School Uniforms

School uniforms have always been mandatory especially in parochial and private institutions. Even though the dress code is not implemented very regularly in public schools. It is made sure that students do not come in offensive clothing. Whether to have a proper uniform or dress codes in public school still remains a debatable issue. Experts and professionals from the dissertation help UK, have provided detailed insights and studies on the merits and demerits of this situation.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with having dress codes or uniforms at both public and private schools:

  1. Dress for Safety

Discussions among various educationists and court rulings have suggested that uniforms in school serve as a safety measure for the students as well as the institute. Since every person in the school, from security guards to faculty members is aware of what the dress is supposed to be like, there are lesser chances of students carrying inappropriate or damaging things into the premises. In countries where weapons are common, there is always the risk of students hiding them in their dresses. Uniforms can help mitigate those risks.

  1. Uniforms Can Eliminate Violence

Very recently a dress code dissertation introduction started it off by pointing out the most significant benefit of having a uniform. It creates a positive and peaceful educational environment. With the same kind of clothing, individuals develop a sense of equality and do not treat their peers any differently. Since everybody looks the same, students feel united ultimately ignoring any socioeconomic differences that may provoke violence of any kind.

  1. Lesser Distractions

A major social concern in a school is ‘fitting in’ with peers. When students are made to comply with a dress code, they steer clear of making unnecessary appearance comparisons with each other. Studies have also shown that students belonging to schools with uniforms achieve higher grades compared to those students who do not follow any dress code. This is because it can be a huge cause of distraction for many consequently affecting their academic performance.

  1. Uplifting School and Community’s Pride

It has been observed that when students wear their school-specific uniform, the feeling of pride linked to this action is raised notably. Uniforms are quite impactful on individuals as those who wear them, have positive perceptions and ideas about their community. They develop a sense of ownership and belonging. Having a school uniform makes them feel connected to their institute consequently turning them into responsible beings who avoid behavioral misconduct.

  1. Dress Codes Solve the Daily ‘What to wear’ Problems

Obviously, when you know what to wear the next day, preparation for it will definitely not take hours. With this situation, parents and children tend to spend a lot less time getting their dresses ready for the following day. The daily wardrobe battle is eliminated from the morning routine and it helps students manage their mornings better. With one less duty, students not only have more time to themselves but also focus more on the uniform’s cleanliness and tidiness.

  1. Improved Attendance with Uniforms

Studies have suggested that the absenteeism rate after enforcement of a proper dress code has fallen by a figure of 7%. Though teachers might still be facing some formative behavioral issues, the severity has reduced. The in turn has lowered the suspension rate of students and increased graduation percentage. John Adams School in Albuquerque, on implementing a strict uniform program. Observed that their referrals of discipline dropped from 1500 to almost 400 within 6 months. This proved that having a dress code promised a better and more disciplined environment, with more responsible and mature students.

  1. Preparing for the Professional World

The concept of a dress code in school exposes the children to how impactful appearances can be. The way a person looks speaks volumes about their personality as well as their standard of professionalism. It teaches them that dressing should vary with the environment. If an individual is supposed to attend a meeting or be in any professional setting, they must dress accordingly.


Turning to the flip side, here are some disadvantages that uniforms can bring:

  1. Negatively Affects the Diversity of School

Enforcing a dress code can eliminate benefits associated with diversity such as acceptance and acknowledgment. Following a particular dress code can make students feel suppressed with their right of freedom to dress and express themselves. It may have devastating effects on their emotional health because force is never a good idea.

  1. Uniforms do not Eliminate Violence

Some people contend that violence is not linked to dress codes and thus. Even students in uniforms can be bullied in and outside school. Besides, there is no solid evidence to whether uniforms reduce violence among classmates or not. There were also times when disciplinary incidents and class misconduct rose marginally when uniforms were introduced in schools.

  1. Enforcing a Dress Code Can be Challenging

There were many cases when schools after following a practice of no uniforms for years. Suddenly decided to enforce a dress code for the benefits that ensue. It was observed that the sudden transition was not a smooth one. The dressing was one thing for which students had no rule to follow. Introducing the sudden change to them and explaining the advantages was quite a daunting task. At times students fail to comprehend what their school dress code allows and what it restricts for which they spend hours in disciplinary offices, missing out on learning opportunities.

  1. Uniforms and Dress Codes are not the Problem Solvers

Educators should not be mistaken by the idea that dress codes can solve major classroom problems that involve misconduct or security. Schools can consider spending money on improved security and providing students with better means of learning like a library, labs, and visual resources. Instead of using their funds to make uniforms. Alternate measures to ensure a peaceful environment and improved academic performance can be taken.


Dissertation writers from various services hold a variety of views regarding uniforms being mandatory or not. The majority of the researchers and educationists however contend that dress code must be mandatory due to the benefits it brings along.


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