Secret Apps - How Kids Hide Things Online?

Teens want more privacy with their growing age period. It is a natural process as we can see millennials also used to write things on locked diaries. But things have been changed and the way of hiding them too. Kids can easily get involved in sexting, share personal photos with their peers, etc. Let’s check out what it is? & How to use parental control app to restrict the installation of decoy app?

Secret App / Decoy App – The What?

An app that is designed to keep secret things or files is known as Secret App or decoy app. A user creates a passcode to access private photos, videos, or files. People also call it vault or ghost app. It is crucial to check if your teens are sharing risky pictures and keeping dangerous screenshots.

What Does it Look Like?

Decoy apps appear like a calculator, game, etc. Kids and teens use these apps to hide a conversation from their parents, and often such a vault is filled with party photos, personal photos, etc. parents can’t get any clue when they see such apps on the phone.

Let’s Find Out How to Detect Decoy App in Your Kid’s Phone. 

Spot Secret App:

Parents are not that tech-savvy as their kids are. But still, they can find the installed decoy app without any complications. Go to Play Store or App Store of Android or iOS, search secret app, and get a list of all such installed apps. Here, you can check if your child has some private stuff on the phone.

But How You Can Unlock the Decoy App?

Well, it is a tough job to unlock the secret apps. Why? Because it needs a passcode and requires a fingerprint to give access to confidential data. What happens if you attempt to unlock it again and again?

1 – It will take a photo of intruders (who try to break in).

2 – Build a Fake Pin.

3 – Can Lead You to Another App.

Looking for the other ways?

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1 – Talk Real with Your Kids

Never use an indirect way to talk with your children as they are growing and need your attention than ever before. Parents need to discuss openly what they should share with their friends & peers and how such offensive data can haunt them in the future. Digital footprint refers to the reputation that a user has in society.

2 – Monitor their screens Using Parental Control 

Giving them phones is not liberal, but it is itself a threat. They can download the apps on their phones to hide the personal stuff from their parents. Parents should install the best and affordable parental control app that will let the parents see if their kids install or enter any passcode with real-time monitoring. Some advanced apps give complete access to the target device and send screenshots through an internet-connected end-server. The parental control app is the best way to check if your child is hiding something from you.

3 – Set Approval to Buy or Install an Online App 

The other feature of using the parental control app is the purchasing approval from the end-server. Yes, your child needs permission to buy any app online from the play store. It will not let the kids install the decoy app on the phone, and they unable to hide the stuff.

In the next section, we will talk About the Amino App That Has Gained Popularity among Kids, Plus How Parents Should Monitor This App Activity Using Android Spy App. 

Amino App

Whenever we adult wants to download the app, we read the reviews and the descriptions to find out its privacy terms & features. Do Our Kids Also Do It?

The answer is “No.”

When they hear or read somewhere about a new chatting or social media app, they download it without thinking about its consequences.

Teens also want to stay in touch with their peers and friends. But remember that such apps again open the door to sexual predators, trollers, sexual abusers, etc.

We understand that teenage is the craziest period of life, but now, threats have been increased. Social media access allows kids to talk with strangers online.

Amino App – How Does it Work?

Based on passion and interest, the Amino app brings people closer to each other. It has hundreds of active users and mostly uses by kids over 12-year-old.

It Is Developed by The Narvii And Has Multiple Features:

1 – An active user can create a community and ask others to join based on interests. Kids can also join other online communities if they find their interest. It allows them to chat with strangers and share their thoughts about the same interests or passions.

2 – Many information perks are available here. A user can learn a lot about their interesting topic and share their interesting facts with others. We can say it is a great platform to stay updated.

3 – Here, it allows you to read the informative article or blog as much as you can. It seems like a great source of knowledge that also can improve grades, Right?

Amino App Has Also a Dark Side

Teenagers want to learn a lot of things because they see the world differently. Everything they see is a new chapter for them.

Learning has no limit, Right?

The amino app is a good match for kids who wants to read new blogs. But every individual here has not the same intention. Things can go out of hand if the kids interact with sexual predators.

Such individuals begin their predating being a friend to kids. They pretend to be their age and share the same interest as the victim.

When they succeed in earning the kids’ confidence, they ask for the phone number and start chatting 24/7. They also ask them to meet in person, and here, the nightmare begins.

Amino is Safe for kids If Parents Track their kid’s Activities here!


Use Android Spy App & Start Monitoring 

No doubt that the Amino app is the best source to get news updates, but sexual predators are also here. We shouldn’t leave our children alone here. Parents should download the best monitoring app on the kids’ phones and track what they read, who they talk to, what they share, etc.

It might be possible that they share their school information and get stalked by sexual predators physically. Android spy app reveals every truth and allows the parents to check:

  • Read the Text Message
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Take the Screenshots
  • Listen to the Call Recordings
  • Spy on Camera
  • GPS location Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing

And Many More!

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, Parental control apps can minimize the risk of the installation of a decoy app on your kid’s phone. Kids can go far away in hiding the conversations and photos in the vault if their parents won’t stop them. Decoy apps SpyCalc, Hide It Pro, CoverMe, etc., are the most common tools among kids to hide the apps like an amino app. The amino app is also a great platform to learn about the things you are passionate about. It also has an evil side that can catch your kids and convert their dreams into nightmares. Parents must control their Amino chats using parental controls and learn the content they share or read.


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