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You will choose what stays and what goes while making plans to relocate out of the state or across the country. For the majority, it may rely on all the expenses related to keeping your current vehicle or having it sent to your new location. Sadly, you can’t load it into the moving van.

Others, on the other hand, might simply want a new car to go with their new home and start again. You can purchase one there rather than transporting your old one a great distance.

A Few Factors To Consider

There are things to think about when deciding whether to sell your car or ship it cross-country. Here, we will discuss 11 of them.

Sell Your Car If You Just Want To

It may seem apparent, but if you desire and can afford a new car rather than shipping your old one, that’s all you need to do.

However, if you’re unsure right now and want to know whether to ship or sell your car.

Car Shipping Costs

You must first determine how much it will cost to ship a car. The distance, route, state, dimensions, and weight of your car are all taken into account when calculating the cost of shipping it. When all things are considered, transporting your car can often be financially advantageous.

This is the first stage in determining whether you should buy or rent a transportation firm. You’ll see that driving across the country is pricey, so you’ll need to do your study to determine whether shipping or driving is more cost-effective.

Most individuals use open transport while shipping an automobile. The cost of shipping an automobile is lowest this way. It effectively balances value and safety. in addition to being incredibly cost-effective, and dependable.

Enclosed shipping is the safest way to ship a car if safety comes before cost. Typically, it is 40–60% more than open.

New Location Driving Needs

Shipping your car with a car shipping business can be highly cost-effective if you want to drive it in the new state you are moving to and it still meets your demands.

On the other side, selling your automobile can be the greatest choice for you if you’ve had it for a while and it no longer matches your lifestyle, regardless of the shipping expense.

Conveniences of selling your car

There may be good reasons for you to maintain your car. If you have a lease, you must finish it before you may sell your vehicle. Make sure you are not in the negative on it if you have financing.

If your vehicle is old but you still enjoy driving it, shipping your vehicle may be the best option if you don’t want to sell it.

Buying a car is a hassle

It is inconvenient to be without a vehicle while finalizing the purchase of a new one for at least a few weeks. In some circumstances, you might also need to make a down payment, which will affect your budget.

As was already indicated, unless you trade it in for the new car, you must also sell the old one. You could decide to have the car transferred in that situation.

If your vehicle is old but you still enjoy driving it, shipping your vehicle may be the best option if you don’t want to sell it.

Use of your car or extra vehicle

You might just use your car on the weekends or keep it out of sentimental value. You should now think about your budget for your new place. Do you have the money to register and insure a second car?

It’s up to you and your budget whether you want to sell your automobile or ship it with an auto transport business, just as with any extra vehicle, boat, or motorcycle.

Status of the vehicle

Your decision to sell or transport your car will be heavily influenced by its condition. If the car is in great shape, think about employing a shipping company. It might not be worthwhile to sell brand-new cars or vehicles that are just a few years old.

Even if you’ve had your car for a while and put some miles on it, modern cars are more dependable than ever. There’s no reason to anticipate anything to go wrong anytime soon if you haven’t encountered any issues and have stayed on top of taking care of them.

Maintenance or Repairs

It might not be worth the time, money, or effort to keep if it needs to be fixed or is severely in need of maintenance. Then you might think about selling it instead.

If parts are unavailable, attempting to do these repairs could also take some time. You might decide to postpone your move as a result. You can still ship a disabled or non-running automobile if the car won’t start but you still want to transport it.

When / How it Happens

Auto shipment does have seasons. Generally speaking, prices are lower during the winter season but go up throughout the summer. Car transport services may require a bit more time for planning when the cold prevents deliveries.

If you are moving along a snowbird route, for instance, the cost of transport will vary greatly depending on which direction you are shipping your car.

You can sell your car if these aren’t for you, but it will be beneficial to arrange a move.

Car Prices

The cost of cars has increased more than ever across the nation. From dealers charging thousands of dollars above MSRP to used cars selling for nearly or even more than what they cost when new. Investigate these situations.

Classic or valuable vehicles

If you own an antique or classic car, it can be challenging to find a replacement. Therefore, you should have your car carried door-to-door and primarily inside of an enclosed conveyance.

Selling your car? Make shipping an advantage

Don’t only sell your car locally if it’s time to say goodbye to old trusty. You can utilize auto shipping services to deliver the vehicle to the appropriate buyer who will pay the appropriate price for it. To gain visibility, you can list used cars around the country.

You can either assist the buyer in setting up the shipping procedure or you can have them contact us to organize the transportation. We’ve done this a lot with previous clients.

Buying a New car and Selling Your old one? Make the Most of car Shipping

Purchasing the car locally and having it shipped to your new location may be another option you haven’t thought about. We can ship it through dealerships because we work with them, and they might factor it into your financing for you.

This is a terrific approach to working with a dealership you may already know and may enable you to negotiate a lower price because of your prior interactions with them. That can often save you more money than transporting your automobile will.


When compared to selling your automobile or driving, shipping your car is typically safer, more affordable, and more convenient.

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