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Sabgh Shampoo is one of the best-selling shampoos in traditional medicine with its excellent properties and unique action. It manages to record explosive sales in a short period of time. The ingredients in Sabgho Shampoo did not accumulate such volume of their fans over this period by chance, and the quality and responsiveness of this pSabgh shampooroduct significantly increased the sales of this product.

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What is Sabg shampoo? This shampoo is produced and combined with a combination of several herbs for hair problems in two samples, a supplement for people with smooth hair and people with normal hair. All the plant extracts, used in this shampoo, have anti-hair loss, anti-grease, as well as itching and scaling of the scalp, so that by buying this product, you have actually prepared a product with many properties for yourself.

Original shampoo
Sabgh-e-Asl shampoo consists of extracted herbal ingredients such as henna extract, horseradish extract, poplar flower extract, thyme extract, rosemary extract and others. In the shampoo Sabgh-e-Asl. The volume of this shampoo is 250 ml and it is usually enough to use this product for a month.

Sabgh Asl shampoo is made for both types of smooth and normal hair, so you can choose the desired shampoo according to your taste, and also your hair. or normal hair

Properties of Sabgh shampoo:

شامپو سبغ اصلی و تقلبی
1- Properties of Sabagh shampoo for hair loss and enhancement of hair growth:
Sabgh Herbal Shampoo – is one of the most effective herbal shampoos for hair loss. The ingredients in this shampoo reach the hair roots after use and provide the necessities for the root salts and minerals. In addition to the hair on the scalp, this shampoo will create new hair on the scalp.

Other properties of this shampoo strengthen the roots of thin and dull hair and make them fuller. Friends can use slimming oil for better results and strengthening of hair roots, exercises and curls and increase in number and growth.

2- Properties of anti-dandruff shampoo:
This shampoo, due to its antibacterial properties, and also its anti-fungal properties, due to the appearance of the nettle and poppy plant, you will see in the first few days, that over 95% of your scalp has disappeared and after use for a few weeks, your whole body is gone. So, if you suffer from obesity and have tried many ways so far, make using this product a priority.

3- Prevent hair loss:
This shampoo with ingredients such as Halileh extract, black seed and amla will provide pigments to your hair and will prevent and even whiten white hair on your scalp, just keep in mind to limit the use of cold foods for wandering.

4- Sabgh shampoo for lice:
Anti-lice shampoo shampoo – The ingredients in this shampoo, in addition to suffocating the lice, will also kill the lice’s’s. Haj Mohammad Mohammad Attari everything is proposed

5- Removal of dead skin cells:
One of the effects of Asbagh Asl shampoo on the upper body is to eliminate dead skin cells, as well as to cleanse the body of any valuable compounds. This shampoo, although simple and has its own herbal ingredients, can be used for both hair and skin at all times. ه شد

6- The price of the original Sabgh shampoo:
The price of Sabgh Asl shampoo can be halved and used by Attari Haj Mohammad’s site at a much more convenient price than other magazines and at a reasonable price of 50,000 tomans. You can rent all this product or through the site, or from WhatsApp and after the Avangard post it will be sent and you do not need to register on the site.

Ingredients of herbal shampoo
Ingredients of Sabagh shampoo Sabagh shampoo is 100% herbal and without side effects and even without preservatives, and expensive friends who use this shampoo can use this product safely and below you can see the ingredients of Sabagh Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions Rajab Advantages by Sabagh Shampoo
1- How long can you feel the effect of Sabagh shampoo? The benefits of shampooing and the effect of the herbal ingredients usually occur shortly, but after about 20 days of use the effect of the shampoo on top of the hair loss is clearly visible and gradually strengthens the hair roots, so it is observed that after product have seen the re-growth of hair on the head and even the chin, advertised by those in need of this product.

3- Genuine and fake shampoo for dishes: Unfortunately, due to the very high acceptance of this product, a fake sample is sent to the market and friends can not distinguish between genuine and fake shampoo for dishes, unless the product is not



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