places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is a land of heavenly beauty and exquisite sceneries. Its quaint villages, glaciers, emerald valleys, glittery blue lakes, picturesque landscapes, mountains backdrop, colorful streets, and stunning attractions deserve the real hype and attention. In addition, there are luxurious resorts, hotels, fancy restaurants, and cafes for staying and dining purposes. Also, the country hosts some interesting annual festivals which bring joy, happiness, and excitement among people. 

Travelers from different corners of the world come here to witness the jaw-dropping scenes and participate in some of the thrilling activities, including tobogganing, skiing, paragliding, biking, climbing, hiking, and sightseeing. The moment you enter the place, you will see astonishing beauty in the form of the world’s alluring sites. For many people, Switzerland is their dream destination for a million reasons.

The historical and cultural places represent the rich heritage and significance, and there is no shortage of incredible museums and beautiful art galleries across the country. Cities like Zurich, Lausanne, and Geneva are surrounded by the best and renowned museums and other historical sites that deserve your attention. 

Best Places to visit in Switzerland 

Spending even a week would be insufficient to explore the surreal beauty of the world’s best tourist destination. You can go through the five most-visited and charming places to visit in Switzerland. 

  • St. Moritz

St.Moritz is a beautiful and alluring attraction packed with high mountain peaks, tropical forests, glaciers, lakes, and rivers. It’s not an ordinary place to discover but a true paradise that is blessed with surreal beauty and irresistible charm. There are so many resorts and hotels offering mountain views, and they have also organized two winter Olympics in the past. The alpine mountains range to 1800 meters, rise above sea level, and divide the country into two parts, including St.Moritz and St.Moritz Bad, lie on the valley floor. It’s an inexpensive resort with a lot of amenities. 

Some of the popular activities to enjoy here are snowboarding, skating, bobsledding, tobogganing, running the gamut, skiing, etc. If you visit the country in the summer season, you can participate in hiking, and other water sports, such as Glacier Skiing. 

  • The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is an iconic part of Switzerland and one of the highest mountains in the Alps. It rises to 4478 meters, and its steep face lies in the direction of the compass. The first summit ended in the Matterhorn in 1865 when four climbers fell from the heights and lost their lives. In today’s time, thousands of professional climbers and mountain enthusiasts come here during summers.

There exists a quaint village of Zermatt. Also, an international resort encircled with beautiful restaurants and certified hotels. One of the interesting facts about the town is that they have banned vehicles from preserving the air quality and pleasant ambiance.  

Skiing enthusiasts can ski down the slopes of more than 300 kilometers, and in summers, swimming, tennis, hiking, biking, and climbing, glacier skiing, are some of the favorite outdoor activities. 

  • Jungfraujoch: The Top of Europe 

While you are in Switzerland, you can’t miss hopping on a train and taking a trip to Jungfraujoch, also known as the ‘Top of Europe’.  It is an interesting place featuring an observation terrace spreading within 3454 meters. Even the longest glacier in Europe, the Great Aletsch Glacier, is a UNESCO Heritage site. Other prominent walks include Panorama Way, Glacier Gorge, Opefelchuechliwag, and the high trail from Holenstein to Brandegg. In addition, there is a glacier village in Jungfrau packed with endless outdoor adventures and popular resorts. Plan a refreshing trip and witness some of the marvelous places to visit in Switzerland by making Southwest Airlines reservations.

  • Lucerne

Lucerne is an exotic place to visit in Switzerland, featuring high mountains, covered bridges, waterfront promenades, incredible historical places, beautiful fountains, and stunning plazas. It is perfect for nature enthusiasts, and the site is widely renowned for its famous festival, International Music Festival, organized annually. It is one of the reasons for luring tourists in large numbers. Moreover, the culture and convention center is home to the world’s remarkable live concert halls. 

Besides this, the Chapel Bridge is another major attraction to explore in Lucerne, established in the 14th century. The Lion Monument is a well-known sculpture, which lies in a small park and represents some important French Revolution events. 

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  • Lake Geneva 

Lake Geneva is one of the largest Alpine lakes, lies on the Swiss border, and in the lapse of nature. The city of Geneva is situated between the snow-capped peaks to Lake Geneva. There are rugged parks, incredible historic buildings, lush green gardens, fountains that make the place even more alluring. The Jet d’Eau, a beautiful fountain in Lake Geneva, sprinkles water till 150 meters, and it is also a famous attraction to explore in Switzerland. 

Moreover, there are plenty of culture-oriented places, including the Opera House and Grand Theatre, featuring live interactional acts and performances. While you are here, you can stroll around the medieval town and discover the fancy cafes, boutiques, Montreux, and other stunning points within the place. 

  • Lake Lugano and Ticino

Lake Lugano and Ticino is a prominent paradise to see in Switzerland. Its heavenly beauty can’t be compared and measured, and it lies on the Swiss or Italian border in Ticino. The land here is productive and fertile, which promotes the growth and production of citrus, palms, figs, and Pomegranates. Moreover, the architecture of the buildings is classic and praiseworthy. There are so many places for enjoying fine dining and shopping. 

Tourists can take a boat tour on one of the white streamers by renting a boat from the locals and witnessing the city’s breathtaking views. Also, don’t forget to visit Lugano, the largest and beautiful summer resort in town. 

  • The Rhine Falls

Nature enthusiasts can find loads of nature-oriented places and relish a unique experience to see the surreal beauty of nature so closely. The Rhine Falls is an exquisite site, spanning 150 meters at Schaffhausen and also considered the largest falls in Central Europe. June and July are the perfect months to plan a trip to Switzerland and surprise your loved ones with the best vacation getaway by making a JetBlue booking. You can see the snow melting and falling over a 21-meter high ledge of Jurassic Limestone during this time. Another favorite activity is to go on boat trips to enjoy the alluring and pleasant views of the falls. 


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