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The printing technology development has been a rise in every aspect of human life. For every working unit, the printing industry is an essential part, such as manufacturing industries. The printing industry is the publishing agent. In the printing industry, small scale printing process to large scale process of printing occurs. To help a printing industry, stationery printing machine has played an essential role. The printing machine helps the printing industry to keep with their requirements. We can term the printing machine as the machine that can bring a revolution in the printing industry. Printing manufacturers should follow some printing guidelines like all illustrations, individual images, and tints in CMYK. Documents must be set into document page size that known as ‘Trim Box’. The best printing services in my area are by Indus printing company.

  1. Printing role in different sectors

Following are the sectors in which printing playing an important role in their development:

1.1 Advertising:

The important way of advertising is printing. People have respect towards newspaper and magazines and generally likes to read them. For many people, print advertisements are credible, long-lasting, and informative. The advertisements on print media are excellent to explain the message precisely and are elaborative. To attract the attention of many readers, the colorful presentation and informative text are very important factors. Therefore, many companies print brochures and colorful, attractive flyers to advertise their company products by taking advantage of the printing credibility.

1.2 Photography:

Printing photography is very important to effects the people’s legacy. For example, the black and white photographs of your grandparents are significant for you. Today most of the photographs shared and viewed on a digital platform. However, printing a photograph impact holds more emotional importance than a digital one. The captured moment immortalized into an object with a printed photograph. A photo album contains photos of your loved one; it will be a great gift compared to a digital album of pictures. Hard drives that store memories in images can die someday, but many next generations will look at the printed one.

1.3 Packaging:

Many different consumable products surround us, and those products are encases in packaging. For any commodity, product packaging is an important part. Packaging provides information about the product. Details regarding the manufacturing, batch number, and expiry date mentioned on the packaging, whether it’s a food product or a cosmetic. Details on the product stationery printing are very necessary for the consumers. The high quality enhances the overall look of the finished product, and precise printing adds. This factor is very important to build the reputation of the product. To prepare the finished product, flawless printing technology and superior packaging materials are essential.

1.4 Stationery and Books:

Stationery printing company offers commercially manufacturing of writing materials, like cut paper, continuous form paper, and writing implements etc. Stationary card printing is one of the best and popular services of stationery printing companies.

  1. Importance of Print media

2.1 Tangible print:

Posters, brochures, and publications, and other types of materials that are printed are physical items. After these products are received, they can stay in offices, homes for months and even years. However, for a single purpose, many non-physical marketing materials are useful.

2.2 Print is credible

Print media requires real state. It’s like the feeling when you see the New York Times magazine on the rack; it’s about the feeling of legitimacy that comes from the printing media.

2.3 Print establishes your brand:

Marketers know the value of having a well-recognized and famous brand, and to establish a brand, printed publications, and other branded materials are an excellent way. It allows you to bring the best qualities of colors, font, images, and texture that help to establish recognition of the brand.

2.4 Print is more engaging:

When a customer reads a printed material, it makes them more engaged for a more extended period. For example, a consumer spends 43 minutes reading a magazine.

2.5 Less print is more for you:

Print media has become the new trend, most of the companies taking their marketing efforts online. In this way, the old has become new again. Marketers have more information and data, and then they make decisions about consumption, content, consumers and collateral types. Therefore, the list of strategic marketing initiatives should be high by sharing a great printed marketing piece.

2.6 Making Print say more:

Nowadays, many different types of print media are available, and the most prominent players in print advertising are doing some great things by mixing technology into their print ads.

  1. Amazing guidelines for Printing Media and impact of printing media

Following are the points from by you can print your print media materials more collaborative:

3.1 Social Media:

All the social media icons and tags in printed materials to take the online conversation. To reinforce your printed message, online post engaging content is important.

3.2 QR Codes:

To draw the target market to a website to learn more about products is the best way. QR codes are very easy to use and can customize to fit your needs and company branding.

3.3 File format

Not everyone has access to save their artwork to PDF to accept the different file formats. However, we prefer PDF files; they signify a more ‘print ready’ file. Various issues can occur with other file formats, such as font changes or compatibility problems of the program. For example, the business stationery company should follow all the guidelines to provide the best business cards and other related stationery things to any industry.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Word
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • 3.4 Artwork Size:

When preparing a file, you need to follow the guidelines, especially when supplying your artwork. All prints that need to be pass from the trimming process should allow a Bleed as there are some variations from the printers—all trimmed products down to size on all the sides.


The printer should use the right software and set the correct size of paper to final print. Supply PDF files and set accurate colors. Insurance of bleed is very important. For the packaging industry, the excellent service of printing is very important. It is one factor that your company can face ups and down if printing service is not good in any industry. After the packaging industry, printing media providing us with excellent book printing services. Indus printing company offers the best book printing services and many printing services for different industries.


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