The 5 Most Best YouTube Video Promotion Services to Make Your Video Go VIRAL
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This should give you a good idea of how big Youtube is in the music industry. 77 percent of the 34,000 respondents polled in 21 countries said they had used Youtube for music in the previous month

As a musician, you can benefit from this knowledge of people’s music consumption patterns. This implies spending more money on music videos in order to reach a larger audience.

However, as we all know, saying something is easier than doing it. Every day, tens of thousands of videos are published to YouTube but if you want grow your channel then use best YouTube video promotion .

MC Omari

What distinguishes it?

encourages the creation of music videos in all genres. It does not, however, encourage explicit content (cursing, misogyny, inappropriate clothing, drug use, violence, etc.) As a result, if your video contains such content, it will not be promoted.

They will respond to your order within 1 to 3 business days after you place it. The majority of orders, however, commence within two business days of purchase.

They adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, which means they never use bots or fraudulent plays, and all of the views you receive are genuine.

You can buy promotion for your music before it is released. You have up to one month before your release date to arrange promotions.

Price ranges

  • The cost of YouTube Promotion varies from $77 to $1,797. They offer six different packages to pick from:
  • At $77, you can get a bronze bundle that includes 2K-5K games.
  • At $147, you can get a silver package with 4K-15K games.
  • $357 for a gold package with 9K-35K games.
  • At $657, a platinum bundle of 16K-70K plays is available.
  • The Emerald bundle, which includes 30K-150K plays, costs $1,297.
  • At $1,797, a diamond bundle of 50K-300K plays is available.


  • All of the perspectives are natural. As a result, determining whether or not your music is a hit is simple.
  • There are six different bundles to pick from. As a result, you can start with a minimal budget and observe how things go. If you enjoy it, you can expand your budget to accommodate more plays.
  • You can buy plays for at least a month before your music is released. As a result, you’ll have no trouble planning your music release timetable.
  • When you order three or more songs, you get a discount.


Because it is entirely organic promotion, you may purchase a package and not receive the plays you expected.

Subscribers are not purchased. As a result, you may run a campaign yet not necessarily boost your subscriber count.

You may not have the financial means to hire them as a new artist.

Promotional company for music

Music Promotion Corp is a corporation dedicated to assisting musicians in rapidly expanding their fan base and attracting thousands of new listeners and if attarct people on your videos then use best YouTube video promotion.

What distinguishes it?

They provide organic exposure for videos that are shared on social media and promoted on high-traffic websites.

They also provide promotion services for artists of various genres. Your music, on the other hand, should not include unsuitable clothes, drug usage, or violence, among other things.

Although they primarily advertise in the United States, Music Promotion Corp can also market your music around the world because 90% of their visitors are English speakers.

Price ranges

They have three YouTube packages to choose from.

For $7, you can get 1000 actual Youtube views, 50 to 100 likes, and 10 shares on one video, all with a 100% assurance of 1-day delivery.

For $25, the best-selling bundle includes 5000 real YouTube views, 100 to 300 likes, and 50 shares on 1 to 5 videos, all delivered within 48 hours.

For $155, you may get 50,000 real YouTube views, 1000 to 2000 likes, and 500 shares on 1 to 10 videos, all delivered within seven days. You’ll also get 24-hour customer service, a top-of-the-page rating on YouTube, and a presence in the YouTube Trending Section.

Pros You can improve your internet reputation and gain more subscribers by increasing the number of views on best YouTube  video promotion.

Your video has a lot of natural interaction.

Their services are extremely beneficial to video ranking.


They encourage you to create a diverse online music promotion. It can’t just be about promoting one music.

Video Boosters Club

Video Boosters Club is a platform for self-serve advertising. It promotes videos on blogs, websites, mobile apps, and social media sites that are targeted.

What distinguishes it?

This service was created with Youtube in mind. Subscribers, views, likes, and comments all have their own packages. Your YouTube video will be distributed through their trusted publisher network of 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps, and social media platforms

Price ranges

The costs on Video Boosters Club range from $10 for 500 views to $200 for ten thousand views.


It provides a free trial period.

As an artist, you may choose which nations to advertise your song in.

It supports a wide range of functions and offers multiple services to its users.

It provides email support to clients and users.


Video Boosters Club only works with YouTube, thus you won’t be able to use it with other social networking platforms.

It takes a long time to deliver figures for large items.

Daimoon Media 

Daimoon Media’s mission is to provide exceptional musicians with the opportunity to get their music discovered.

What distinguishes it?

Daimoon media supports a wide range of genres. Within Dance, HipHop, and Alternative, it supports a variety of sub-genres.

It also has a 12,000,000-follower audience, which means it has millions of prospective admirers.

Price ranges

Starting at €247 for 10000 views, €447 for 25000 views, €797 for 50000 views, and €1397 for 100000 views.


They employ targeted advertising to reach those who have shown an interest in your video project based on their viewing history. Additionally, you can see exactly where your views are coming from within YouTube Studio.

You can earn money from ads by monetizing your video. They tailor their adverts in such a way that audience engagement averages at least 45 percent. Because your film will be included to the suggested videos list, it will continue to grow after the campaign has ended. Your ad revenue will also rise as a result of this.


You can’t promote numerous songs at the same time. You can, however, purchase additional songs separately.

You won’t be able to target a specific demographic. They claim that their formula is already very specific in terms of targeting. Furthermore, restricting the target even more can harm your marketing. Because the majority of users use ad blockers, targeting the United States would be incredibly expensive.

You won’t be able to target a specific demographic. They claim that their formula is already very specific in terms of targeting. Furthermore, restricting the target even more can harm your marketing. If you wanted to target the United States, you’d have to pay a lot of money because most people use ad blockers, which makes it difficult to target.

According to its official website, is a music promotion service that ‘assists artists in becoming noticed.’ They have a package promotion that will suit your demands, whether you’re a newcomer fighting to get heard or an industry veteran looking for increased exposure.

Price ranges

  • Starting at $9.99, you can reach up to 1000 to 2000 people with a basic package.
  • Starting at $19.99, you can reach up to 3000 to 5000 people with the Pro plan.
  • Starting at $119.99, you can reach up to 15000 to 25000 people with the Pro Plus package.
  • Starting at $249.99, an extreme plan to reach up to 35000 to 50000 persons is available.


  • You can use SoundCloud and Spotify to promote your music through cross-promotion.
  • They offer a variety of packages at reasonable prices. You can start with a $10 bundle and work your way up to the more expensive packages as your music progresses.


  • Some people have admitted to using bot accounts to leave comments.
  • They’ve been accused of refusing to issue full refunds if they don’t deliver.


As a musician, one of the most difficult tasks you will face is marketing your music. It will take a lot of time, patience, money, and work

Unfortunately, in today’s industry, merely promoting your music without sponsored marketing is quite tough.

As an artist, it will be wise to invest in these services in order to raise brand awareness and get the social proof you need to advance.


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