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Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a Bathtub is something that everyone wants. However, since bathtubs take a lot more space than the shower, it is often difficult to find a space in the small bathroom. So, you probably need types of small baths that can fit into the space available in your bathroom. Although such bathtubs are not very common with little effort, you can definitely find something that can be suitable for your space. 

Since such small bathtubs are not very common, it is important that you know how and where to find them. Even if you are thinking about small size bathtub, there are a lot of things to consider from understanding what such a bathtub looks like and what size you should fit in. 

In this article, we are going to explain everything you know about the small bathtub. 

What are the Small Baths?

small bathsBefore any further, the first thing we need to understand is what actually small baths are. What size we can say that will be considered as small. In the UK, the standard straight bathtub is 1700mm. However, the smallest size for the same style bath is 1400mm. So, if it is 1400mm or 1500mm, then it would be considered a small bath. However, in terms of your freestanding baths, things can be different. 

  • Choosing the Small Baths. 
  • In order to choose the small baths, you should follow these steps. 
  • Decide Where You Want to Fit Bathtub: The first thing is the location or position in the bathroom where it will get fitting. You will need to ensure that the spot you choose has the inlet and outlet available. You will need to work with a plumber to make it ready for a bathtub fitting unless you are opting for a small freestanding bath. It may be a space in between two walls or corners. Little plumbing work may turn any space into a bathtub area.  
  • Measure The Available Space: The second thing after starting point for choosing a small bathtub should understand the available space in the bathroom. After all, unless you know exactly the size of the bathtub you are looking for, it will be almost impossible to decide about the right fit. The size will even determine the type of bathtub you can install in the bathroom. Measuring the space is not difficult at all. Just take a measuring tape and measure the dimensions.
  • Decide about the Type of Small Bathtub. Now you know the space available and place you want to fit a bath. The next step will be to decide about the type of bath you want in that space. Generally, there are two types of baths to choose from. The first one is straight baths, and another one is freestanding. The straight baths are usually fitted-type baths that can be set up against the wall. On the other hand, a freestanding simply stands on the floor. The type of bath you want depends on your preference, but if you have space along the wall, around 1400mm, then a straight bathtub will probably be the best option. However, in case you want a very small bathtub then, there are round and square shape baths available that you can install. However, these are not very easily available in comparison to other types. You may have to put little effort into finding such baths. 
  • Decide about Budget; The next step after it is the budget. It is important that you consider a reasonable amount. Getting a smaller bath does not mean that it will cost less. Perhaps, in the case of the freestanding bathtub option, you may even have to pay a higher price in comparison to the straight bathtub or a large-size freestanding bath. It Is due to the less availability of such baths. 

Final Thoughts about Small Baths.

There are occasions when a standard bathtub is not an option for you. In such cases, you are left with the only choice of small baths. The smallest straight bathtub that is common has the size of 1400 to 1500mm. However, in case you have even less space and want a smaller version, a square and round small freestanding bathtub that is available at a few places can be a suitable option. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily make the right bathtub choice. You can check all types of bathroom fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

The fitting of your bathtub is incomplete without Bath panels. So, it is a kind of essential part of every bathroom fitting. Most of the time, you get these panels with your bathtub purchase, but if it has not been a part of the deal, then you may have to make a purchase individually. However, like any other bathroom fittings and fixtures, there are various things that you will need to consider. From the material to finishing to size, there are many things that make your bath panel purchase complex. Therefore, if you want a perfect-looking bathroom, then it is better to know all the details related to it.

Our bath panels guide will cover all the aspects of it to help you make the best choice. 

What are the Bath Panels?

A straight bathtub that often fits along the wall has one or two of its side covered by the wall only. At the same time, the remaining other remains empty. The gap on that side is pretty much visible if it is not covered by something. It looks bad while plumbing becomes visible as well. Other than that, there remains a risk of water getting into there. It may also create another problem. So, there is a need for something that we can use to cover the surroundings perfectly. Bath panels are perfect for this purpose and create a great-looking finish for the bathtub

How to Choose a Bath Panel?

straight bathtubHere are a few things that you should know before making a purchase of bathtub panels.

  • Assess Whether You Really Need a Bathtub Panel? It`s true that not every bathtub needs a bath panel. So, you should first evaluate whether you actually need one or not. Normally, a freestanding bathtub doesn’t require a bath. It is because it stands directly on the floor without requiring any help. Other than that, if you have a straight bathtub, then you will definitely need the one to cover it from any side. 
  • Check the Size: What is most important in getting the right panel is the size. Without correct fitting, your bathtub would not look good. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the size that you will need before ordering. It is only possible by taking the correct measurements. You will need to check the size by taking a measurement with measuring tape.
  • Sides of Pane: In addition to all the above measurements, you will also need to check what sides of the bathtub will require panels. Is it required for the end sides, or right or left, or all three sides. So, you can easily know it by placing your bathtub in the position where it is going to be fitting. 
  • Decide about Material: After you know what sides you need to cover and the size of the panel, the next step is to decide about the bath panel materials. The bathtub panels are available in a variety of materials. The most common are wood, acrylic, hard plastic, etc. Acrylic bath panels have recently become very popular due to their low cost and durability. Wood, on the other hand, is also a good material for luxurious looks but costs more. And even get damaged due to the humid environment. The hard plastic is low cost but not much durable. The material depends on your own preference. But we recommend an acrylic bathtub panel because these are a good option for mid-range straight bathtubs. Wood can be a good option if the budget is not your concern, and you want a luxurious bathtub.
  • Decide about the Style: You may also find different designs on the bathtub panels. For many luxurious bathrooms, there can be grafting of flowers or any other printing. So, you may use such panels to enhance the looks of your bathroom. It may also depend on whether you want a traditional or luxurious-looking bathroom. 
  • Your Budget: Perhaps the most important thing that you will need to consider is your budget. Bathtub panels have various price ranges depending on the material and quality. You may have to pay for a lot of luxurious-looking wood bathtub panels. However, acrylic bathtub panels are economical. So, check the prices before deciding your budget.

Final Thoughts about Bath Panels.

Bath panels are an important part of every straight bathtub. However, you will need to consider various things before getting one. After discussing all the available options and step by step process to make the right decision, you are now in a better position to decide what type of panel will be better for your bathroom. You can check all types of bathtubs at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.


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