If you’re traveling with Southwest Airlines, you may wonder how to check-in for your flight online or if there’s an app that can help you do it. Checking in online or using an app is the only way to southwest check-in if you plan on using Southwest Rapid Rewards points instead of cash to pay for your flight. Once you have that figured out, follow these steps to know exactly how to check-in for your Southwest Airlines flight.

When You Get To the Airport

Checking in for your flight at Southwest airlines is very simple and doesn’t take much time. You can either southwest airlines check-in online or in-person at a kiosk. When you walk up to an airport kiosk, be sure to have your identification, credit card, flight number, and itinerary. After you’ve selected what kind of southwest boarding pass you want, there will be two codes on your screen; one is a confirmation code and one is a verification code that will show up via text message on your cell phone after they charge your credit card $10.

Via Your Mobile Device

Southwest is all about letting you travel how you want. And that includes checking in for your flight on your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded and launched your app, it’s as easy as entering your southwest airline reservation information and taking a selfie! As long as you’re ready to go when it’s time to board, there’s no need to wait in line at the airport. Southwest Airlines check-in while waiting in line at Starbucks!

Via The Airline’s Website

Southwest Airlines offers a pretty straightforward process for checking in. Log into your My Southwest account and choose Check-In under southwest Manage flight Profile. You can also log in via Facebook or Google+ by clicking on your user profile icon at the top of any page and selecting Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google+ (these options will only appear if you are logged into either service). To check in the southwest, simply click on an available seat for your flight and confirm it.

Via An App

The most convenient way to check-in is via an app. Go ahead and do it now—we’ll wait here. Southwest Airlines offers mobile apps that make checking in a breeze. Once you’ve downloaded your airline’s app, follow these steps 1) Open up your Southwest Airlines app; 2) Login with your frequent flyer number; 3) Enter some basic information about yourself (name, address, etc.) or scan a barcode from your driver’s license; 4) You’ll receive a text message confirming that you’re checked in. Easy peasy! If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or want to use Southwest Airlines’ website instead of its app, no worries—it works just as well. For full details on how to check in using Southwest Airlines’ website, click here or call +1-888-720-1433. No matter which method you choose, rest assured knowing that Southwest has checked you in for your flight before any other passengers who check-in at the airport kiosk. So go ahead and relax at home—you’ve got nothing to worry about! After all, there’s no better time than when you know where exactly where you stand…and we mean exactly! You can track your southwest airlines flight status check-in online or by calling +1-888-720-1433/ 800-435-9792. (Note: Southwest Airlines representatives are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.)


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