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We have around 150 Floor stickers models in our catalog, but our offerings are virtually endless in reality. Thanks to our personalized, we can modify or change the color of any of our products and even create entirely new designs based on your vision.

Have you been inspired by design; tile stickers lack the tools to format it? Tell us about it, and we’ll help bring it to life! Have you seen something on Pinterest that would look amazing in your house drawing? Send us an image, and we’ll reproduce it for a fraction of the price you would have paid otherwise.

Many people hesitate to place a custom order, and they are afraid of the possible cost or being too demanding. Rest assured, you have nothing to fear. Not only are we here to help, but we also want to help you with Floor stickers. Your ideas circulate our creativity, and we love a good challenge.

So go ahead now, get started, and send us a custom order request now!

Why order tailor-made?

You don’t have to have to limit yourself when building your dream home.

As for the price, Floor stickers personalized services won’t cost you an arm and a leg tile sticker. Being economical is our credo, and this also applies to custom orders. We are happy to make some changes for free, but for great demand, we ask for a small fee to cover the extra work of our designer tile stickers. Personalization costs are minimal and depend on the size.


By offering personalized stickers, we do our best to reach as many customers as possible with Floor stickers. We want to provide you with the product you want, even if you don’t see the size or design in our catalog. We will prepare stickers that fit your tiles perfectly and meet your expectations, rather than mediocre stickers that do not match tile stickers. Fit, after all, is the key to longevity.

Here is how we can help you

Curious about the types of personalization you can ask for? Here are five of the most common reasons for personalization.

RECTANGULAR STICKER TILES – Four-style self-adhesive tiles come in five square sizes, but we are happy to be able to adapt our designs to fit your rectangular tile stickers as well. We won’t stretch or distort the pattern, so you can get the same look on your rectangular tiles as you do on square tiles.

LARGER / SMALLER STICKER TILES – If you would like to cover existing square tiles that are not in the five sizes available, please feel free to provide us with the dimensions, and we will resize and cut them for you. We can cut small self-adhesive tiles of only 5 cm and large tiles up to 120 cm.

CHANGE THE COLOR OF A DESIGN – Love one of our designs, but don’t particularly like the color? Show us which shade would best suit your interior, and we’ll change it for you. There is a charge for color changes unless you want to change the design to black and white, which we are happy to do for free Articlering.


CHANGE THE LAYOUT OF A DESIGN – We can change the spacing, extent, or modify any of our designs to suit your preferences, just like this client did with our Kabbalah tile stickers.


REPRODUCE YOUR OLD TILES – We are also happy to be able to recreate the most unique and intricate tile designs on demand, whether it’s a tile from your past or a tile to replace. Just send us a photo, and we’ll work with you to get all the details.

CREATE YOUR OWN STICKER  Send us an image of your inspiration, and we’ll make it into a sticker. Our talented graphic designer will turn it into a printable design and cut it into easy-to-use self-adhesive tiles or panels. It doesn’t even have to be a tile – we can make custom vinyl wallpaper too!

How to request a custom order. To get personalized stickers, ask! We’ve made it easy for you with our custom order request form.

Fill out the form with the details of your project. Some of the information we will ask you to provide includes:

  • What type of surface do you plan to cover
  • Whether it is tiled or smooth
  • The dimensions of the surface or tiles
  • Your favorite design

Feel free to include a photo of the area or an inspirational image. Please give us as much detail as possible to help us make your vision a reality!

You can customize all the products we offer: self-adhesive tiles, wallpapers, splashbacks, floor, and riser stickers. When changing the color of a design, you can choose a shade from our color library or provide your own.

If your issue is with the size of your tiles, you are better off asking us for help rather than cutting out the stickers yourself, which is boring, tedious, and may ruin the repeat of the pattern.

All of our stickers are made to order. Each pack is freshly printed and hand-cut with a guillotine for the most accurate pattern repeat possible. We do not keep stock and do not ship from shelves. When you order personalized products, your stickers receive the same treatment as all the models in our catalog.

See, so there is no reason you should be afraid to ask us to print your specific stickers on demand!

Find out what some of our customers have to say about their personalized ordering experience!


“The renovation of the entrance floor is complete! Would you believe me if I said these are just self-adhesive floor tiles on the old tile?

Personalized Starry Night Floor Stickers


“I’m so glad I tried! I’m on a rental, and the three shades of off-white in my bathroom were so bland and dingy. However, I placed a custom order to receive the 8-inch tiles and quickly received a quote. The product arrived well packaged, and international shipping did not take long. I installed it myself after watching some YouTube tutorials. It was child’s play! It took less than two hours to do my bathroom. I smile every time I see her. Thank you !! “

Custom Mojave Self-Adhesive Tile


“This is my second time using Quadrostyle stickers, and I love them! They are easy to apply over existing tiles, easy to clean, and heat resistant (do not curl at the edges). Also, it’s an inexpensive way to redecorate rental kitchens and bathrooms without causing damage. I get a lot of compliments! “

Claude personalized self-adhesive tiles


“Oh my God, I love them! They were so easy to put on and looked like a million bucks. I did my entire fireplace (170 tiles) in 2 hours, and my husband was shocked that I could do it on my own. It looks like tiles made by professionals. The material is thick and super easy to cut if needed. I peeled off the tiles a few times in a few areas as I was not happy with the placement, and they come off right away without losing grip. However, they also stick well to the rounding, which worried me. I am more than happy with it and would give it 10 stars


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