Search Engine Optimization Video Marketing For Better Engagement On Facebook

SEO Video Marketing For Better Engagement On Facebook

If you’ve been paying attention to the digital marketing scene, you know just how important video marketing has become.

But just in case you didn’t know, here are some facts you should be aware of:

  • Adding a video to a social post increases views by 48%
  • As of 2019, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool – that’s up from 63% in 2017
  • 83% of businesses reported a good ROI from video marketing in 2017
  • According to Nielsen, 74% of a video marketing campaign’s impact (including ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase intent) can be achieved within the first 10 seconds

These statistics tell us two things:

  1. Most people would rather watch something than read something.
  2. If video isn’t part of your marketing strategy, it should be.

But last year, Facebook announced some major changes to its algorithm that have made it more difficult for video content from businesses to stand out.

search engine optimization, or seek engine optimization, is all approximately ensuring your content material receives visible through your goal target target market. Facebook’s News Feed won’t be a seek engine, however similar to how know-how Google’s set of rules permit you to rank better withinside the SERPs, know-how the way to optimize your video content material for Facebook’s set of rules permit you to enhance your emblem’s visibility.

How the Facebook Video Algorithm Works (And How It’s Changed)

Facebook has come a protracted manner from the early days of 500-man or woman limits and gambling Farmville from pals. And the social media platform hasn’t simply modified for customers – it’s modified for entrepreneurs, too.

Like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, Facebook makes use of an set of rules to expose customers content material this is the maximum applicable to them towards the pinnacle of the News Feed.

In 2018, Facebook introduced a prime set of rules replace that might alternate the manner organizations reflect onconsideration on content material. In an attempt to lessen spam, the brand new set of rules boosts posts from pals and own circle of relatives and indicates fewer posts from organizations. The purpose, consistent with Facebook, is to foster extra significant conversations.

For entrepreneurs and small organizations, those adjustments imply that textual content and static photographs on my own aren’t going to reduce it any extra. To get the attain that they want to grow, increasingly more organizations are including search engine optimization video advertising to their approach.

4  search engine optimization Video Marketing Strategies for Better Facebook Engagement

Yes, getting your movies visible on Facebook goes to be tougher than it became earlier than the set of rules replace. But the cost of video hasn’t diminished – in fact, it’s extra treasured than ever earlier than.

So in preference to throwing withinside the towel, take a look at out those search engine optimization video advertising techniques that will help you stand out and get ahead.

  1. Supplement Your Organic Content with Paid Content

Here’s the unhappy fact for organizations on Facebook – natural attain is at the decline. As Facebook maintains to prioritize content material from humans over content material from Pages, your commercial enterprise goes to battle to attain your target target market with natural efforts on my own.

That’s why it’s a terrific concept to complement your natural video content material with paid video commercials. That’s due to the fact even in case your Page has a ton of followers, Facebook’s new set of rules isn’t usually going to place your content material on their News Feeds.

If you’ve got got room for your advertising finances, it’s nicely really well worth it to place a few cash in the back of your Facebook movies, mainly on account that natural attain on emblem Pages is anticipated to plummet even in addition withinside the coming years.

  1. Encourage Active Engagement

Since ultimate year’s set of rules replace, Facebook has again and again burdened that its purpose is to prioritize “significant interactions” among its customers.

But what counts as a “significant interaction”?

For the Facebook set of rules, which means prioritizing lively engagement (sharing and commenting) over passive engagement (likes and clicks).

So how will you get humans speaking approximately your movies? Here are some thoughts you may use to get the ball rolling:

Ask questions. It’s human nature to love speaking approximately ourselves, so byskip the mic on your target target market through asking them a query for your replica. You should ask them to percentage a story, tag a friend, or ask a “might you rather” query to begin a conversation.

Go live. Live movies obtain 10x extra feedback than pre-recorded movies, so it might be loopy now no longer to lead them to a part of your target target market engagement approach. Plus, in case you don’t have the finances or the time to create and edit steady video content material to your Page, going Live is an smooth solution. You should do a Q&A session, supply a excursion of your company, or livestream an event.

Get private. People like commercials that don’t seem like commercials. Instead of selling your emblem 24/7, attempt to include private memories into your video advertising approach. People are much more likely to interact with content material that they could relate to or sense stimulated through.

  1. Focus on Mobile

If you don’t forget something from this list, it must be this.

You want to optimize your movies for cell.

96% of Facebook customers get admission to the web website online on a cell device (telephone or tablet). So how do you are making your movies phone-friendly?

First matters first, ensure you’re including captions on your movies. Facebook movies don’t play audio automatically, and maximum cell customers (who’re frequently the use of their telephones in a public place) aren’t going to unmute your ad.

For that cause, it’s critical to ensure your video receives the identical message throughout without or with sound. You’ll additionally be making your movies on hand to deaf and tough of listening to visitors withinside the process, so there’s without a doubt no true cause now no longer to caption your video content material.

Another manner to make your search engine optimization video advertising approach extra powerful on cell is to apply rectangular or vertical movies while you’re posting on social. On Facebook, vertical movies always outperform horizontal movies. A horizontal video might also additionally offer better visible quality, however maximum cell customers aren’t going to turn their telephones sideways to look at it.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

The common human interest span is right all the way down to simply 8 seconds, so it’s now no longer sudden that shorter movies generally tend to carry out higher on social media.

However, Facebook customers are inclined to paste round and watch longer movies than Instagram or Twitter customers. According to HubSpot, the correct video duration for engagement on Facebook is someplace among 1 and a pair of minutes.

Download Your Facebook video in free here: Facebook Video Download Without Watermark

No rely how lengthy your video is, don’t forget which you handiest have some seconds to trap someone’s interest earlier than they determine to preserve scrolling. Make certain your message is obvious from the start, and complement it with replica that previews your video.


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