and the various templates that can be used for this subject are:

  • The “Start a relationship” template
  • The’sneak peek’ template
  • The “beta test” template
  • The ‘would like to hear your feedback template
  • The expert roundup template
  • The “we featured you” template
  • The template is a “free sample”
  • The template for a “event invitation”
  • The template for ‘affiliate marketing’ and
  • The template for follow-up.

Whatever method you choose, be sure that it’s suited to your company’s brand and product, and the particular influencer to whom you’re trying to reach.

Making perfect emails

It is essential follow these steps to develop a flawless outreach email template to the influential people.

  • Determine the influencers who are the most influential.
  • Find the template that is most appropriate and
  • Know what to write and then write it down on your emails.

To create a stronger bond make sure you focus on the relevant of the message, its reach, and the engagement factors. Don’t forget to send a follow-up message to initiate a quick and clear contact.

Sending a following-up email

Not receiving a response from your influencer is not unusual. It is essential to follow up with an email in these instances. The message should be professionally written and constructed in the proper structure.

It should include:

  • A subject line
  • Context
  • Proof
  • Value-added and
  • A CTA

You should be confident when making requests and asking questions and also emphasize the advantages of your product to influential people. The result will be not just the collaboration stronger but will also allow you to have more information to share in your emails.


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