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The Gojek Clone app is a huge mobile application hat works like a general market place for multiple service providers to offer their services by sharing details regarding their expertise, experience, pricing and more so that customers can take a look at it and make informed decisions regarding who they wish to hire. 

This app has been in the market for a while now, but its sudden rise in popularity and success can be attributed to the pandemic. While most business suffered and were being shut down during the pandemic lockdown, the Gojek Clone app and businesses based on it thrived. This is because even when there is a massive lockdown in effect, people would always need to get by their daily lives. 

Resources such as food, water, groceries, or even assistance from a doctor, plumber or electrician will always be needed regardless of whether there is a lockdown in effect or not. This is where the businesses based on the Gojek Clone app emerged successful. 

Since the modus operandi of this app is to be able to provide the customers with the option of hiring service providers and ordering items directly from the app to get it delivered at their doorstep, the model worked wonders as people were shut down in their homes. 

However, since the pap offers such a high degree of convenience, even as the world has started opening up, people have continued to use the app and enjoy its benefits. In fact, if anything, the popularity of such platforms has gotten sky high! 

There are three primary reasons for this to happen, apart from human laziness, of course, which is always one of the key components while developing any app because we are constantly looking for a solution for things to bring forth more convenience. 

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The three factors are:

Advantage to the Customers

The customers can enjoy hiring any type of service provider by simply clicking a few buttons on their devices unlike earlier. With the help of this app, the customers can make informed decision on whether the service provider is suitable for their job, is the pricing fair, does he or she have enough experience and expertise and so on and so forth. 

Advantage to the Service Provider

The Service provider can now find more jobs as an independent entrepreneur using this app. The Gojek Clone app essentially provides a digital platform to the service provider. So, basically without having to invest tin a whole new application, and just by registering in to the Gojek Clone app, the service provider can enjoy all the benefits of accessing the digital audience and grow their business in thailand. 

What’s more, since everything on the app is transparent, whether it is pricing or duration or even invoice generation, there is no haggling or ambiguity post delivery of services. The most important thing is, the service provider still gets to call himself or herself as an independent entrepreneur rather than an employee. 

Advantage for Store Owners

There is no doubt about the fact that people today enjoy the convenience of sitting at home and simply placing orders for the items that they want over the internet. Allowing your users to buy items such as food, grocery etc. is an excellent solution for the store owners. Usually, larger businesses and grocery chains or restaurants have their own digital app or online ordering platform that allows them to rake in more business in thailand. 

Smaller entrepreneurs don’t have enough budget to invest in an entirely new mobile app. The Gojek Clone app gives them the opportunity to make their own business digitally available for the customers looking for such stores online with the help of this platform. 

Advantage for App Owners 

Anyone who owns the Gojek Clone app owns 70 + different services or businesses automatically. The Gojek Clone app allow anyone who purchases it the ability to start earning a commission form 70 different service types and unlimited number of service providers from the app instantly. 

The app itself is created such that the app owner is not required to offer any service except for making his or her mobile application available for service providers to utilize as a marketplace. The app owner can set the amount of percentage of the commission that they want to earn from each of the service providers on the app. 

This means that they can choose to earn 5 % from one service provider, 10 % from another and 30 % for another. The Gojek Clone app also allows users to keep track of how much business is being generated from one place so that they know how to grow their business effectively.

How To Get The Right Gojek Clone App For Your Business

There are hundreds of thousands of Gojek Clone variants floating around in the market. As more and more people are beginning to grasp the importance of the Gojek Clone app, it is becoming a popular choice amongst smart entrepreneurs. 

Choosing from the multiple options can become a big challenge for entrepreneurs. This is why; it is always advisable to make list of all the things that you expect from the app before investing in it. Start by creating a business plan outlining the total budget, the features in the app, the scope of the application and more beforehand. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to choose the right app from the option available in the market. 

The next thing to do is short listing a few companies based on the look and feel of the demo of the app. The best thing about purchasing a ready made app is that you can test it out before purchasing it. Any reputed company with at least 7 to 10 years of experience in building apps should be able to provide you with a demo of the application. 

This demo should be downloadable so that you can download them on multiple devices and see how they work on different operating systems like Android and iOS. Once you have tested the app very well for as long as you like, you can short list a few that suit the ideas of the app in your mind. 

Finally, the last stage is that when you speak to the project manager or the development team expert. As you speak to them, you will get an idea of how they work, what is their purchase and delivery process and so on and so forth. 

On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is the best solution that can make ne the owner of over 70 different businesses with just a single app. The only thing one should be careful of when purchasing the Gojek Clone App is to make sure that you only purchase the app from a white label on demand mobile app Development Company.


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