virgin hair bundles
virgin hair bundles

100 Virgin Indian hair is a percent human hair that has never been chemically altered by manufacturers. Chemically unprocessed hair has not been colored, bleached, or permed to affect the color or texture. As a result, it is also known as unprocessed virgin Indian hair.

Everything you thought you knew about virgin Indian hair could be incorrect, here are five myths regarding them.

  1. It Is the Same With Remy Indian Hair

Many people purchase Remy hair without even knowing what the term means. 100 Remy human hair is hair with an intact cuticle and hair cuticles that run in the same direction. It is always the result of a single donor. Not all virgin hair is Remy, and not all Remy hair is virgin.

  1. It’s Not Needed To Be Taken Care Of Your Natural Hair

This is another major misunderstanding. Some people believe that because their human hair does not grow out of their heads, they do not need to put up any effort in caring for it. 

However, because Indian hair is 100 percent human, it reacts to the environment similarly to your hair and can accumulate filth and debris.

You do not need to wash it as frequently as your natural hair, but you should shampoo and condition it to maintain its quality. 

  1. It can not get damaged

Many people overlook that their hair weaves and human hair closures require maintenance simply because they are not sprouting from their heads.

If you have ever made this error, I’d like to say goodbye to your bundles because they won’t come back to life. Some clients believe that real human hair may be colored, bleached, and permed numerous times without becoming harmed, but you are mistaken.

True Indian hair, like your hair, will become dry, damaged, and even shed. Too much heat can also destroy your virgin hair, even if it is straight.

  1. It’s Only For Black Women

The majority of black women wear human hair extensions. However, it is not limited to black women. Everyone can wear human hair weaves and hair wigs. Human weave hair is not limited to one ethnicity; people of all ethnic backgrounds and races wear it.

People frequently believe that women wear hair weaves. After all, they lack “nice hair,” which is not true because everyone’s hair is gorgeous regardless of texture or length.

  1. Virgin Indian Hair Is Same With Virgin Brazilian Hair

Human hair comes in a variety of textures. Human hair from India and Brazil is also popular. Many people utilize Brazilian and Indian hair and are unaware of the distinction between the two. They are both high-quality hair, but they are not the same.

The commonality is that neither has ever been chemically processed. One of the most visible differences is that one is from India and the other is from Brazil, but the differences are far greater.


Here are some typical misconceptions about authentic virgin Indian hair that most people are unaware of. This blog will assist you in purchasing affordable Indian hair from the best Indian hair merchants. You will even find best human hair bundles in town from Hair Factory!


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