Things to Do in Michigan
Things to Do in Michigan

The state of Michigan is located on the north-western border of the United States of America. Known for its splendid lakes, the state’s name is inspired by the word Michigami, meaning the ‘Great Lake.’ Some of the best things to do in Michigan fall into a very diverse category, owing to the very diverse landscape of the state. You will notice rich cultural history, legendary cities, and serene lakes. The Great lakes are arguably the defining feature of Michigan and are a fantastic retreat for tourists looking for a vacation in the lap of nature. You will be surprised to see substantial freshwater dunes and coastline marine life far off from an actual ocean.

One of the more popular things to do in the city is visiting different historical museums. To name a few, you can see the Fort of Mackinac on its namesake island and the Henry Ford cultural site, the Greenfield Village, to be precise. However, if you are not into nature and history, we still got you covered. You can experience urban sophistication and the downtown rush in the town of Detroit. Rightfully known as the Motor City, the city has made tremendous progress in Automobile’s field and channeled the inner strength of being a top tourist attraction and historical site.

Best Things to do in Michigan

If you are looking for a trip to Michigan shortly, we suggest you go through our article. We have crafted this brief article about the things to do in Michigan to help you make a rough sketch for the time when you are here. We hope this article can help you shortly, as it may save you a lot of time and prove to be much lighter on your wallet.

Visit the Mackinac Island

The island of Mackinac is one of the only places in the United States that still holds its old-world charm of a simple lifestyle before capitalization and globalization. Taking a ferry ride to the midst of the island is the most straightforward and most hassle-free way to reach it. You can spend the entire day shopping for its iconic old cobblestoned streets. Additionally, you can even take a tour of the whole city on a horse-driven horse-driven rickshaw or even go for beautiful and scenic treks.

The Fort of Mackinac is one such place that must not be missed while visiting. The Mackinac Bridge, established in 1957, connects one end of the Peninsula at Mackinac city to the other end at Saint Ignace.

A boat ride to the island, however, can be a bit heavy for your wallet. To save you from this misery, we suggest you make a Frontier airlines booking  to the country. This is suggested because such airline packages can let you get great offers at discounted prices, including cheap ferry rides.

Dive at The National Lakeshore

Lake Michigan does receive a lot of slack for being the third-largest amongst the great lakes. However, on the brighter side, it is the only lake that thoroughly outlines the borders of the United States of America. The lake manages to give Michigan the accord of being the second-largest state in terms of coastline, losing just by the state of Alaska. 

The Michigan Maritime Museum is one place where you can find an in-depth analysis of the importance and significance of the Lake for the state and country in general. The Museum is located in South Haven, and visiting this site is one of the best things to do in Michigan. 

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The Detroit Institute of Arts’ visit

If you are a history and culture buff, The Institute of Arts at Detroit is the place for you. The museum is an abode to more than 65000 pieces of artwork, all of them representing Humanity’s creative side. The timeline ranges from the early cultures to present-day art. The works at this museum are spread across 100 different galleries and are based on contributions from all over the world.

The Detroit Museum can be visited only by a personal vehicle, owing to its distance from the main town. To save yourself from the misery of spending money on transportation, we suggest making a United Airlines Booking. United offers great rental services to its flyers at much cheaper costs.

Picturesque rocks, the Pictured rocks at National Seashore

The coastline located on the Southern hemisphere of Lake Superior is truly a sight to behold. The pictured rocks are named so because of their vibrantly colored stones found here in the lake. Scientifically speaking, the rocks get their colors from elements like copper, manganese oxide, and iron in their composition. The Scenic landscape of this place is a combination of dunes, coastline beaches, hanging cliffs, and huge rocks. Smaller inland lakes and streams dominate the interiors of the lakeside.


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