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If you’ve been taking care of your plants and trees for a long time, then you know what you’re doing. However, in some cases, you’ll just need to ask for some professional help to make things right.

If your problem is about trees, then you must call an arborist to help you identify the main problem. If it’s too obvious, you should tell them right away so that they know what tools and equipment to bring.

You may not have the right tools especially when you have to cut the highest part of the trees. So it’s best to let the tree doctors address the need for your trees before it’s too late. If not, they might end up damaging properties and even people.


If you want to know when is the right time to call for an arborist, then you should check the list below!


1. After the storm

Having trouble with the weather these past few days? Extreme weather conditions tend to damage trees depending on how weak they are. They may lose a branch or two due to heavy rains and strong wind. Unfortunately, trees can also face the worst cases like falling or dying.

Furthermore, the debris from their branches and roots might scatter your property which can cause harm.

After the storm, you should immediately call for an arborist to help you with the clean-up. If your tree is lucky to be alive, let the arborist check if there are other damages. You should not prune the tree yourself because it might get sick if not handled properly.

2. Unwell trees

Next on the list is when your tree is sick. Of course, you won’t be able to determine right away if a tree is sick. Instead, you’ll just notice the leaves are falling or has different colours. You can also see some differences in its bark and trunk. If it’s chipped or has some cavities, then there might be some problems with the roots.

You should call for an arborist as soon as possible to address your concerns. Make sure that take care of it right after you observed some changes. Other plants and trees might also get sick if not cured immediately.

3. Weak branches

As trees grow older, they can have weak branches which should be addressed properly to avoid further damages. If you handle it yourself, you might end up damaging properties, and harm yourself and the people around you.

Meanwhile, you can also obtain weak trees due to high-temperature changes. For instance, the negative temperatures during the winter seasons and spring can create serious damages to the trees.

You should entrust the tree care to a professional so that there will be no additional damages in the future. An arborist can cure your trees and restore their health just like before.

4. Damaged powerlines

You can’t always encounter emergencies every day especially when you’re too busy at work or at home that you don’t have the time to examine your surroundings.

If you’re experiencing some damaged powerlines due to fallen trees or branches, you should call for an arborist right away. They are equipped and certified to deal with these kinds of emergencies.

Did you know that they spent 3 years studying about trees, and it took them at least another 2 years before they pass the certification exam? With that, you should not resort to DIY and just trust them to do the right thing.


5. Fungus around the trees

Did you notice some mushrooms growing around your trees? If yes, you should have an arborist cheque them before it’s too late. The most common fungus you’ll see is Honey Fungus. It’s a parasite that spread easily to absorb nutrients from trees.

So if you’re not a fungi expert, then you should probably leave it to the experts. You’ll never know if you’re curing the trees or giving them other reasons to be sick.

6. Exposed roots

Have you noticed the exposed roots of your trees? It may be an early sign of diseases. Although you might not see it yet, other symptoms may occur over time.

On the other hand, if there are no damages and the soil just rises without any explanations, arborists can still calculate if the soil can hold the tree or not. It’ll prevent unnecessary damages because they can just relocate the tree.

7. For maintenance

Just like your other things, trees need regular cheque-ups and maintenance. It’ll prevent emergencies mentioned before from happening at the most inconvenient time.

The best time for some tree cheque-ups is during Spring. Arborists will easily detect the potential diseases, and ensure that your trees are in optimal health. If there are no issues, you can have them pruned and trimmed.

Unfortunately, if a tree needs to be removed, you should also have them done during spring to avoid problems in the future.

8. Tree planting

Did you know that you can also call for an arborist even if you don’t have trees yet? They don’t just have maintenance and tree removal services, but they’re also experts in planting trees.

Another good thing about hiring an arborist to plant your trees is that they know where is the right place to plant them. Moreover, they know if the soil is good enough to let another species live in it. They also know if the location has enough supply of sunlight and water.

Aside from the planting, you can ask them about the methods on how can you take care of the trees. In addition, since they know the initial step about your trees, you should also let them do future maintenance, and other tree care services such as trimming and pruning.

planting trees

Before any damages happened, it’s best if you already have the number of your preferred arborist just in case you’ll need it in the future. Don’t forget to have your trees checked to maintain their health.

Don’t forget to share with us your experience in addressing your tree problems through the help of an arborist by leaving a comment below!


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