The Basics, Importance, and Preparation for the FE Civil Exam
The Basics, Importance, and Preparation for the FE Civil Exam

Do you want to grow your career in the field of engineering? If you do, then the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, or the FE Civil exam, is one of the first steps towards becoming a licensed professional engineer in the United States. Once you pass this test, you will get closer to the title that you have been working for. 

When you are a PE license holder in the US, there are tons of benefits that you can reap. However, as someone still setting goals, you shouldn’t look too far ahead. Focus on your preparation right now and start with the FE Civil exam. Understand everything there is to learn about this test so that you can get better and better. There isn’t a lot to know about this exam, but we will give you a full-fledged overview of the FE exam prep so that when you enter the examination hall, you will feel confident. 

Allow us to start from the beginning so that you can even find out something you missed the first time. 

Introduction to the FE Civil Exam:-

The FE Civil exam is an NCEES based test which is the first of a two-part exam. In order to be a license engineer in the United States, you must pass the FE Civil exam and then the PE Civil exam.. Whether you are an engineering student or a working professional, these exams are mandatory if you want to earn a PE license. 

Every year a great number of candidates take this exam as they understand the value of a PE license. Once you are called a professional engineer, you are no longer a standard engineer. You are well-distinguished from others and are put on the highest pedestal as far as the engineering industry is concerned. 

Importance of the FE Civil Exam:-

As mentioned above, the FE Civil exam is what opens up the door to the PE license for engineering candidates. If you have dreamed of starting your own company or working on major projects as a lead engineer, you have to start with the FE Civil exam.

After you complete your studies, you can start preparing for the FE Civil exam. Make sure you don’t take this test lightly. Start the preparation from the ground level. Even if you were at the top of your class and great at your job, take this test as the ultimate challenge.

The journey to the greatest engineering honor in the United States begins with the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and that’s why it is highly important.

Preparation for the FE Civil Exam:

When you are preparing for the FE Civil exam, the process is not as different as for any other exam. However, the important thing to realize is that this is not any common test and therefore needs more effort and hard work. Do not expect to study for 2 weeks and pass the test. You need to give an ample amount of time to study for each concept and prepare fully to pass this exam. 

Here we are going to share a few tips on how to prepare for the FE exam effectively. Once you go through these tips, you will feel more confident about your preparation. Each of these tips will play a significant role in ensuring you pass the FE exam with flying colors.

Check them out here:

  • Take a FE Review Course

You probably would have seen plenty of FE review courses online. When you join one of these, your preparation becomes much stronger. In the course, you cover everything important for the test and also get useful insights from industry experts. The crucial thing is for you to ensure that the review course you join is to choose a reliable one with experienced professionals.

  • Create a Study Plan

Instead of going through the preparation randomly, set a proper study plan. Know how much time you have, how many hours you can study for. Then create a plan in a way that allows you to work hard and keep yourself physically and mentally fresh. Besides, a study plan lets you keep an eye on your progress and pace your preparation.

  • Solve NCEES-based Practice Tests

Completing the study course isn’t the only way to prepare for the FE Civil exam. You can and should solve at least 3, 4 practice exams as well. These practice tests allow you to identify knowledge gaps, get better at time management, and feel more confident when you enter the exam hall. You can easily find an FE practice test provider online where you can get NCEES approved courses and practice tests.

  • Go Through the FE Reference Handbook

The FE Reference Handbook is the ultimate weapon when it comes to preparing for the FE Civil exam. It has everything you need to prepare well for the test and have an idea of what the exam will consist of. Get the latest version of the handbook from the NCEES official website when studying and go through it comprehensively.

After Passing the FE Exam

After you have studied hard and passed the FE exam, you are required to take the PE Civil exam. Although as per the terms, you must work for 4 years as a professional engineer in the industry before applying for the PE exam, some states do allow you to take the test before working for 4 years, but it will take 4 years before the license is valid.


The preparation for the FE Civil exam needs to start right after you register for the test. You can never have enough time to prepare for the test. The sooner you complete the course, the quicker you can start with the practice exam. 

The only thing left for you to know is to find out where to join a FE review course and get a practice exam. Lucky for you, we got you covered for that as well. Check out Civil Engineering Academy, where you can enroll for a FE review course. You can get valuable study material and practice papers too. Visit the Civil Engineering Academy today and start preparing to achieve your engineering goal.


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