Influencer marketing (or, as I like to call it, “strategic word of mouth”) has exploded in popularity in recent years — the numbers don’t lie. (business marketing)

However, I believe that a significant number of small and internet business owners are not employing this method–or any outreach-focused plan for that matter.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely considering implementing an influencer marketing plan for your company this year. Perhaps you’re unsure what ‘influencer marketing’ entails, or why you should bother adding it to your already-lengthy to-do list.

I’m here to assist you in launching your influencer marketing plan and engaging with influencers to help you develop your brand!

What is influencer marketing and how does it work? (business marketing)

Influencer marketing is all about engaging with experts/influencers in your industry to spread the word about your product.

An ‘influencer’ is a person with power and clout in a particular field. A blogger, a YouTuber, a well-known business owner, or someone with a significant Instagram following are all possibilities.

Traditionally, influencer marketing entails a brand collaborating with a blogger to create a sponsored article to promote their product or service. We can start modest and get a lot more imaginative in the field of online business!

Influencer marketing could mean anything to you, including:

  • To sell more of your physical or digital products, start an affiliate network.
  • Sending your goods to a blogger or Instagrammer to try out and promote
  • During a launch, inviting influencers to host a Joint Venture webinar with you
  • Creating exclusive content for a subscription or course with an influencer
  • Getting guest posts on influential bloggers’ blogs
  • Organizing live trainings in a group on Facebook for a government agency
  • In exchange for a testimonial, you can give an authority your digital product.
  • Creating a pop-up service or product with the help of an authority figure
  • Participating in podcasts or interview series as a guest

There are six ways an influencer marketing plan might help your company develop.
So, what can an influencer accomplish for your company? Working with an influencer has six advantages.

Increasing brand recognition (business marketing)

Influencer marketing is the way to go if you want to get your brand out of the shadows. It’s almost as if you’re grabbing your virtual megaphone and shouting to your target audience, “Hey, I exist!”

Reaching out to new people (business marketing)

We may think we’ve done everything we can to advertise ourselves and our products, but believe me when I say that there are still large segments of our target audience that have never heard of us or our products.

Working with an influencer allows you to reach out to their audience via their content. Who better than someone they respect and admire to introduce them to your brand?

Increasing brand recognition

You’ve probably heard this statistic before (and believe me, it’s a broken record), but here it is again:

Eighty-four percent of consumers say they absolutely or partially trust recommendations for products and services from people they know, making these suggestions the most trustworthy source. — According to Nielsen

Nothing develops greater trust in a brand than word of mouth, and influencer marketing is essentially strategic word of mouth. Would you rather tell your audience you think they’re fantastic (through Facebook advertisements, blog posts, and social media) or have someone they trust tell them?

Creating a community

You reach their audience and expose your company to a loyal community by cooperating with an influencer. On an influencer’s platform, brand communities can grow and evolve, especially if you have a long-term relationship/partnership with the influencer in question.

If the influencer is enthusiastic about your brand, their audience will reciprocate with favourable reviews and remarks. This can spark online discussion about your company – and you can’t put a price on good word of mouth!

Creating meaningful links

The connections you build are one of the best outcomes of influencer marketing. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important networking is for your business–after all, influencers are some of the most valuable people you can meet.

If your influencer campaign goes smoothly (and you don’t make any beginner blunders), you’ll end up with some excellent working relationships that could be beneficial to your long-term marketing plan.

Boosting your SEO efficiency

We’ve all heard about guest blog posts as a way to increase backlinks and enhance SEO. When it comes to influencer marketing, the same standards apply.

Requesting a link from an influencer will significantly improve your SEO ranking! Because I’m not particularly tech-savvy, Onalytica has provided another excellent explanation of how this works:

Off-the-page In social media, SEO is determined not only by the number of shares you receive, but also by the impact of the people who retweet or share your material. Key social media influencers can not only greatly improve your social media reach, but they can also have a significant impact on off-page SEO.

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