The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Publishing On Amazon

Self-publishing is popular, whether done by the author or with the assistance of professional book publishing services. Numerous authors have turned to self-publishing to maintain control over their work. It also allows them to earn a higher percentage of royalties than a traditional publishing route. In fact, the self-publishing market expanded by 60% in 2021, and these figures are only expected to rise in 2022.

Amazon is one of the most prominent online merchants in the world, and many authors choose it for their simple self-publishing option. Should you?

We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing with Amazon in this blog.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing in General

So, if you have come to this blog, you are probably already interested in self-publishing. You might have already made up your mind, and you have read numerous articles on the internet that explore whether self-publishing is the right option for you or not.

So, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing on Amazon.

Amazon Is A Massive Online Retailer

Amazon is a massive platform in and of itself. It’s reliable and trustworthy, and your book will be marketed alongside those by well-known writers. This means you won’t be selling your books out of the trunk; instead, friends, potential readers, and family will be able to purchase them online without you needing to distribute them.

Furthermore, most self-published writers have no idea how to advertise their publications, yet Amazon has a plethora of marketing tools built-in; all you have to do is figure out how to use them. Moreover, you can also employ professional book publishing services to get the job done as they have professionals who know the secret recipe to make your book a success.

Amazon Offers Convenient Print-On-Demand Services

You don’t have to acquire stock and then try to sell it since Amazon offers a print-on-demand service. This means you can obtain a hard copy of your book delivered to any destination without physically getting it first.

Amazon Offers Exclusive KDP Select Program That Gives You More Flexibility

Nowadays, as a self-published author, you have a lot of influence over who buys your books. You can publish on all major platforms or solely on Amazon.

You might question why someone would choose not to publish on every accessible platform, yet Amazon offers several advantages. People who subscribe to Amazon’s subscription services will be able to read your book as part of their membership. They will pay you depending on how many people borrow the book, which is less than if someone buys it.

Moreover, when you publish a Kindle eBook, Amazon will pay you on how many pages the reader has read.

You also get special marketing capabilities with KDP Select, such as the ability to make your book free for a limited time. This is a terrific approach to enhance your book sales, as many writers report seeing a significant rise after giving their books away for free. This is because if the book becomes a bestselling free book for that time period, it gets more noticeable. It also allows you to gather feedback and establish a community.


Amazon has teamed up with Audible to help you give your books a new perspective. However, audiobooks are not limited to Amazon, but they will be available in a “one-stop-shop” format. Moreover, suppose you don’t know how to craft a compelling audiobook with strong narration. In that case, you can hire a professional book publishing service as they feature competent professionals who can transform your words into audio narration to make a stance for your story. Also look at is it worth hiring professional book writing services?

Disadvantages of Self-Publishing On Amazon

Now, let’s speak about the disadvantages of publishing on Amazon.

If You Join KDP Select, Your Reach And Income Will Be Limited

If you join KDP Select, your book’s reach will be limited based on your category. Your friends and family who would choose to get their books elsewhere will be unable to do so. If consumers don’t trust Amazon or boycott it for any reason, you will lose some of your customers. However, due to the promotion that KDP Select provides, it is a financially savvy move for specific genres.

And, if you are relying on Amazon self-published books to sustain yourself, it implies you just have one source of revenue, which is usually a no-no. It’s also worth noting that, as competition heats up, Amazon’s Kindle Select rewards are shrinking. As a result, many writers are abandoning KDP Select in search of better solutions to ensure that their checks continue to arrive at the same pace.

The Exclusivity Clause Of 90 Days

When you publish any digital products on Amazon, you have a 90-day exclusivity period during which you can not sell your digital copy anywhere else. This may derail a launch, particularly if you want to publish everywhere.

You’re Limited In Terms Of Content

As an Amazon publisher, you can only publish 10% of your material elsewhere online. Even if it’s on your own blog, you must remove it immediately, or you will be in violation of your agreement. Moreover, there are additional restrictions for romance authors, who may perceive Amazon’s control over their work to be too tight.


Self-publishing on Amazon is the greatest option for a novice author, especially if you aren’t ready or haven’t learned how to create your author brand on larger networks. Several book publishing services are already working in this domain and can help you to make your publishing journey easier. If you are a professional author with an established readership, you may want to pursue alternative avenues and continue to expand your network through larger and more diverse outlets. However, a beginner is ripe for Amazon and a great strategy so that people can find their novel, depending on the topic.


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