The prospect of building the first app development for your business holds a lot of significance indeed. Because let’s face it, you want maximum outreach for your services and have maximum customers. 

To achieve this, it becomes significant to select the right platform so that you can be successful in the task of attaining the maximum number of customers. 

Currently, there are two platforms popular in the market – iOS and Android. Both of these are, in fact, quite a rage indeed among users. 

If you think closely, building an app across these two platforms will be extremely beneficial for your business, to say the least, in the long run. This makes the final selection easy and supports your app to become a hit among customers in the shortest time. 

In the lines below, I compare these two platforms in detail, providing a glimpse of the beneficial impact that either of these two platforms brings to the business on the whole. 

Finally, I explain the steps and approaches you should follow and adopt when you enter the stage of selecting the right platform for your new app. 

After you have finished reading all these areas, I am certain you will be able to make a firmer decision about the platform you want to select for mobile app development for your next project. 

This will ensure to support you to maximize your business success, ROI, and profits, simultaneously. 

iOS vs. Android – Selecting the Right Platform for Mobile App Development – Areas To Take into Consideration   

When I make the difference between these two raging platforms, I will be taking the areas listed below into strict consideration,  

1. Audience  

2. Price  

3. Security Level and Capabilities  

4. App Review Process  

5. Project Timeline  

Let me explain these in detail below for you to understand  

Ø Audience – If your app is for audiences based in Asia, Africa, etc., in that case, I recommend Android. However, if your app is for people based in Western Europe, Australia, etc., iOS is the best choice. According to figures, iOS users earn 40% more in comparison to those using Android.  

Ø Price – Compared to Android, where developers earn 0.43$ per download, you would be surprised to know iOS developers earn more. As per a report, iOS users have the probability of paying for app purchases more in comparison to the former.  

Ø Security Level and Capabilities – If your business is a financial startup or is working closely with clients’ data, iOS is the best option. This is due to the robust protection layer that it provides from piracy.  

However, when talking about Android, you cannot be fully sure that the end product will be fully secure, as there may be chances of some of the other forms of malware entering into the end product.  

Ø App Review Process – When comparing the app review process in these two platforms, Android and iOS, you would be surprised to know that the former’s review process is more relaxed. Android gets its app approval done within 24 hours itself.  

However, when discussing iOS, they have to ensure that they satisfy guidelines which include –  

  • Technical, content, and design criteria  
  • Capability to work with latest OS versions  

Ø Project Timeline – Time to market is an area that is of prime importance when trying to decipher the right platform for mobile app development. When we discuss building an app on the Android platform, the time to develop is considerably greater. However, the process of app development on the iOS platform is reasonably quick.  

Through all these differences, it thus becomes clear that if you want to monetize through your app, iOS is the right option. However, when you want to market your app to a broader audience, I recommend Android for you.  

I suggest, though, you follow some steps before you make the final decision to streamline the success of your venture in the long run. Read the lines below to get an insight into this.  

Techniques to Adopt When Selecting the Platform for Mobile App Development  

Look at Target Geography  

Before anything else, you must take a look into the target geography. This includes selecting a location where a particular platform is popular, and so on.  

For example, iOS is popular in US markets. Thus, you can consider launching apps on this platform in that region. Similarly, if you wish to target emerging markets like India or China, Android is the best option.  

Look at Demography and Age  

The target audience for your app is another crucial factor. Take, for instance, your app is for the youth or even first-time mobile users. In such circumstances, use the Android platform.  

Analyze Platform Security  

This is a very crucial area to observe. It is worthwhile to note, each platform has certain security vulnerabilities present within them. Therefore, after you have found your target audience, make sure to look at the security too. For example, iOS is considerably closer and more secure than Android, which is, in fact, more open. 

Speed of Development  

Another crucial area for consideration is analyzing each platform’s speed for mobile app development. This will help the end-solution to be considered relevant for your target audience. 

Along with the techniques listed above, make sure to also take a look into the seamless nature of integration these two platforms render across third-party devices, along with their salient features as well. 

Additionally, consider areas like user location, your overall budget, and development time requirements, apart from the uniqueness you wish to add to your interface, and most significantly, the target audience.  

All these areas and much more will support you greatly. This will ensure that your mobile app gets the right audience and helps you to generate maximum ROI and revenues simultaneously.  

Wrapping Up  

I am sure, when you embark on the journey of mobile app development, you would come across a vast array of difficulties, like, for instance, selecting the right platform for this task.  

However, it is necessary to select the right platform as it goes a long way to drive maximum success for your business. 

You want to achieve two main areas through the business you run, after all, maximum success and maximum customers.  

It is important to note, though, making the right choice is not as easy as you think. You would need to consider actually several areas, like the features and the functionalities you want to add to the app, apart from your users also.  

It is, in fact, extremely really necessary to understand and identify them, as your app is meant for your end-users. 

Adhering to all these areas will support you in maximizing your revenues and customers and supporting you to stand out from your competitors successfully.  

You can also get in touch with dedicated mobile app developers for this task. With their experience in mobile app development, modernization, management, and maintenance, to name a few, apart from customized consultation that is strictly in sync with your needs and requirements, they will support you through and through.  

Especially by utilizing the best industry practices and channeling the current market trends, they will assist you in gaining a competitive edge, be a name to reckon with among your customers, and, most importantly, become a trendsetter in mobile app development services. 


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