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With the whole crooning to butter and dynamite, the biggest boyband in the world has made the world their fan with their beautiful faces, those emerald green eyes, rocking moves, majestic voice, and most importantly their fashion. 

These 7 boys have taken the whole world under their sweep and left everyone being obsessed with them, the fans themselves call them the army. 

The army is not only crooning to their music and breathtaking dance steps but also obsessing over the way their idol’s fashion sense, they are not only flaunting their BTS army t-shirts or BTS t-shirt but are heavily influenced by their idol’s fits and looks. They believe in taking inspiration from them and becoming more part of the BTS army. If you are new to the army let me make you aware of the BTS’s fashion, the seven-piece band seemed to have evolved with their fashion choices throughout the years, ranging from tuxedos to streetwear. 

Their fashion range from vibrant colors, to oversized t-shirts, bold jewelry, and statement shoes. Let us analyze the style of these melodious boys so you can pick your styles as well.


If you look closely RM is the one member who has undergone drastic style evolution. When the band began in 2013 “No more dreams” stars seemed to draw inspiration from the early 90s with loads of loose-fitting clothes, gold chains, and funky t-shirts bringing in some nostalgia. But with “Never Walk Alone” you must have seen more pastels, soft aesthetic being his style. Wondering how can you pull his looks, it is simple, pick the most relaxed fit you can imagine and style them up with a beanie, cap, and some dark shades and you are set to go. 

Get your hands on the black-white striped jogger and be the rap monster of your town. 

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The member who pulls the most classic and timeless looks is definitely Jin. simple yet elegant is his style, a simple oversized t-shirt with some rugged denim and there you get most of his looks. If you are wanting to pull a Jin and explore some put-together, clean-cut fit, his style is mostly opting for sleek and clean looks, a simple grey hoodie with some mustard denim and black sneakers is as simple as that to create a look like Jin. 


The most stylish and fashionable member of the group whose fashion choices and outfits have bagged him a spot on Tatler Asia’s Most stylish list. The charming singer has somehow managed to find the perfect balance of high-end fashion and comfort embracing his own style and showering elegance whenever needed. Without a doubt black has become a synonym for his stylings, majority of the time the rapper is spotted in a black oversized t-shirt and black bottoms. Further, the simplest way of uplifting any outfit in Suga’s dictionary is to flaunt those hair accessories, be it beanies, headbands, or hats he is in for all. 

Recreate Suga’s all-black look, and get yourself some quality oversized black t-shirt from feranoid. 

bts outfit ideas


For all you oversized and street style lovers out there we have the king rocking these styles like no other. For everyone, it is one piece oversized and the other weel fitted. But our J hope is an exception as he is mostly pulling a white oversized t-shirt with an equally baggy bottom. Not the safest option to pull off but the confidence with which he pulls them makes it very convenient. If you are a J-Hope fan you know for sure accessories are the man’s best friend, be it bucket hats, beanies, chunky handbags, and whatnot the man is truly a style icon for a reason.

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From acing the layering game to pulling a simple printed T-shirt, the rapper has been there all. The member you will see pulling vibrant colors, playing around with patterns, and experimenting the most is definitely Jimin. If you have ever stalked the star’s Instagram which I am sure you have, you would have known he loves to experiment and we do it too. If you are looking for some fun airport look, Jimin is your guy as no one nails airport looks like him. 



If bold styling and prints and pattern are your favorite and you need some inspiration V is the best one to look after you. He is not afraid to go to the extremes and play with printed t-shirts or fun bottoms. If you are new to the army his style is the easiest to pull, grab a printed t-shirt and pair then with some sleek black bottoms. The rapper is quite adventurous when styling bold colors, prints, and patterns, and so should you.



If you are also a minimalist who likes being in basics and love sticking to your classic whites, blacks, greys, and blue then you are in luck, because this rapper unlike others keeps it simple and elegant. One word that defines his style is practical, he keeps it classic. Want to recreate a Jungkook look it is simple, throw on a basic white tee with your favorite pair of jeans and some stylish and bold sneakers and you are all set.

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So that completes the analysis of the personal styles of your favorite boy band that is currently ruling the world. And would continue to do so, now you can pick and choose from the one that matches yours most.

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