Introduction: Connection between Gaming & Crypto Industry

The rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has created an unprecedented opportunity for the gaming industry to innovate with new business models, game mechanics, and monetization opportunities. This is where the concept of the metaverse comes in – a virtual world where players can interact and collaborate across different games and platforms. In recent years, the increasing popularity of blockchain-based videogames has been leading to a surge in demand for associated tokens such as Sword and Magic World (SWO).

The Vision of Game Verse for the Metaverse

The SWO Token will serve as the primary currency of Game Verse’s Metaverse — enabling users to purchase items such as digital assets or services from other players or developers within the platform. Additionally, these tokens will allow developers to monetize their creations in a secure and reliable way while also providing them with access to a marketplace for trading digital goods and services.

In order to bring this vision of a connected virtual world closer to reality, Game Verse has developed a set of protocols that are designed to ensure trustless transactions within the system. These protocols include decentralized smart contracts that protect both purchasers and sellers from fraud or malicious activity. This layer of security gives users confidence when making transactions within the game versus the ecosystem.

SWO Token Overview

The Sword & Wizardry World (SWO) token is the primary currency of Game Verse, a cutting-edge gaming platform that is changing the way people interact with virtual worlds. As an ERC-20 token native to Ethereum, SWO token holders can use their tokens to purchase items and services within the platform. Additionally, developers can access marketplaces for trading digital goods and services.


The innovative tokenomics system behind SWO Tokens enables users to benefit from discounts on purchases within Game Verse’s virtual environment when they hold SWO Tokens in their wallet. Additionally, players can earn rewards by completing tasks or challenges in the game world. The combination of these features makes SWO Token an attractive option for early adopters who want to be part of this new era of gaming.

Functions of SWO

SWO Tokens feature advanced blockchain technology such as the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism which provides users with greater control over their funds and more security against malicious actors. Additionally, SWO Tokens can also be used to reward players who complete certain tasks or challenges within the game world, creating an incentive for them to explore further into the virtual space and discover new content. Furthermore, an attractive tokenomics system rewards early adopters with discounts on purchases in the platform, giving them greater value for their money when compared to traditional video games.

SWO Token Price

SWO Token Price Analysis

The total number of SWO coins max supply is 120,000,000. On Nov 07, 2023, the highest recorded price paid for SWO was $0.0882. As of now, SWO Token Price is $0.0658 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume for SWO is $80,911.

Recent Fluctuations

SWO is exhibiting a positive change of +1.03% in the last 24 hours ending November 10, 2023, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. As for now, SWO displayed some notable price volatility within the day. It reached its 24-hour high at $0.076773 and experienced a low of $0.061665, underlining the fluctuations that can occur in the crypto market.

Influential Factors

One of the most important determinants of SWO Token’s price is the demand for goods and services within Game Verse’s Metaverse. With more users buying items or services from vendors, this increases demand for SWO Tokens, which drives up their value. As user participation grows, larger amounts of tokens can be moved around more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, developers have access to a marketplace for trading digital goods and services using SWO Tokens as currency. This creates additional liquidity within the platform, which in turn helps increase its value further.

SWO Token Price Predictions

Year Year Low Yearly High
2024 $ 0.084588 $ 0.118071
2025 $ 0.103728 $ 0.183330
2026 $ 0.106097 $ 0.125454
2027 $ 0.107554 $ 0.153287
2028 $ 0.143018 $ 0.161562

Risks for Investors of SWO

Given these risks associated with investing in SWO Tokens, it is important for potential investors to understand their investment goals and conduct thorough research before making any decisions. Understanding the fundamentals behind the project and assessing its competitive advantages over rivals can provide valuable insights into whether or not it is worth investing in SWO Tokens. Additionally, monitoring news releases from Game Verse regarding updates on development progress and security measures can help investors stay informed about potential risks associated with their investments. Ultimately, investors should be aware that investing entails risks and should never invest more than they are willing to lose.


Game Verse’s vision for the Metaverse is an exciting glimpse into the future of gaming and virtual interaction. SWO Token plays a central role in realizing this vision, offering users the ability to navigate this interconnected digital realm. As SWO Token’s price continues to evolve, it’s a space that both investors and enthusiasts should monitor closely. While the Metaverse holds immense promise, it’s crucial to approach any investment with caution and a well-informed perspective. Stay tuned for further developments in this dynamic fusion of gaming and cryptocurrency.


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