Tray And Sleeve

When looking for package styles and designs on the market, you have plenty of options. You cannot decide to choose one. They’re all distinctive, yet some of them attract more attention than others. Those in need of boxes for product packaging do not just search for attractive packaging to attract customers’ attention. They also looking for boxes that are strong enough to keep products secure. Company owners nowadays want to be ahead of the curve; therefore, they avoid buying classic packaging. They like tray and sleeve packaging, gable boxes, or any other type of packaging. Tray and sleeve packaging is a relatively new type of packaging that is gaining popularity in the packaging business.

Each product has its unique packaging requirements when it comes to retail packaging. Custom boxes come in a variety of forms, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, tray and sleeve boxes are the way to go. With their handy sleeve and double-wall tray, these boxes offer something special. These boxes may be used for a variety of products, including food items such as cookies, macrons, and other little items. Tray boxes are a good choice among the many packaging options because of their functionality and layout. You can also customize these boxes for any product such as food items and other small things including candles and jewelry pieces etc. The custom tray and sleeve boxes have a practical design.

What are tray and sleeve boxes and their function?

For a slide-to-reveal unpacking experience, tray and sleeve boxes, also known as drawer packaging, are ideal. The components of these 2-piece folding boxes contain a tray and sleeve. The product is held in the tray box, and the sleeve protects it by covering it. Tray and sleeve boxes are simple to use, construct, and carry. These boxes are a cost-effective way to put many products into one box. These boxes stand out on the shelves because of their smooth and distinctive design. They are used to carry lightweight products.

How to customize tray and sleeve boxes?

Retailers and customers prefer custom trays and sleeve boxes when ordering custom boxes wholesale. It doesn’t matter how you want to create your box, custom paper box manufacturers provide you with plenty of options. Here are some ideas for custom tray and sleeve boxes and their benefits:

Tray and Sleeve: High-quality material

Cardboard is not the only material you may use for custom tray and sleeve boxes. Other materials can also be used to make boxes, although cardboard is better suitable for this application. If you are unfamiliar with the differences, it is preferable to ask custom box manufacturers. Following that, they will advise you on which material to use. You may even examine the sample boxes in depth to obtain a better sense of which stock to choose. Before making a final selection, you may conduct some internet research to learn more about the characteristics of stocks.

Add company’s name, logo, and slogan

There is ample room in the tray and sleeve boxes to print a lot of information. Your box must contain the information on the right side. The firm logo, brand name, slogan, and manufacturing description are the most important pieces of information to publish. It is important to print the logo of the brand on the front of the box. It enables customers to recognize your product. Do not forget to publish the brand name and the manufacturing description so that the consumer knows exactly what they’re getting. Do not leave any of the box’s sides empty. If you need to include some product warnings on the box, do so on the side. As a result, the client will understand what they must do and what they should avoid.

You are free to choose any artwork

Tray and sleeve packaging may be customized to your design preferences, whether you want a creative layout for your custom packaging or require a branding design. Because you have the freedom to choose the size according to your demands, you may print any graphical and text components for these boxes.

Food, jewelry, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and a variety of other goods are all packaged in these boxes. You can customize these boxes with the product design on the top of the box under the company’s logo and name.

Unlimited finishing options are available

When it comes to packing everyone has a different and unique choice. Some people like a basic box while others want a luminous finish. Embossed logos, glossy lamination, matte lamination, and any other customization finishing for tray and sleeve boxes may be done to your specifications. If you are purchasing jewelry boxes, you may choose between glossy and matte lamination. It is preferable if you request that the packaging business show you all of your alternatives.

Customization helps to get attention

Tray and sleeve boxes come in a variety of styles, from basic to customized. These boxes come in different sizes. A plain box may not attract attention but customized boxes help to get attention.

What are the reasons to choose tray and sleeve boxes for your products?

Tray and sleeve boxes are ideal for packing a variety of items. The sleeve also prevents the box from opening and bending. Tray and sleeve boxes come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the ideal size for your goods. You may customize tray and sleeve boxes to meet your specific needs and those of your goods. There are some reasons to choose tray and sleeve boxes for your packaging:

To enhance brand identity

Establishing a brand identity is one of the most desired goals for every new business. Offering any new type of product design or anything else that helps you stand out from the crowd is what makes you a well-known brand in the market. Unique tray and sleeve boxes can help in the development of a distinct brand identity. The sleeve boxes may help your logo stand out and offer your goods more exposure. It will help buyers in distinguishing your goods from others.

Make an impression on your consumers

You must provide something distinctive and appealing to clients if you want to leave a lasting impact. Hundreds of brands fight for a customer’s attention on the shelves of a retail store. Wholesale trays and sleeve boxes assist you in attracting a larger number of consumers. The boxes’ distinctive appearance makes a bigger impact on the shelf and makes it easier to interact with customers.

Lightweight and simple to put together

Tray and sleeve boxes are lightweight and easy to assemble, they are excellent characteristics for shipping and transportation of items. Many businesses must spend extra money to safeguard their products during the process of shipping and transportation. A shipping container’s packaging requirements differ from those of a retail store. Tray and sleeves boxes packed in a large box are perfect since they protect your product while also allowing you to fulfill shipping and delivery standards.


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